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I have some interesting news. 

Here is a previous journal I made where I explored iScribble alternatives. (Click me)

I was contacted by someone with new information on the old drawing website. They plan to completely reboot iscribble with the help of volunteers. Last I checked, they were looking for a couple of new team members on their facebook page. (Click here for the facebook page) 

They want suggestions for how to make the website better than it was previously. And possibly some new ideas! If anybody wants to write a review or just express their excitement, please contact them. I will update this journal with deviantart accounts if they wish to communicate that way, but for now, explore their facebook page. 

That's really all I have to say! Short message but rather exciting! 

Everyone's characters have a special place in their heart, but exactly what place do your top 10 favorite OC's take up? Fill out the places below, and then explain why you chose them, if you you feel like it!
Don't have 10 characters? Go for as many as you have!

1. Your Fursona/Persona!
Your character that represents you!


Mature Content

Cartoon Gore with Yeti by fluffyz
Fluffy Yeti Ref by fluffyz  This is Yeti Fluff by fluffyz  Purple Haired Yeti by fluffyz  Technologyalienmurder by fluffyz

Skoliosexual Pride Flag Shooting Star  

2. Your 'Guardian Angel'
You protect yourself through them, vent through them etc, they keep you strong.
You probably have a deep emotional connection with this character.


Nightmare Inks by fluffyz 
Red Donna by fluffyz  More Donna by fluffyz  Donna Layin About by fluffyz

Skoliosexual Pride Flag Shooting Star  

3. Your Sunshine!

A character that never fails to make you smile. Maybe they have bright colors.
or maybe they are very cute. A character who's your own personal sun.


I never uploaded this by fluffyz  Flip Reference by fluffyz 

Mature Content

Flip Tag by fluffyz
  Old Flip ID by fluffyz

Skoliosexual Pride Flag Shooting Star  

4. The Odd One
The odd ball character you're not sure why you have, but you treasure them deeply. Perhaps because they're just so weird?


Skittlz 2016 by fluffyz

Skoliosexual Pride Flag Shooting Star  

5. Sentimental Value
Okay, now who has the most sentimental value? Maybe a character you received from a friend, or who you have fond memories of. Perhaps they're very old?


Can Has Fish? by fluffyz  Toxic by fluffyz  Stress by fluffyz  3D Nic by fluffyz  Nicolai by fluffyz  Nicolai Basov AGAIN by fluffyz  Nicolai Attacks VID by fluffyz  

A close tie is mortie so I will also put her lol. 


Happy Holidays by fluffyz  Old Robots by fluffyz  Days To Come by fluffyz  Nature of the Machine by fluffyz  Eyesore by fluffyz

Skoliosexual Pride Flag Shooting Star  

6. The fancy one!
Your flashiest character! Probably the prettiest one or the one with the most fancy design.


Morksuot [comm] by fluffyz  Cavalier Mork by fluffyz  Morksout continues to happen by fluffyz  Rage!Mork by fluffyz

Skoliosexual Pride Flag Shooting Star  

7. The rare one!
'The rarity' How about a character you're so surprised you actually managed to get. You probably won't be letting go of them anytime soon!

I have 0 adopted characters.... sooo. uh.... Turning this into a freebie. 


Mature Content

Ebola Virus by fluffyz

Mature Content

Don't Touch Your Friends by fluffyz
  Ebola Ref by fluffyz 

Skoliosexual Pride Flag Shooting Star  

8. Weird Attachment

Wicker's New Shirt by fluffyz  Wicker Pin by fluffyz  OBEY The Movie Watcher by fluffyz  Wicker Fake Leaf by fluffyz 

Skoliosexual Pride Flag Shooting Star  

9. The Fandom character
You heard me! Everyone's got one, fork them over!


Candy Bee by fluffyz Benzington ID by fluffyz  BennyBee rainbows by fluffyz  17 Benz by fluffyz  Benny Bee City Scape by fluffyz

Skoliosexual Pride Flag Shooting Star  

10. The newbie
Okay who just joined your family of characters? Let's see them!

I think technically this would be Omari, but I don't have art of him on DA so I will choose Aggie. ...Who I also don't have a lot of art for.


Keylime Pie by fluffyz  Heart Ghosts by fluffyz  Ghost Parents by fluffyz

Skoliosexual Pride Flag Shooting Star  


:iconstupidshepherd: :iconalfafilly: :iconfinion591: :iconirken-violinist: :iconchimericmachinations: :iconmadcupotea: :iconlupisvuipes: :iconhiccupsdude: :iconsammy8d257: :iconzurui-san: :iconspacedham: :iconmindless-corporation:

And whoever else wants to do it.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

I got tagged by :iconmadcupotea: to feature Slica. Even though I said I wouldn't feature her elsewhere, I will give in and try. LOL
Host Ref Slica by fluffyz

1   She loves to party and dance. Will dance with anyone. 
2   Her species color codes themselves. The more feminine you are, the darker your coat, and the more bright you look, the more masculine. Each shni can change their colors. Slica is masculine on purpose. I theorize that she copies her father's looks. 
3   Slica was supposed to have a visible scar from a battle wound but I forgot when I finished the reference. LOL
4   Her hair is much like wool normally. Unless she hardens or straightens it out. She could have long, sheepdog like fur if she wanted to. 
5   Her species can make themselves stop glowing and disappear into the dark water effortlessly. 
6   Baby shni are born with only 2 front legs. They learn to grow the other two after learning to shift.
7   Her ICH is supposed to resemble a cup of coffee. 
8   Technically she can only speak in a very cat like, whiny voice. And her language is very dependant on body language. Thankfully the ICH can translate all of the things she says. 

