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Ambopteryx: the yi-quel

Feels like I haven't done a full on composition for fun in a million years!
In honor of another weird little scansoriopterygid. 
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Very nice, love the micro prospecive.
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I simply loved the eyes in both the little dino and the bug. They are really goofy as hell. Great job girl! ;) 
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Is lovely! So pretty dragonbird!
SST-Laboratories's avatar
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Holy Jesus! Amazing new discovery!
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 By which I mean "Most excellent and most definitely hilarious work" Fluffy Spiderz!:D (Big Grin) 
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 NOM NOM NOM!Snorlax and the Endless Apple Conveyor Belt 
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Great depiction.
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I already saw this one on tumblr, but I’m so excited to see it here too. :heart:
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Aaaa everything about this is perfect!
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"bUT DEy nOT DEENusauS"

-Ken Ham
transpaleoartist's avatar

I love you. And i hate you.
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"the yi-quel" PFFT
hans-sniekers-art's avatar

I love the scenic feel of this, the colors are really pleasant and all :3

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Dats a dead bug walkin'. XD
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