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dontcha hate it when that happens
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The two right ones are melting my eyeballs from how bright they are but I can't look away because Papyrus still manages to look fabulous in them. 
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Papyrus looks amazing in any color <3
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Aw yeah I hate it when that happens
Just the other day I couldn't remember wether I was purple or not...or am I.....?
I dunno I can't remember today either
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Me when I drink too much oreos
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Should I... call someone?
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Such a masterpiece
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This happens to me way too many times xD
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The idea that Papyrus turned into pop art (is that what it's called?) because he forgot what color he is is SO CUTE
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Seriously, how do you decide on color palettes??? I always tend to over add colors which is distracting and unnecessary, especially colors that are horrible together
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don't tell anyone, but a lot of the time I kinda cheat :3 I basically know how to do only 3 good color palettes (one of them is aqua + orange + purple) and then I use Photoshop's "curves" and "hue" adjustment layers to get something cooler than what I came up with. I hope I'll someday graduate beyond this method, and I keep trying new "manual" palettes, but for now it works for me.

For basic color palettes check out www.paletton.com/ and look up Impressionist art; Impressionism is based around capturing the nuances of light, and that can result in some ingenius color palettes, like in these two works by Monet: 

The Grand Canal, Venice by fluffySlipper
Impression, soleil levant by fluffySlipper

Hope that helps a little! Palettes are always a learning process, and don't be afraid to experiment. You'll get there eventually, as I hope I do as well :D
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Yes! This is so helpful, thank you very much!!!!
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yaay! i'm soooooo happy! pappy isn't actally getting tortured! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! if pappy is happy then i'm happy too!
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oooo the second and fourth ones are glorious
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Omg same I thought it was just me! It's nice to know I am not alone lol
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YES! Finally! Someone else gets it!!!
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yeah!! like wth why does it happen so often??
happened just a few hours ago to me!!
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All of them look bootiful tho. 
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