I got tagged by :iconlupisvuipes: to feature.... anyone I want, I suppose. So I will do Nicolai Basov!
Stress by fluffyz

1   He was named after the inventor of the Maser, which is the predecessor to the lazer. 
2   He became radioactive after eating a dead fish that was exposed to nuclear waste. It fused with his backside somehow. Magic woOOooOOOooOO~
3   His russian accent is not to blame for his awful speech, although that does not help.
4   He may or may not be an actual zombie? I am not even sure. 
5   He was abandoned as a kitten because of his radioactive creepiness situation. The radioactivity has kept him alive. 
6   He is actually starving constantly. The energies in him destroy whatever he eats. He feels well fed only if he stuffs himself. And even then, it is short lived. He is always on the hunt for food.
7   He is a small kitten, but he can take down giant creatures by shooting a powerful maser out of his fishbone tail. Burning and poisoning his enemies.
8   He loves to cuddle. This doesn't always work out well.

:iconfinion591: tagged me and wants Gene. 
Ya Boiiii GhOST DaaAAD by fluffyz

1   Gas dad. He lives at an orphanage with his wife. He loves kids. 
2   Despite seeming very poised and tame, he can be a rowdy rowdy man. 
3   Does not need to sleep. At all. He does sleep, though, because that is cuddle time with the wife. 
4   Has unofficially adopted his entire motorcycle gang and a few friends on the side. (Benz included.)
5   Doesn't get the point of video games. 
6   DOES get the point of memes. Will use memes at you. He uses twitter.
7   He goes out scouting for new and upcoming musical talent. Almost always at local events. 
8   He 100% hates the rain and will hide under a car or a porch to avoid getting too wet, honestly.


No tags. Do what you want. 
I am still able to do mod work and keep up with background work. Dont worry about that while you read this. (Aside from writing an important thing but you will see why.)

I hate using DA mobile, and DA on a mobile browser. Occassionally I will anyway. Like for writing this journal. But that is because I need a new keyboard. The current keyboard has decided it doesnt wanna be connected half the time. So it will lag. And then it will either catch up and insert the sentence (turns into garbled nonsense usually) or it will not respond at all. This was especially fun during nanowrimo last year. (LMAO At least I had my baby Lenovo for writing in that case. A good purchase.)

And then I spilled honey tea all up inside of my keyboard.

I will be getting a new keyboard soon so I can actually do things. Makes drawing difficult too when my hot keys decide to remain pressed down. Hahaha but I am very frugal and lazy so watch this take me a month or longer to replace. 

I will do my best to do those response journals and respond to comments. TRUST ME I have not deleted any comments and will reply. I feel so rude having put off responding and now it is difficult to. I have done this to myself. XD I am not trying to ignore anyone I promise. 

Also I got hella sick again. My lungs are having a revolution of sorts. Several physical parts of me are forming opposing political parties against each other. It is quite a time, over here. Ricolas are my new best friend. 

I can brag that I am not suffering for money. Right now. Currently. This is quite an improvement despite being a walmart cake decorator again. Pffff

So! I might be oddly quite for a bit. It is common for me to go silent on here, but I wanted to make a journal because I feel bad for all these unanswered messages. 

I apologize for any typos. Again. I am on my phone. Dont worry if the letter N disappears randomly. 
Why not, right?

The first 10 people to comment on this journal will get three of my favorite deviations from their gallery featured!
The only rule is to make a journal like this and do the same thing featuring me in one of the slots!

Taken from :icontoothlessego:

1. :icontoothlessego: This person focuses on a lot of dark imagery, but they have a great sense of humor and experimentation, which I admire. 
They'll like it when you smile by ToothlessEgo  The duality of Tooth by ToothlessEgo  Coastal Overseers by ToothlessEgo

2. :iconlupisvuipes: They are very good with animation, and their colorful and cute and interesting designs couple perfectly with the dark, grim experimental images. Again, I love experimental art. 
   Off darkky character design for primetiime by lUPISVUIPES

3. :iconkurzb25: They do not have a giant gallery, but what they do have is very unique. I love how much detail they use! The color choices are wonderful as well. 
Acrim Bronze Reference Sheet by KurzB25  Inspiring Flight by KurzB25  Oc training enjoyment by KurzB25

4. :iconmoonmarbles: Their stuff is adorable. Ghost Bee is quickly loveable and we all need them in our life. These character designs are very nice and I like the concept art in this gallery!
[Ghostbee #1] First Impressions by moonmarbles  [AUCTION] Knight Light :CLOSED: by moonmarbles  Dreamy Wonderland (DA 17th Bday Challenge) by moonmarbles

5. :iconalfafilly: There is so much professional quality and amazing humor and comics in her gallery. It is impossible to choose just 3 samples. She is still as much of an inspiration as when I first saw her stuff. Keep doing good.
BOOM Pitch Sneak Peeks by AlfaFilly  CALESTINE PRINCESS Poster by AlfaFilly  Let's Dance, Boys! by AlfaFilly 

6. :icondekolamp: I get emotional every time there is an opportunity to talk about this dude's stuff. He is good and great. Amazing sense of humor, too. Best characters, honestly. (I might be biased.) <3
PKMNSkies: Ren Faire Resistance by DekoLamp  PKMNSkies: Requests November Batch 2 - Arthur by DekoLamp  PKMNSkies: Secret Santa 2016 by DekoLamp

7. :iconhiccupsdude: He does cute and nice sprites. And should do more. I am enjoying his abstract streak recently as well. 
Cene Elman Sprite Sheet by Hiccupsdude  Varen Animation by Hiccupsdude  Misc Works #2 by Hiccupsdude



xon-AS-advert by fluffyz

Alien Station

the saucer  

A new community discord server has been created for sci-fi alien fans.

