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So school started for some people in the northern hemisphere.

Today, we had improv duos in speech, in which we are given a topic. Then, we get a partner and have one minute to think of and rehearse a skit. Origami-CUBER and I got "Bad Reality TV Shows." I was Emperor Nero. Origami-CUBER was the host/horse. It was awesome.

Later, my sister asked me for help with her homework. Her assignment was to find and research a person you look up to, "like a president or something." So I thought of well-known people. I suggested King Charles II of England, Winston Churchill, and Gandhi. Turns out you're put into groups with people who chose the same person.

What kind of 7th grader in the U.S. is going to do a report on King Charles II?

Oh, and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is an awesome book.
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I feel like writing critiques every day.

So I shall.

You should, too.
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Today, we were returning from a school field trip. Some idiots were walking around with their jeans hanging around their ankles. They took off their shirts and expected cheering from us.

We took pictures of them and posted them on the internet.

Also, there is a deviantART logo in my yearbook. Seeing as how no one in my school even knows what deviantART is, I find that strange.
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Today, I had a dream about an avalanche of meat. My friend, Chez, and I were hanging on to a mountain of ham for dear life. Just as our lives were about to end in a giant wave of meaty goodness, she yelled to me, "EAT THE HAM, COMPADRE! EAT THE HAM!"

Because I am bored of writing long essays and making extravagant projects, I MUST KNOW YOUR DEEPEST AND STRANGEST DREAMS.

(Sorry about not commenting/replying; I am dead inside. T_T)
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I have way too much work. D:

I have 8 projects, half of those being from one teacher, and on top of that, I have the state exams next week. Only my math and science teachers are helping us study. Not that all my other teachers are bad. They just all really hate test preparation. Also there is no practical way to prepare for an English exam.

The exams are so important that even if you throw up on your test, you still have to turn it in. That has happened to someone before. They put his test into a Ziploc bag and sent it to be assessed anyway.

I feel sick. I also don't feel like looking at my messages. Sorry about that.

Here is something that is beyond awesome:
Oh mai.
Though I am sad that they did not draw the Local Group and other really big things.
It is laggy at first.

Also, ever since I drew that angler fish mermaid, everyone else in my class is drawing strange merpeople, too. Like hairy Minotaur mermen. yessss
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Blargh. I feel like a zombie.

And so did the 50 people at my school who had to be sent home with a fever.

Almost half of our class was out, and there were about 5 people who were coughing and sneezing.

That was in one day.

One teacher said that we needed a health inspector at this point because this isn't normal. Luckily for us, we have Career Day tomorrow, where people with different careers come to our school. One is a heath inspector. Huzzah.

I also have to wake up early tomorrow to play music for the Career Day people. And I can't cough or sniff for an hour.

So I slept for 3 hours during the day. The solution to everything is sleeping. 1 + 1 = Sleeping. 2 + 2 = Sleeping.

My mom is out getting a pineapple for Chezzles' birthday. :la:

Chezzles gave me a potato and a potato gun for my birthday once.

I need to draw something for her.

I am dying.
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Someone asked my friend, Cecilia, something odd.


Cecilia: "No..."


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Apparently, my high school is giving out free high-efficiency toilets.

Also, Dinosauritz made me do this. Basically, you answer 11 questions. Then you ask 11 questions.

1. What do you do on pi day?

Take the reading MMA.

2. Have you ever started a trend?

I made the computers class act like crazy people once.

3. What's your favorite type of music?


4. Why are you on DA right now.

To talk about toilets.

5. What was your first reaction to this tag?

You need to think of better questions.


Special is a very general term. Please elaborate.

7. Do you like pie?


8. Do you love unicorns?

There are many who doubt the existence of unicorns.

9. Do you have a friend who's missing a gallbladder?

I am my own friend. I do not have a gallbladder. So. Yes.

10. What is your favorite quote?


11. What is your favorite DA emoticon?(ex: :la:) Or icon? Like: :iconshaplz:


My questions:

1. If you were to give any advice to any historical military force, what would it be?

2. What is the first word on the second page of your dictionary?

3. What is your opinion of sasquatch?

4. Turn on the TV. What is the first thing that someone says?

5. How much do you know about quantum physics?

6. Paste the last thing you copied.

7. How was your day?

8. Try to find your earliest piece of art. Critique it.

9. What was the last thing you said?

10. Smash your head on the keyboard ten times to answer this question.

11. Your opinion of this:…
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I'm going to write out my thoughts in this journal. This is basically how I'm inspired by stuff. If you're interested in mindless babbling, continue reading.

I haven't gotten proper sleep in a month. That's probably really bad. Luckily, the project that I'm doing will probably be finished in a few days. The WIP is in my scraps. I'll upload the finished version later.

Today, I fell asleep in science even though I sit right in front of the television blasting at full volume. The guy next to me had to wake me up. :U Nebulae are awesome and inspiring. Look at them. Crazy awesome.

