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My Foliage Brushes

I seriously hope I uploaded these right. If not, let me know. :]

LOL I was sick today and had the house to myself. I started working on the comic page a little more and needed some foliage, and rather than using downloaded brushes, I thought I'd make my own. :D They're not anything brilliant or amazing, I just thought they turned out alright for my first time making 'em. Was actually kinda fun. These are just a few of the ones I made.

Oh, and 1 and 2 are NOT foliage brushes. They're slightly edited default brushes, but I made them specifically for sketching. When I sketch, those two are the only ones I use. If you're new to Photoshop and don't know how to make your own brushes yet, then I thought I'd share these. :) Everything else however, is all 100% created by me and only me. :lol::D:lol:

They're free to use for whatever the hell you want. But if you do use them, I'd appreciate a link (which I'll post on the Artist's comment) So people can see them actually used.

One last thing, a tablet is required for them to look as they do above. I'm sorry to non-tablet users. I'll make a few brushes for you guys later on. You can still use these, they just may not look the same. :D

Some examples:

More Brushes
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Gracias, no sabes lo mucho que me va a servir

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Wow, this is just what I needed for my architecture presentation! thank you!

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I think, the link to download doesn't work anymore :/
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Nice brushes! Couldn't but notice you draw some cool dragons too :D
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tu tutorial no se entiende en lo absoluto, pero tus pinceles son realmente geniales!! :) gracias!!
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You call that grass dumb? Well, I love that dumb grass. XD I can't draw grass to save my life! I don't even have a tablet and these work pretty good! Thank you so much for this! Also I'll be using these mainly for backgrounds in my animations. 
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To be honest, Tablet or not they worked perfectly fine for me with a Touchpad. Can't use my tablet since the back fell off :T So using these though :D Thanks!
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these are so amazing! <3 i love them xD
used them here:
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Used these in one of my latest pieces, thank you!
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I know this was ages ago but I would really love these brushes but my computer can't use .ABR files so I was wondering if you could make a .ZIP file? If you could I would be forever greatfulllll. x3
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thank you very much
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Thank you once again! I used them again. Link.
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Do you know if this works in Ps Elements 10?
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omg, thank you so much for these ^.^
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Your brushes were a great help. I know I'll be using them in the future. :) I used them here.
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Not the most masterful use of your awesome brushes - but it helped me get past a really bad block. Thanks! [link]
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Used here: [link] Thank you for sharing!
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these are awesome!
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Great! I needed something like that for a park! Thank You Very Very Much! :)
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Really cool brushes! Only down side to some of them for me is that some of the brushes are way to saturated and I have no idea how to lower that... help? XD
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