This discord server was created by XenoMind and Cyanimus with the sole intent to gather everyone interested in sharing their ideas and creativity concerning original alien species. Their mission statement is similar to AlienAlliance's. 

"Are you looking for a place to show off your original alien designs? Do you feel your original alien species isn't getting much attention? Are you just introverted and need a place to interact with like-minded people? Well, have no fear! We've got you covered. 

Alien Station is a new discord server created to bring together alien OC lovers of all kinds. Join now and help us build a stronger community!"

We want to share our own ideas that are not based off of a pre-existing franchise. If you have any questions, please contact one of the mentioned staff here on DA or ask in the server itself!

Click here for direct access to the server!

Admins: XenoMind Alien  and Cyanimus Alien 
Mods: fluffyz :bademoticon:  and JadeSeer F2U Alien 
  • Watching: Game Grumps play Dead Rising 2
  • Drinking: Mike's Hard Lemonaide

Xotiathon OCT

Some of you already know this, but for those of you that do not, I have an announcement!

I've created and opened up a new Original Character Tournament (OCT).

:bademoticon: F2U: Flickering Blue Star Divider 1 (Left)F2U: Flickering Blue Star Divider 1 (Middle) :iconxotiathonoct:F2U: Flickering Blue Star Divider 1 (Middle)  F2U: Flickering Blue Star Divider 1 (Right) :bademoticon: 

If you have been watching me for a while you will have noticed the work I've done when competing in OCTs. It's been seven years since I first entered the OCT community and like many others I decided to create my own. It is something I've been preparing for these past few years and finally, I am ready to host my own!

At this moment I would like to introduce the judges:

Disco Voador UFO  :iconalfafilly: Disco Voador UFO 

She was a major competitor in :icontapestry-of-horror: and is the host of :iconalienalliance:

Disco Voador UFO :iconchimericmachinations: Disco Voador UFO 

She hosted :iconreset-oct: and is currently hosting :iconreconnaissance-oct:!

They both have quite a bit of experience in the OCT and DeviantArt community and will help me run this OCT smoothly. We've been planning this for a long time. I can promise that this will be a great deal of fun. This is happening! See you there!

 :bademoticon:F2U Starbucks coffee pixel 
Tagged by :iconthpa:


1) Answer the x amount of questions made by the deviant(s) who tagged you, then make your own y amount of questions. In this case, I am asking 13 questions.
2) No tag-backs.
3) Tag as many or as little people as you want.

THPA'a Questions:
1) If you had to change something about yourself, what would you change?
    I'd be a robot and get rid of most of my stress. 

2) Is there any instrument you'd learn right now? Why?
    Guitar, drums, using my own voice. Because yes to all music.

3) What video game character would you say is your current favorite? Why?
    DOOMFIST. If I have to choose one I've played as: uhhhhh... Hancock from FO4???

4) What is one truth that you would say about me? Be as brutal as you want. I can take it.
    I think you are a good person. You are currently let's playing a game I have seen way too much of and it haunts me. Sonic Adventures DX

5) Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
    I don't know anymore.

6) Have you ever found out that you're bleeding somewhere and never noticed it?
    This happens often, actually.

7) If you were to have an unlimited amount of two items, what would they be? Why?
    Gold bars to destroy the economy and mana from heaven to end all hunger.

8) What is your dream job?
    Animator/character designer/video game consultant/movie producer/etc

9) Is there anything you currently want to buy, but have no way of getting it?
    Pretty much everything. Kinda not doing well financially. :'D

10) Would you say you are more masculine, feminine, or somewhere in the middle?
    I'm feminine but gender queer (agender/bigender?)

11) What time is it?
    Time for sleep.

12) Do you have any interesting stories to tell?
    I used to stack books on top of each other and make forts for my cats.

13) Do you always wash your hands after washing your hands?
    Are you... calling me out?

No questions from me cuz I'm too tired LOL. 
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I finally got a job. Only worked for three days total so far. Sorta put off most things to focus on job getting but I have succeeded. For now. 

We are going to move again soon in to a house instead of an apartment. 

I'm so tired lmao. 

I am sorta part of a book club and also a writing group now. Oh boy. 

fluff out
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Character and Reference List
Master Project List

Pixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle divider



The Mind

[rough drafts]

P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 P009 P0010  

P0011 P0012 P0013 P0014 P0015 P0016 P0017 P0018 P0019 P0020

P0021 P0022 P0023 P0024 P0025 P0026  P0027

P001 P002  P003 P004 P005 P006 P007  P008 P009 P010

P0011  P0012 P0013 P0014 P0015 P0016  P0017  P0018  P0019 P0020  

P0021  P0022 P0023 

Mortie and the Mind
P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 P009 P0010

P0011 P0012 P0013 P0014 P0015 P0016 P0017 P0018 P0019 P0020

P0021 P0022 P0023 P0024 P0025 P0026



Blue Shades




Pixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle divider

Original Character Tournaments (OCTs)



Rashan Island (2009-2010)


P001 P002  

Round 1

P001 P002 P003 P004 


Bloodbath (2010)


Round 1


Tapestry of Horror (2010-2011)

(18+ for gore)


