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Lyshly's Soliloquy - B1 - P1 by FluffyKnight Lyshly's Soliloquy - B1 - P1 by FluffyKnight
Lyshly's Soliloquy, Book 1, Page 1. All characters are copyrighted by me, as is the name. The conversation is a bit stale, but it's not all that meaningful, so I believe it can be forgiven.

The first page is bland, please read on before judging it.

General Plot:
Okay, most of what you will need to know is Lyshly is an 'alchemist'. Not used as the true meaning of the word, it's basically another word for 'mage' or 'wizard' in this world, but the 'magic' is based of the core power that holds together and balances everything in the universe.

In this world, the 'Beasts' are animals, forced to evolve at a rapid rate to survive a dying planet's shattering ecosystem. The 'Humans', which are basically men and women of our world, though with slightly different traits, suppress the beasts, saying that they are just animals, and they do not deserve to be treated as an equal to humans. Many humans keep beasts as 'pets', which is equivalent to slavery, (Though in some cases they are treated more like pets then slaves)

Lyshly's mother was a human, and was raped by his father, who was a beast-bat. The bats are more animal like, and far less modernized then all other beast races, and are often consider by, even beasts, to be nothing but slightly-intelligent animals.

He takes neither side, saying human's and beast should be separate entirely, both creating their own communities, and both creating their own governments. While this is somewhat what happens now, as the humans have the 'H.R.' (Human's Republic), and the beast's have 'Carin's Monarchy'/ (Carin is essentially the 'Goddess' of all beasts)

Soliloquy follows several characters (something like 7) Lyshly is just one. Cyrus appears several times through Lyshly's story, as Cyrus has similar goals, though he believes humans and beast should live together in harmony. Lyshly says this is a foolish dream, that humans are violent and stupid, and will never accept beasts as equals, same as the beasts will never forgive them for thousands of years of oppression.

Again, all characters here-in are copyrighted by me, all story plot is copyrighted by me, all art is copyrighted by me, and all names are copyright by me.

Thanks, and enjoy the story.

P.S. His name is pronounced 'lI-sha-lI'
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