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Autumn Walk

This is an important piece of art to me. It's so far outside of what I usually do, and I didn't think I could do it. I've been in such a bad place lately, getting jealous of my friends and angry at myself and feeling conflicted about my own art. But the other day I felt a moment of clarity and I thought about things and really turned a corner. I  decided I was not going to let my demons beat me! I was going to try! so I put aside my stubbornness and went home and decided I was going to try! and try I did, and this picture is the result! proof that I can be anything I want to be.

And made Pinkie Pie taking a nice autumn walk. X3
Speaking of, it's my Pinkie Pie plushie's birthday! so this is perfect X3

Thank you all for all your support and kindness and I hope I continue to have your awesomeness X3
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I think I can safely say this is your most gorgeous artwork yet.
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awh thank you ;u;
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This is a beautiful piece^^
Managing to beat ones stubbornness is a great thing to achive. I am happy for you:hug:

I hope this feeling will never leaves you ever. With it you will reach every height you set out to reach!
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That looks very lovely.
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thank you! ^-^
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You're welcome.
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That's really quite the improvement and you are going in the right direction. Now, you know you can. Be proud.

Wonderful work. Keep up the good work.
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thank you so much ^-^
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My pleasure. Does that means that we'll see more works from you on that level?
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I certainly hope so
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I'm sure you can.
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Excellent job on this all and all! your doing great keep it up alright?
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it's so pretty! thank you for sharing
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I think this has a brilliant setting to it and the colors are a nice touch as well.
sorry to hear that things have been up and down for you.
glad things are okay for you now Hug and keep up the amazing work as well.
Autumn is a nice time but a bit too chilly for me >.<

Also happy birthday to the Pinkie pie plush Pinkie Pie (Big Smile) mlp season 6 
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hehe i actually like the cold, i'm not good with heat.
And it is such a pretty and inspiring season X3
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