P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 P009 P0010 

P0011 P0012 

Audition Epilogue 

Round 1 


P001 P002 P003 

Round 1 Epilogue

Round 2


P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 

Round 2 Epilogue 

Round 3


P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 P009 P0010 

P0011 P0012 P0013 P0014 P0015 P0016 P0017 P0018 P0019 P0020 

P0021 P0022 P0023


Coloring Medium (2011-2012)


P001 P002

Round 1

P001 P002 P003 

Round 2 

P001 P002 P003

Round 2 

P001 P002 P003 P004


Reset (2014-2015)


P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 P009 P0010 

Round 1

P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 P009 P0010 

P0011 P0012 P0013 P0014 P0015 P0016 P0017 P0018 P0019 P0020 

P0021 P0022 P0023 P0024 P0025 P0026 P0027 P0028 P0029 P0030

Round 2

P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 P009 P0010 

P0011 P0012 P0013 P0014 P0015 P0016 P0017 P0018 P0019

Paper Bag: Spectator Entry

P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 


Her Apogee (2016-2017)


P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 

Round 1

P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 P009 P0010 P0011 P0012 

Mid Round Entry

Round 2

P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 

  • Listening to: Muzzy - Spectrum
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: Overwatch/Fallout4
  • Drinking: Blue Raspberry KoolAid
Master Project List
Story and Comic List




Nyet Shni Reference by fluffyz
Ki Shni Reference by fluffyz
Tibby Ref by fluffyz
Molec Ref by fluffyz


Van's Outfits by fluffyz
Renda Ref by fluffyz
Perry ref by fluffyz
Hiachi and Raishen by fluffyz
Nnja Ref by fluffyz
Rale and Vie by fluffyz
Poli Ref by fluffyz
JungleFEVAAAAH 028 by fluffyzsketch
Couk by fluffyz


Krov Ref by fluffyz


Lell Reference Nov 2014 by fluffyz
Quad Ref by fluffyz
Kimle Ref by fluffyz


The Mind



5578 Marki
Marki Purple Version by fluffyz  Marki Regal Version by fluffyz
YT119U Spind
B34I9 Toero
YT and B3 by fluffyz
C6372N Ritica
RITICAC6372N ideas or something by fluffyz
Mehmet 020 by fluffyzsketch
The Overseer

The Mind

Robot Dawgies by fluffyz  TOWER DUDE GUY by fluffyz



Ikhah maybe by fluffyz


Slander 102 by fluffyzsketch



Fintan's Fiance

Taishka's Mentor Brennan

Fintan's Mentor

Branis' Mentor

Mortie and The Mind


Happy Holidays by fluffyz
Robot that defected from YT's group, is with Gaga and Lobster Tree Warrior


Gaga by fluffyz
Lobster Tree Warrior
BrownFlicker022 by fluffyzsketch


Gaga's Girlfriend
Gaga's Girlfriend by fluffyz



BrownFlicker015 by fluffyzsketch


Blue Shades


WE DIAMONDS by fluffyz
Wassily Basov

Van Heln
Van Heln by fluffyz
Renda Heln
Renda Heln by fluffyz
Perry Heln

Lilith Heln

Quinn Heln


Nicolai Basov

Skittles Heln



Nicolai Basov
Nicolai Basov ref by fluffyz
radcats style Kiki by fluffyz
radcats style Justy by fluffyz
Radioactive Cats JR by fluffyz




Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson by fluffyz
Shentae Puerto
Shentae Puerto by fluffyz
Slander 086 by fluffyzsketch
Fast Bunny by fluffyz
Smoke Dance by fluffyz

Ki Kirsten Fox by fluffyz


Mortie DJ

Kirsten by fluffyz 

Josie Ref by fluffyz
BlackBen 007 by fluffyzsketch
BrownFlicker019 by fluffyzsketch

Monsters and Object Heads

Thols Reference by fluffyz
Flip Reference by fluffyz
Chip n Cheese by fluffyz
Wicker Reference by fluffyz
Nacho Boyfriend

Halo by fluffyz
Paczki by fluffyz

Ebola Ref by fluffyz


Skittlz 2016 by fluffyz


Fritz the Robot Cat by fluffyz
Cavalier Mork by fluffyz


BrownFlicker019 by fluffyzsketch



BrownFlicker061 by fluffyzsketch
Robot Cat and Yeti by fluffyz




Benzington Beedrill by fluffyz
Yuri and Kenneth extras by fluffyz

Invader Zim

Lover Boy
BrownFlicker022 by fluffyzsketch


Ambivian Renda by fluffyz


Boshkonians - Bosh
Random Bosh Reference... by fluffyz
Ecwaset - Ecwa
  They are gray aliens and yet I have no pictures. fffff
Shnipkez - Shni
Shni being other things by fluffyz
Phaleigh Leeches
Leeches bruh by fluffyz
Glodogs lol I cannot remember their name to save my life.
Dogs by fluffyz
Yetitastic by fluffyz
Wics? by fluffyz
Lobster Tree Aliens
Crystal Tree Lobsters by fluffyz
Butterfly Dragon
Gonle Ref by fluffyz
Devogs (updated) by fluffyz
Butterfly Fish Aliens

Bosh World Disc Bugs Aliens

Bosh Monkeys/Stylo
BrownFlicker021 by fluffyzsketch

  • Listening to: Muzzy - Spectrum
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: Overwatch/Fallout4
  • Drinking: Blue Raspberry KoolAid

We put the cats in their new home in New York! Specifically grape/wine country. So many grape fields. So many mountains. So much driving through those mountains. My large TV won't fit at the foot of the current bed so it's just right next to my computer. Too big to use at the desk. It's so big. XD The little TV is at the foot of the bed. It looks rather out of place.