There's such a huge gap between Honors and Mainstream classes at my school.
Last year, I didn't make it into Honors History, and the class was quite bad. D's were considered good, while this year, in History Honors, and A- is equivalent to a fail. Madness. In science, where there is no Honors, a B- is the best class average EVER. EVEEEERRRRRRRRR. Achievement gap!

My computers teacher said that our voices weren't clear in our project except for Dinosauritz's narration. The only way to get that clear is to record at 2 AM, which is what Dinosauritz did.

Our homework is to write critiques. WHOOOOOOOOO Except in essay format. No more whoooooo.

I might make a sketchdump later. Or not. I always fail to keep promises. That makes me sad. I drew stuff. For art classes.

I'm going to make a Facebook soon. Using a fake name. And I'm only using it for homework, arts, and shenanigans. Seriously, I'm probably going to be doing absolutely nothing with it. My name will have nothing to do with Fluffy. Or food. Wait, yes, food. And magic. Magic food. Well, technically, it's food magic, but the first part by itself isn't actually food. Oh, Food = (Not food + Magic) Yes. That works. Kind of. The words are green and purple, Green meaning orange. Orange and purple, but it's not really orange; it's red and yellow. Yellow is the complementary of purple. A setting sun in the desert, accented by red. Purple clouds, red sky, orange desert sand with yellow accents. Wow that's a boring scene I need to add something. How about a camel? Yes a camel with a dude on the camel riding away, wait towards the viewer. There are dunes in the background. Stars are in the sky with purple cloud thingies. The sky is surprisingly clear. The calm before the storm. The canvas size is the same as that last painting I made. Possibly. Camels are more brown/orange than the sand. Orange meaning orange but yellow. EAGLE NEBULA.

Apparently there's a kid in my school named Prince Success. That's his first name.

I got my thoughts out. Now I need to get back to work-- NOES NOW I WANT TO DRAW CAMELS AND DESERTS AND PRETTY SKIES.

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My school gives out calculators for the Geometry students to borrow during tests.

They figured out how to make the calculators play Tetris.

I'm spending every waking minute dedicated to this school animation project. This sucks. :nuu:
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Today, our school had a survey of the best ofs (best in braces, best smile, etc.).

I left mine blank. Last time, I wrote a paragraph explaining why I hate the survey.

Chezzles wrote this:

Best Personality: Voldemort.

Now I want to redo the survey and put King George III for best personality.

My English teacher got this toy called a MindFlex, where it reads your brainwaves and makes this ball float with an air vent. The more you concentrate, the higher the ball floats. When I tried it, the bar measuring brain waves was stuck at maximum and the ball flew off.

Origami-CUBER asked "When you say my name, I disappear. What am I?"

People's answers were: "The ozone layer." "Polar ice caps." "Global warming." "Origami-CUBER."
Now I have to draw the Grands Salles des Menus-Plaisirs. :iconcryforeverplz:
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Whenever there's a substitute in my Computers class, half of the class starts playing Minecraft.

Have this:…

I need to get back to work now. D:
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My backpack weighs 10 lbs.

I think that is a problem.
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Today, a girl came up to me and said:

"I just realised! You look like that girl with the pigtails! Are you twins?"

The girl with the pigtails is me.

I am me.
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What my school has taught me.

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 11:23 PM

100 lbs is obese.

Blocking a goal in soccer is sexual harassment.

My face is terrifying.

Every day is someone's birthday, and there is a need to scream "Happy Birthday" at the top of your lungs.

And it is perfectly appropriate to do that while you are changing in the locker room.

Drawing anime automatically makes you an awesome artist.

Origami-CUBER is a superhero for being able to solve a Rubik's Cube.

Not dressing in your P.E. clothes is totally worth failing a P.E. class.

Moccasins are practical for running.

So are combat boots. (TBH, a boy ran in combat boots and was still one of the fastest runners. But then he's crazy, so. :|)

Hating someone means that you love them.

I hate my age group.

I saw the special box on a refrigerator again. I think I should take a picture of it next time.…
It's Dinosauritz!

This is the best argument ever:

Anyhoo, I need humor. What was the most stupid and funniest thing someone has ever said to you?

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Grah I have 4 projects already. I can probably finish all of them, but then I suddenly get all this inspiration for art. And I have no time to actually draw stuff.

Does anyone else suddenly get inspiration every time there's a ton of work to do?
I know there's a stamp for that somewhere.

And Origami-CUBER tried putting blood on pH paper to test if it would actually turn colors. It worked.

I wanna draw explosions and dead stuff. And glowy things.

Back to writing essays.

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Chezzles found this:…

Apparently, I am a cat. :noes:

Also, I have no idea how Facebook works.

All I know is that it asks me to log in/sign up every 5 seconds.
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I spent the last day of 2011 making cupcakes and watching my friends try not to set Chezzles' house on fire.

And throwing flying monkeys.


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Dinosauritz and Origami-CUBER are making a project for school.

No, I'm not part of the project. They just asked me... to ask. :B

So, what do you think of classical music?

Does it inspire you?
Do you like it?
Do you dislike it?
Does it make you want to explode in an explosion of brain-guts?
Do you not care?

Comment below! :happybounce:
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