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Pranks with hypnosis

Three pony pictures involving hypnosis? in a row? lol

So this was a patreon raffle prize for veeringwinds. I don't usually do comics for these but it was necesary for this idea and sounded fun X3
gah, completed only a little while before I'll have to start my next raffle XD oh well.

So although my Nagapon character Saria is not meant to have hypnosis powers, I decided to give her some for this comic X3
I wonder how poor Rarity will get out of this one X3

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That must have been one brief hypno trance
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Happy because it's one picture of Saria actually coiling something.

Sad because it's one picture of Saria actually coiling something.
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wha? xD
so is it a good thing or a bad thing?
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Good and bad. 

Good because seeing this satisfies me.

Bad because the only other picture is a Saria reference sheet.

Pwease, I need moar Saria. ;-;
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ahh I see XD
Been trying to. but art block says nyu.
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First off, if I didn't mention this before, if you use Chrome, I recommend getting dA notifier. You can customize what notifications you want to see, and it lets you know when a new comment, publish, or note is sent to you.

Second, has your art block been cleared up yet?
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Just about, just trying to work on commissions and stuff. been practising and stuff lately
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Ah, okay. Also, I sent you a note, check it out when ya can.
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Not really much to get. Spike loves rarity, so of course he'd take the rari-plush off to snuggle with not knowing it's actually her X3
Saria is just being a bit of a troll
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Well,yeah,but,there's no point for the hypnosis part.
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I dunno. perhaps the title is a little miss-leading, but that was an afterthought.
The hypnosis is more like a magic spell.
regardless , that's what the commissioner wanted, so...
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Huh?  I thought we were doing hypnosis.  Not transmogrification.
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Lol, that was cute and hilarious.
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And then Spike did unspeakable things to Rarity doll.
FluffyXai's avatar
if that's what you want to imagine XD
Sturmlion1's avatar
Not really, but the fact he has a Rarity doll is all kinds of creepy."
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XaiGatomon, are you putting the KAA before the horse? :-P
Tyrant-Swain's avatar
I see what you did there. . . .  and I approve.
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Bloody brilliant!
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