Still no job yet but I'm not too stressed about it. I will survive somehow. I DO NEED MONEY STILL THOUGH LOL. I want to say thanks to everyone that already has helped me! Thanks a lot guys <3.  

Gotta do some drawings to get used to this new set up. Shouldn't be too hard to get used to. I hope. Haha



I am here in Maryland! I saw a tiny bit of that awful flooding the midUS is dealing with. I hope you guys survive. It's not amazing. Crazy to look at the much water being in the 'wrong' places tho. I also saw amazing beautiful mountains and drove through them today. The weather was perfect for us. The drive went very well and we already unpacked the cars. Tomorrow we will unpack those boxes.

Thursday we will drive yet again and get those cats in their long term home in New York! I will miss them but I know they'll be okay.

So I was super sick literally until the day before I was supposed to drive out. Thankfully I experienced only slight headaches while driving. I do enjoy driving too so this wasn't exactly a nightmare. The trip was really nice. Even with the cats meowing at me occassionally.


I have to finish a portrait commission once that desk gets set up somehow. We didn't bring the table haha. Anyways...

I still need all the money I can get my hands on so keep thinking about commissioning me! Links are at the very bottom! Tell your friends! Thanks!


I am moving on May 1st! So 8 days after writing this journal I will be driving from Kansas to the East Coast. With two cats. In my car. Two days, 8 or so hours each day. 

We found a place that boards cats long term. It is going to be expensive and I am going to need to work as much as I can to succeed in boarding them, but at least we actually found a place, right? Working hard for these cats, I swear. That will be a third day of traveling and another 8 or so hours to and from. 

I'm told the internet in the new place is terrible. I hope that doesn't interfere too much with my current lifestyle but at least I will have a bed. I've began to sleep on my old hammock since we move my bed out and got rid of it. Still a ton of stuff to sort through but hey, we should definitely be able to fit all we want to take in the two cars. That's a relief. 

If anybody wants to help me by buying art here is my commission info:
$15 Commissions! by fluffyz

and if anybody can please donate, I will forever appreciate it. 
Buy Me a Coffee at

I am gonna be a bit more busy with some surprise things soon. After I'm moved in on the coast and able to focus properly. 

Sorry for my lack of activity for the past week or so. I have mostly been messing around with packing and playing Mirror's Edge. Hahaha
  • Watching: EverymanHYBRID: Explained
  • Playing: Mirror's Edge
  • Drinking: Cherry Vanilla Pepsi

There it is. :'D

I also updated some websites and information and such. 
Here are some things to look at! | | |
  • Listening to: Renda's Pandora Station
  • Watching: The Flash
I made decisions that strongly effect some of my stories.

That includes Terr, (which is the comic I sort of stopped working on until I made up my mind on some things. I honestly don't know if anybody is even aware or cares about this thing aside from me harharhar.) which is dear to me. It's the old story that got me through some tough emotional times in my life. (insert emo emoticons here)

By god I refuse to let it die. For a while, when I started the actual comic, I had the mindset that I just wanted it to be over. There were a ton of reasons I wanted it to be done. The obvious would be so I could have a complete graphic novel/comic made and say I succeeded at it. The other reasons are very personal and I wouldn't want to talk about them online. All of the reasons I felt that way were ill and wrong. I was not in the best state of mind about it in general. I felt like it was not completely mine and that I did not really care to put effort into it for that reason. This is unfair to the story, myself and anybody who helped with it throughout the years. 

I am still going to do it. I am not sure if I will completely redo the pages already done or edit them to fit the new script, but the next pages will hopefully be nice. I am completely positive that anyone who saw the pages, old watchers and new, could tell they were not my best effort. In fact maybe some of my lamest for my current abilities. For that I apologize. I don't want to be one of those artists who lets something they love become a bland, quickly puked out story that I don't even want to look at. 

That all being said, I made some major changes and replaced a lot of characters and took a lot of stuff out. The story itself actually appears to benefit from these changes, but the most important part is that I will not feel that crushing sense of guilt and carelessness when trying to work on it. I feel sorry and apologize for anyone and everyone who helped me with ideas and had characters in it, but I cannot allow that in this work anymore. It is a serious, important decision for me and I have countless reasons for doing this. The only character my watchers will probably even see is that the dragon Careo has been replaced. His species had a specific purpose in the story but the design of them was completely off and the personality no longer fit and they were not originally mine to begin with. I do hope their original owner is doing well and understands my trying to hold onto them. I never got a chance to really talk about it. The other characters are a mystery to everyone so they don't need to be mentioned by name, but the feeling is the same. 

The other stories are unknown or were secretive and do not really matter to most people watching me, but plenty of them are done now as well. I am sorry for all my collaborative projects being killed like this, but that is how it is now. There is no going back to them for me. (There is a small exception to this rule but this person is not affected by my recent decisions.)

A last note on my Terr comic: I discovered that the format and font size I have been using is 100% amazing on mobile devices. No zooming or scrolling required. I was super pleased when I discovered this, because some comics I follow are terrible to look at on my phone. Like wow. Sorry for bragging pf. 

Next topic is about my new computer. It should be here in a week or so. I have not had a desktop in YEARS. Even then, it was my parents'. I had ONE SINGLE okay laptop and it's fans were murdered by a MMORPG. Oh, Brunhilda. How I loved you. RIP. My current laptop, as mentioned before, is attempting to drown itself. Although has been acting okay ever since it met my monitor. It knows it is being replaced. It knows.

