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Rikku Lolita by FluffyKnives Rikku Lolita by FluffyKnives
So.. this is my last one, I promise. XD I finally figured out how to use my pen lifting effects on photoshop. So I just drew in photoshop XD. I actually used the outline of the body from, :iconkarmada:. Umm yeah

This is for :iconmontyoum:'s Rikku Dressphere Contest for Dead Fantasy III.

Basically this is like Gothic Lolita meets Kimono. There's two different ones, so I'll go from left to right. SOOO MANY RUFFLESLACE.... :dead:

So the first two are the same, just one is with boots and one is with socks and Mary Janes. Basically it's like a really short black-transparent ruffled skirt with pantaloons beneath it. Yeah.. >_> I could go into more detail.. but I was in a rush ><!!!

Next two! This one has the left-over kimono split and there's a ruffled skirt underneath. There are ruffles that continue from the upper-half.. as you can see, maybe ._.!

I didn't want to draw a bonnet on her or headpiece honestly, it makes her looks stupid. So basically it's just pigtails that have hair circling it...? >_>??

Anywho.. I suck at drawing ruffles and lace, I know. :sad:. Don't kill me.. basically those weird squiggly lines are ruffles.. And she has ruffles on her corset, wow, so many, maybe too much ._.!

:: Weapon
So I couldn't really decide on which weapon to use. Two of my friends [:icondragonrock999: and Jay] helped me with the parasol idea. So it's a parasol, aka an umbrella. This was a rough sketch, sorry. At the tip of the umbrella is some-sort of blade. And at the edges there are detachable blades. So, if she wanted to she could throw blades or use it like a spinny vortex of spiked doom. And the handle of the umbrella pulls out to be a sword.

The other weapon idea is a giant fan, much like the fan Temari uses in Naruto. I was really lazy and did a fast job on this. Uhm I don't know what much I could say about it, but.. So she could use the fan to create giant gusts of winds and blow her enemy away. Or, she could close up the fan and be like, BAM I'M GONNA THROW THIS GIANT STICK AT YOU, YOU BETTER RUN!!!!! Or she could be like Temari and fly on her fan.. that sounds stupid. Yah, be creative? XD

:: Sorry
SORRY I DIDN'T COLOR IT!!! :cry: I was like, no time OMG DEADLINEEEEEE. ._.;

Hope you like.

Kthx :3

If you want the full image size, which isl ike 2000pixels wide, please download it!!!
GhostJack21 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2008
First one on the left and Giant Fan would be AMAZING combination. Good work!
Mindyourmuffins Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2008
dragonrock999 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2008
Cute. I think it looks good. (Lol at giant stick 0=P) Best of luck winning Fluffy, I hope you do. =)

*points* Hey, that's me! ^.^
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April 20, 2008
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