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SoarinDash- Confession



It had been a long day for Rainbow Dash. She had worked hard practicing with the Wonderbolts. "Hey Crash!" A familiar voice called from below.

Rainbow Dash landed on the ground next to Spitfire. "Yes ma'am."

"Great work today." She said. "I can tell you really want to be the best at what you do."

"Yes ma'am." Dash puffed out her chest with pride. "Thank you, ma'am."

"No problem." She said. "I'm glad you're part of our team."

Dash grinned. "Now," Spitfire smirked, glancing behind Rainbow Dash. "I think there might be somepony waiting for you."

Dash turned. She saw a silhouette standing a few yards behind her. It took her a moment to recognize him. "Soarin?" She asked.

"Hey Crash!" He waved at her, smiling.

Rainbow Dash turned to Spitfire. "Go on." Spitfire chuckled. "I'm finished."

Rainbow Dash turned back to Soarin, slowly walking toward him. "Uh, Yeah?" Rainbow Dash tilted her head at Soarin. "What's up?"

Soarin blushed a little. "Follow me." He said. "I've gotta tell you something."

Soarin flapped his wings and slowly turned around, keeping an eye on Dash to see if she was going to follow him. Rainbow Dash flapped her wings and waited, confused, for Soarin to lead the way. Soarin smiled, relieved to see Dash willing to follow him. He flew off, looking for a good spot. "Soarin?" Rainbow Dash called from just behind him. "What's this about?"

Soarin looked back at Dash. "I'll tell you." He said. "Just wait a sec."

He glanced around. "This'll do." He mumbled and landed on a little cloud.

Rainbow Dash landed beside him and laid down. Soarin laid down beside her. Dash was freaking out on the inside, but tried to play it cool on the outside. She looked at Soarin expectantly, blushing a little. "So..." Soarin began. "Uh... Darn I went through this in my head a million times today!"

Dash blushed more, starting to catch on to what was going on. "Uh, just... take your... um... time... I guess..." She trailed off.

Soarin looked at Rainbow Dash. He didn't want to seem scared or nervous. "I, uh, really like you Dash." He said. "E-every since I was in the hospital with you at Rainbow Falls. So, I was wondering, um, if you would like to go out sometime?" He smiled.

Rainbow looked down towards the ground. "I, uh, really like you too, um, Soarin." She blushed. "I-I mean, well, you're really cool an' stuff. I-I guess what I'm trying to say is, yeah. I'll go out with you."

Soarin grinned. "Great!" He nuzzled Dash's head. "How about lunch tomorrow?" He asked.

"Y-yeah!" Rainbow Dash smiled. "Sounds awesome!"


My first story! I was thinking about doing this for all my... uh... ya know... ships... 'cause I'm the biggest shipper you'll ever meet... Okay probably not but you get my point. I probably wouldn't do it for RariMac, cuz, ya know, spoilers an' stuff.... so... Unless I decide to cancel the comic (which I'm not at the moment so keep yer shirt on) I probably won't do that. So. What do you guys think? Is the story crap? itprobablyiscuzihaveneverwrittenastorythatsnotacomic. Should I do this with my other ships (besides RariMac)? Tell me what you think! Jack Victory Dance 
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