When I get this thing, I will subscribe to Photoshop CC and join the wonders of newness and light. The setup and customizing will hopefully spark some motivation in me to really work on my art and comics. After all, I will have a computer that does not want to crash Photoshop every other day. I might actually be able to work on things for as long as I please. 

Now for those future projects. Clearing out a part of my slate (I can't say all of it because I still have other stories happening.) is a good feeling. Hesitation is a powerful, fearful thing, but after all of my changes, I feel like I can actually do something with myself. That I have a sense of control. At least to a certain extent. I have a ton of silly ideas floating around that would be fast and clean to create. I just have to figure out how to approach them. That will all happen after my computer is around, but I have plans. Many plans. 

I want to thank anybody that reads these or likes my stuff even if they don't read my journals. Even those that are just here for free art raffles. I am excited to try and have a stronger presence online. It will be fun. 


TLDR: Changed my life, shook myself a bit and made awfully difficult decisions. Huge story changes nobody cares about, a new computer, and all the projects ever. 
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About me:
  1. I obsessively chew on things. I like to flatten plastic bottle caps, straws, and pens. Nothing made of plastic is safe from my teeth.
  2. 100% in love with Hancock in the game Fallout 4 right now oh my god. Zombie boyfriend.
  3. I spent $500 on an XBOX ONE, Fallout 4 and the season pass for it a week ago.
  4. I do not usually have more than $50 dollars to spend on random things so...
  5. Bacon fried in pancake dough is amazing.
  6. I don't claim to know everything about alien reports, but my needs for more are rarely satiated these days. Like, the British X Files aren't even interesting anymore. I NEED MOAR
  7. Pokemon GO has caused me more stress and social anxiety than it has caused fun times pf.
  8. People never know when I am joking or being serious and this can cause issues, but it usually incredibly hilarious. For me. Not for anybody else.
  9. I have three masks stacked on top of each other like a totem. The bottom one is an enderman head, the middle is my character Mortie, and the one on top is a Megatron head I made. It is not finished lol.
  10. Community college art student drop out. *raises glass*
  11. I work at a prison. There are many jokes to make.
  12. I was a cake decorator at a Walmart for five years, left to work at a local bakery as their cake manager baker person and it went so poorly that I went back to that same Walmart and told the managers to hire me again. They did. Ended up being there for a total of six years.
  13. I am often part of things I did not knowingly agree to. I usually do not end up fighting these circumstances.

1. Favorite food?
    I am unsure. Most of the time I feel sick after eating or do not want to eat in the first place. I guess noodles and white sauces are the most tolerable. 
2. Favorite Youtuber?
    Uuuuh. I mean. ThatGuyWithTheGlasses/Channel Awesome/NostalgiaCritic, GameGrumps, Markiplier, Penguinz0/Critikal. Others like these guys would probably interest me. I go through seasons of switching between these main people, though. 
3. How old are you?
    25, the year you begin dying.
4. What was the thing you wanted to be when you grow up?
    Either a pet surgeon or an artist. I am mostly an artist and definitely not a pet surgeon. 
5. Thoughts on "ask character" things on dA, tumblr or whatever? Do you draw them, or ask questions? None? Either?
    I usually think about it and don't write anything down. So I do all the exercises in my head but not on paper haha. No proof available.
6. The world has been overrun by zombies! The thing(s) on your left are now your tool(s) for fighting them off! What are they and how screwed are you?
    A spray bottle. I will survive the best.
7. Diet or regular soda and why? If you don't drink/like soda, what's your favorite other drink?
    I prefer cold tea and juice, but lo and behold the only drinks available in a house of four young people is soda. I refuse to drink diet, though. Because that is a crime against earth kind.
8. How much of a sin is it to microwave tea? Not just your water for your tea, the whole tea, and then drinking it. Do you even care or drink tea?
    It's blasphemous, but who can stop you? I have never personally done that. I am slightly hoity toity about using the microwave.
9. Favorite genre of music? 
    Why would you do this. 
    I like the style of music you hear in fallout and bioshock. (Probably partially what got me into them.) 30s through 50s n such. I also love trap, dubstep, pop, cheesy 90s stuff like the backstreet boys and nsync. I often judge things based on individual songs.
10. Do you tend to lose a lot of interest in something if you find out it's associated with something you dislike? Such as if you have a favorite song but learn it was used or even made for a terrible movie? 
    Sort of. It depends on the severity. Like... I used to love Michael Jackson until I read the leaks. And I read the entire report, mind you. Because I love being in pain or something. 
11. How optimistic/pessimistic are you of your future?
    My amount of enthusiasm for life changes hour to hour. I am currently sort of excited with a touch of that shrugging motion. 
12. What is one weird thing you find especially funny?
    Potato Knishes.
13. Are you looking for friends to talk to more? 
    I mean this is basically the same answer as number 11. I am not incredibly social, but sometimes I want to talk to everything ever. Other times I want everyone to go away and let me hide in silence. This does not always make sense with whatever emotions I am feeling. 

1. Who is currently your fave character that is not your own? Explain why.
    Well as mentioned above it's Hancock from Fallout 4. He is both very nice and respectful, but violent and sarcastic. Makes the best comments and the sappiest sentimental conversation. Is it wrong to say he is my spirit animal. 

