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David Tennant 25 Expressions

Just for fun, I stayed up way too late last night and did this. Found pictures from all over the internet of David Tennant.

Obviously, I did not draw these.

But it only took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to find these - the dude has an excessively mobile face! Which, for an actor, is a good thing! :D
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I never even watched anything he was in but I still think he's adorbs. Weird, huh?
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Nice Tenth Doctor faces FluffyNabs.

Regards and From 


Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Emoticon 
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I love that. It is awesome. And it is so true the expressions. Nice job on them.
YlaranialaMajere's avatar
LOVE these.

Yeah, what amazes me is that he can cover up his expressive soul with another look. If you haven't already, watch an interview with him sometime, particularly an interview with more than one actor. You can usually tell what he's thinking (mostly "what a dumb question," "I'm bored" or "HAHAHAHAROFL." "Want to run," "uncomfortable," "Imma kill you now" and "geekily enthusiastic" aren't uncommon though). Half the time you can tell even when he's under the spotlight.

Try not to O.O at the "that was low" look he gave when someone insulted the Scottish. I think if you search for "David Tennant Rant" on youtube you'll find it. I was kind of surprised you didn't have it, actually, as it's a very unique look. "What do you mean you never watched sci-fi?!" on the Never Mind the Buzzcocks episode is pretty epic too.

Also socks.

P.S. I stayed up way too late and found this. Funny, no?
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Laughed so hard at the following:
Confused, tired, irritated, wtf, triumph, flirty, hollow/blank, confident, fierce, drunk, sarcastic, and disgusted. 12 expressions. Yay.
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I love this, so many Doctors to love!
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sad and puty...aww come here david, gimme a hug! :hug:
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       -   _

       .   .

        -o          Fear

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Sad and Bereft is just like "LET ME HUG YOU!!!!!"
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It's in the eyebrow. Not plural, just that one eyebrow.
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There should be "WHAT?" instead od "WTF?"
Sexy-Slender-Dragon's avatar
:rofl: Oh...My god...Can't breath!....To Funny!
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God..the blank.x//D it's me like everyday xD
(The flirty...*-*)
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gotta love Tennant's face! :D
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omg and drunk is so cute.
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the "pouty" one is sooo cute.
Faithful-Imagination's avatar
Hahah! This is great!
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Haha, drunk xD that's an amazing job :)
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I LOL'd at the confused one xD
A spectacular find, by the way ^^
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Wow you can really tell how great of an actor he is! Each face is so distinctly different and obvious!
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I just want to stare at this for an inappropriate amount of time. *stares at pictures and starts drooling*
Areapi's avatar
-Looks at Bereft-
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