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Batter's eyes, how do they work?

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He has special eyes. Didn't plan on making any more art of this, but then I started wondering what the heck is going on with The Batter's eyes. So I drew it out. I still don't understand.

These seem to be the fandom's main interpretations of his face, and edgy eye colors may be added to taste. If you'd oblige to entertain me, please comment which one is closest to what you see when you look at the sprite on the left. Thanks!
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I thought the top line was the top of the eye and the bottom line was the bottom of his eye so throughout the whole game I saw him as having wide-open eyes the whole time. Just like a puppet. 
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i always saw it as number 4
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I always thought it was just an eyebrow and a closed eye.
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Maybe its a scar. Don't know if anyone suggested that.
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I use to think it was #2 but, now I think is #4
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I always saw him as #2, but four eyes would fit the character and the game's general style, so I'm willing to believe in #5 being the canon one... :XD:
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#2 but also #5 may he use the other pair on "Wide angle"(that just my theory)
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heh good idea. Nice profile pic btw
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Thank you ^.=.^
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What game/fandom is this?
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OFF by Mortis Ghost
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In the concept art he has four eyes, so it'd likely be a variation on No. 5, since IIRC both his eyes are black.
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oooh really, which concept art?
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This was the only concept art by Mortis Ghost that I could fine that actually showed his eyes in his non-monstrous view, so maybe I was wrong about the four-eyes thing, but I'm still unsure.

Shoutout to the monstrous-view queen however.
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aha, thanks for the follow up! That's a lotta eyes, lol. I still don't know what to think
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I think #2 also works on a thematic level as it indicates that he closes his eyes to the challenges and doubts people put fourth toward his ultimate goal: purification. Being closed eyes instead of the other, less human variations also, well, humanizes him, which I think actually makes him more terrifying than if he was just solely an eldritch abomination.
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I guess it is #2, but starring at it long enough, I could convince myself that his eyes are actually open and the veeeery last pixel on the right of his eye is his pupil. Like snobbishly raising his nose and looking down to whome ever stands there. (the top line kind of is the edge of his eye and unapproving eyebrow at the same time)
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The 2nd one is always how I thought of it.
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Assuming he's human (to an extent at least oAo) I'm seeing number 2 as opposed to anything else. 
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2 is what I got from it!
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I always thought his eyes were closed and the one above were eyebrows.
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I've always been a fan of 2 and 5, but now that I've reconsidered this the Batter is definitely extra enough for 4 :'D
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I've always seen it as his eyes are closed and the little line at the top are his eyebrows, tbh. So, #2.
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