2. Robots or Aliens? 
Both. Separate, together, original characters, mainstream stuff. Everything.
3. PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo or PC?
    I used to be PlayStation, but I think I converted to XBox now. Also, PC ELITE, but I am too poor to get one that can actually play games properly. lol
4. 2D Animation, CG, or LiveAction?
    Animation, obviously. 
5. What is the last movie you saw that made you really feel something? Explain why.
    Holy crap. I saw Devil's Pass and I am dying. I have been fascinated by the incident it is about for years. We found it on accident and when I saw the trailer I was freaking out. And then it turned out to be GOOD and not some HORRIBLY DUMB cheesy horror film like I assumed. It is still horror, but in a really nice way. 
6. What is your opinion on the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series?
    I love those people.
7. Do you like to name inanimate objects?
    Only everything electronic. 
8. Favorite color combination?
    Light blue, light green and light purple. 
9. The main character in the last youtube video you saw shows up in your living room to party. How does this go?
    Goddamnit. The Don't Hug Me cast. I would probably just stand there awkwardly and wait for bad things to happen.
10. How often do you lay on the floor?
   Like at least once a week or more. Playing with cats.
11. How do you feel about snow?
    I like it for maybe three hours and that's enough for a year.
12. If you were offered $1 million but you had to be a crab wearing a speedo on your head for three weeks on some random beach in California, would you do it? (I asked for a question and this is what I get.)
    I think I would, but what is this question, even?

I am mostly doing this just because I am procrastinating. I WILL BREAK THE RULES AND TAG NO PEOPLE. 

I have been trying to find a better iScribble. I don't know if anybody else here uses those types of websites, but I'd be grateful for any help finding alternatives. As it is now, the website is going through some overhauling and I don't think new members will be accepted. Another concern of mine is the lack of quality that website provides and it's enthusiasm for kicking people offline without any warning. 

I have a tiny bit of experience with Drawpile, but it also loves randomly banning me from doing anything.

I would also love someone who is willing to help me test out these programs/websites to make sure they work well. (Might want to get a group of five or more to check out how good these are with a group.) Even if I were to find a good one, I would want to continue searching until every known alternative is investigated. 

I am tired of iScribble being the only nice one I know of. It's not even that great, if I am to be honest. 

But first and foremost, I need a list. Of everything that might be good. 

If anybody does check these out, please give me feedback. Also if you want to ask other people about other websites, that would also be mega helpful. Thanks!

This is the list I have so far of things I have not fully checked out: (Please give me more.)

Drawpile (Putting this here because I've only had two experiences with this.)
A Web Whiteboard
Tayasui (honestly can't tell if this is multi artist or not)
SketchFiddle (I am very interested in this one but I can't figure out if it's even available yet lol)



Draw It Live
The link to get there is broken?????

In Browser: No. This is the only application that needs to be downloaded. 
Layers: Yes
Strokes: Unlimited
Saving: Save directly to .png or a program file, which can be edited later.
Lag: Because it is an installed program, the host will have no lag. I am pretty certain other users have a very little amount of lag or none at all.
Ease of use: Once you get it set up, this is basically a very light photoshop. I could even see people using is for a free art program. 
Set up: This program fights firewalls. You need to make sure every firewall you have allows it through, otherwise you will be kicked and unable to connect. I was able to connect for a good hour in the past before the program hit issues, so if you can connect immediately, don't take that as a sign that you are golden yet. 
Registration: I don't think you have accounts. I said yes before but its been a while. This is an edit.
How to invite: There are two ways to host. The best way is to create a private room on the drawpile servers and have people search for it. The other way that may or may not work is to give others the ip address. 
Does the room exist while the host is offline: Not unless you use a dedicated server, but you can save the drawpile files, layers and all, so it's not much of an issue.

In Browser: Yes
Layers: No
Strokes: Limited. There is a bar that fills up. It is time based, so you can only draw for seconds at a time and have to wait for it to fill up again. This has a fade out feature that I couldn't figure out how to turn off. Basically, you can't clear the room, it slowly clears itself as everyone's strokes slowly fade away after a minimum of 10 seconds and maximum of 10 minutes. (the time can be set in preferences)
Saving: It has a snapshot tool so you can email yourself the image, but you may as well take a screenshot at that rate. 
Lag: It's surprisingly smooth. A bit of lag, but not at all terrible. 
Ease of use: A bit irritating but not difficult to figure out. The menus are all floating and this can cause a great deal of confusion until you figure it out. 
Set up: You create a room and invite people to it.
Registration: Yes
How to invite: You have to be friends with other users before you can invite. 
Does the room exist while the host is offline: Yes but do to the nature of everything disappearing, it will not retain art.

In Browser: yes
Layers: No
Strokes: Unlimited
Saving: you can save and then share it on facebook but taking a screenshot is probably better.
Lag: It's a little rough sometimes, not bad.
Ease of use: very easy
Set up: You just create the room and send people a url.
Registration: Not needed.
How to invite: Send the url.
Does the room exist while the host is offline: I believe so yes, but it does not save artwork. 

A Web Whiteboard
In Browser: yes
Layers: No
Strokes: Unlimted, but you cannot erase. Limited colors, too. 
Saving: Take a screenshot.
Lag: It is incredibly smooth.
Ease of use: very easy
Set up: Just go to the website and start drawing.
Registration: No
How to invite: Send a url
Does the room exist while the host is offline: Yes, and it keeps the drawings. 

In Browser: yes
Layers: no
Strokes: Unlimited with limited colors. 
Saving: Screenshots
Lag: None
Ease of use: very easy
Set up: Just open the window
Registration: Not needed
How to invite: You can't, I was lied to. This is worthless for my cause. 
Does the room exist while the host is offline: No

This is a mobile app that is not to be included.

