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Rosalina and Miriel

This is a request from :iconblancj11: for his blog He is collecting pictures of Rosalina (from Mario galaxy) crossed over with other girls.

So here it is, Rosalina with Miriel from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Here is what I imagined happening: Rosalina is visiting the Fire Emblem world. Miriel discovered that Rosalina has a space observatory and she will do anything to get close to Rosalina so she can further her research [and get something else too ;) ]. You can let your imagination decide what happens next.

Background = random trees / bushes because much of fire emblem takes place outdoors. The rest of the army is probably camped somewhere nearby.

Miriels dressed is based off of her Sage promotion outfit and removing the top layer.

Lineart was done by hand with Micron Pens. I am not too happy about how the lines scanned, but oh well.
Characters colored in Paint Tool SAI.
Background and finishing effects in Photoshop CS6 (I finally have a Photoshop which is not an "Elements" version thanks to my wonderful boyfriend letting me use his! He was required to get it for a class, but otherwise has little use for it)
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Harmonie--Rosalina's avatar
They are so beautifull, I didn't played the last fire emblem but I have a friend who love the series and I think he already told me about Miriel. That's so powerfull to see her with Rosalina, they are so cute and I love your idea. It make sense to the illustration and everybody can imagiene what will happen next depending of what he have in mind. They can travel together and study the galaxy and also become really close... ^^
Harmonie--Rosalina's avatar
You're greatly welcome... \(^o^)/