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Stranger Eon - (Game Concept Art) The Deep Ones by FluffyKnight Stranger Eon - (Game Concept Art) The Deep Ones by FluffyKnight
Hello! I am lead concept director and lead developer for an indie game. (Working title "Stranger Eon" ) Excuse the poor quality of the capture, this image was never intended to be shown on the internet! (It's in a sketch book with tiny pages) This image (and the ones like it to follow) are quick early concept sketches for this game. This is not the art that will be featured in the game, I have a talented CG artist that will be making proper CG versions for the game. This is the art I made to show them what I wanted. I decided to share these with the public one-by-one to raise awareness about the game we have in development. Hope you like it! (and the the lore bite involving it bellow!)

(Still setting it up - rewards will come)

Development for this game is still in "pre-alpha". A public alpha demo is a ways out, designs and mechanics are just now being finalized. To elevator pitch it to you, it's a carefully written visual novel based on a Hard Sci-Fi interpretation of the Lovecraftian Mythos wrapped in an adventure RPG with a dynamic story based around the friendship, conflict, and romance the characters you encounter or recruit onto your team. Held together with turn-based gameplay reminiscent of your favorite SNES and GB/A RPGs, but with a splash of horror. However a cute (not quite retro) art style, sardonic sense of humor, and lovable cast of characters keep the tone from staying to dark!
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November 8, 2017
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