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A bit of peace

I wanted to draw him relaxing in the forest for quite a while, so here he is waiting for the Nurae (they look like birds but they aren't!).

Guinarc belongs to me
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the colours and background is. so. good.
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guinarc!!! i haven't seen him in a while TToTT it's nice to see him around!
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It's been so long since I drew my boy properly (I think last time I did was for OCTs and it's been almost 10 years of that lmao),  I hope to follow your example and draw him more often as you do with your boy c:
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heck yeah!! i've love to see more of him!

and loooool oh god hahaha i stole old oc names but the new characters are quite separate from their old namesakes haha. that being said it's nice to have a little bit of history on them!
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every one needs it for sure ^^ 
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anytime my friend :3 
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GUINARC HOLAAAAAAAA se ve guapísimooo. Me encantan los colores, se ve super relajante la escena <3
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Gracias Ao!

Tenía ganas de ver tu reacción uwu me halaga que te gusten los colores y el ambiente de la escena, en fondos así relajantes eres todo un referente para mi <3
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Oooh very peaceful, very chill and digging all the details that has gone into it.
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Thanks Raven!

I thought it'd take me longer to draw the background AND it was actually fun to draw??? I have to see if I can draw more backgrounds like this and have them be fun too c:
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:O Me encanta como te quedo el fondo boscoso! Me encanta la gama y equilibrio de colores.

Y Guinarc se ve menos anime y más realista. Mmm... no se, necesito verlo más de cerca que no termina de convencerme :XD:

Lineas amplias y gruesas, esa es tu firma personal que no cambia con el paso del tiempo :)

Me encanto el dibujo y volver a ver a Guinarc :)
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Muchas gracias!

Tenía ganas de dibujar un bosque, hacía mil que no lo hacía XD

Sí, tenía ganas de probar a dibujarlo de otra manera, toda la imagen en sí es algo experimental para mi.

A ver si puedo dibujarlo más a menudo (tengo pendiente hacerle una referencia nueva que de la última que hice ya han pasado 10 años XD)
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