In Browser: yes
Layers: Yes there are three.
Strokes: Unlimited 
Saving: You can save it directly to your desktop. Yay
Lag: There is a lot of lag, but you can set the quality to low and that speeds up a lot of things. 
Ease of use: Easy
Set up: Just arrive and mess with the configurations slightly and you will be all set. 
Registration: Not required to play, I believe it is required to save to their website, but that isn't really important.
How to invite: Send a url
Does the room exist while the host is offline: No.

This is a dead project that is not deleted from the website for some reason.

In Browser: yes
Layers: No
Strokes: Unlimited, I think. There's a glitchy counter that stops after 5K.
Saving: Screenshot is best here
Lag: Not that I can tell.
Ease of use: Easy but doesn't even have a background and doesn't make much sense.
Set up: Gotta make a background if you want one. 
Registration: No
How to invite: Send a url
Does the room exist while the host is offline: Yes, but the art is not saved.

A suggested possiblity was QueekyPaint 
In Browser: yes
Layers: Yes?
Strokes: Unlimited
Saving: I don't know. I think you can save it to the website.
Lag: Not that I can tell, although we didn't test this very much.
Ease of use: This was the most confusing adventure I have ever had on a website in my life. HIGH DIFFICULTY.
Set up: I mean you need to register and go through setting up all kinds of info and then make sentances about your friendship to add people as friends. And then you have to go to a completely separate website I only found by googling. Which is to say, their main website does not have the option, you have to go to another website that is not linked anywhere. The multidraw is completely different than the single person drawing app. I can't find it again because I didn't save that url so I can't really say much about it now. I just remember it being worse than iscribble. 
Registration: Yes. You gotta do several layers of registration and it is silly.
How to invite: I honestly don't know how we got into the same room. Some kind of friend invite/url/password nonsense. 
Does the room exist while the host is offline: Haha I will not be trying to find that out.



Now with all that being said, the best contender for replacing iScribble is.... FlockMod! (This has changed. Look below!)

FlockMod is essentially the easiest and most efficient website on the list. It has everything iScribble has and little bit extra, albeit different brushes entirely. Three layers is enough for small art parties. Nothing serious would probably be created in this program, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some good works. I suggest everyone go investigate this one, definitely. The nicest perk with this one, for me, is that you do not have to register. That means you can't get banned or disconnected or have to go through a beginners phase to get fancy brushes, like iScribble was so popular for. This will be my first choice for any replacements but there is an even more amazing program that would have won this race if not for one thing.

DrawPile is impressive. The most impressive out of this list by far. It's the king of group drawing as far as I have discovered and I will definitely be using this with my friend(s) in the future. Having to download and install this baby was worth it. Even going through that drama of adding it to the firewall accepted lists was forgivable. The quality of art this program is able to create is wonderful. Rooms are not difficult to create or join, although not nearly as easy as linking a url. The reason I did not put this as my first choice is because of how much time and patience it took to get my computer to let me use it. I think it's definitely worth the effort though, just not guaranteed to work for everyone's computer. Especially if the user is shy about changing their security settings. 

Well, that's all I really have to say about these. None of the others were what I was looking for, but the whiteboards are an excellent idea for quick online conversations that require a drawn visual aid. My favorite out of those was A Web Whiteboard. There were plenty of websites like this one that I did not add to the list. Have some images from our two winners as examples! I hope this helps some other people, and wasn't just for myself haha!

This first one is from FlockMod

Flockmodshot by fluffyz

These two are from DrawPile (notice that amazing quality)
Krov by fluffyz   Catdrawpiletest by fluffyz

If there are more suggestions for apps or websites that I have not listed, please don't hesitate to inform me. This can be an ongoing thing.

Thanks to Finion591 for the help. Some of this was frustrating. xD


I found a new website that is absolutely amazing! This is better than any of the other places mentioned for ALL of the reasons I could ever come up with. It is called Aggie! I call it Agio because I have a character named Aggie, but I digress. 
You will not regret it if you like drawing with friends~

Check this out:

In Browser: yes
Layers: Yes
Strokes: Unlimited
Saving: Screenshot is how I roll, but you can save files and upload files to the website, I believe. It is very VERY nice. 
Lag: Depends on your internet connection. Usually none for me!
Ease of use: VERY EASY
Set up: None. However you have to learn how to handle the layering system. Each artists gets their own layers that nobody else can touch, so the UNDO function is available. Once an artist goes offline, others can claim the layers and edit or delete them. You can even make a whole new canvas if you want. There is also pen pressure and other layer options such as changing opacity and putting the layers to multiply/overlay/etc. 
Registration: No
How to invite: Send a url
Does the room exist while the host is offline: Yes, and the art is saved~

Hands down, Agio is the absolute best drawing website I have ever found. Please support them if you can. 
So I'm not sure if anybody remembers the account I had that was named fluffysketch or not, but I invite everyone to go check out the new, renamed, fluffyzsketch! It has every traditionally sketched drawing that I have kept from birth. You can go have fun looking at my old baby drawings now! Not to mention gaspy cat, which, according to the upload date, is the oldest thing on there. Hahaha I have been working with organizing my old art for several years. 8D Finally mostly done yayay

Now I can work on the other things. Like finishing my nanowrimo, all the stories ever, and a collaborative thing or two. 
$15 Commissions! by fluffyz

Click that link for all information! Thanks!

Deleted all the other commission type journals.