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Ghost-Steel Fakemon Evo Chain by FluffyKnight Ghost-Steel Fakemon Evo Chain by FluffyKnight
These pokemon are similar to Gastly/Hauntor/Gengar, only it evolves to it's third stage by the player interacting with the remains of an ancient steel-type pokemon. (meaning you can have any number of the first two stages of this pokemon, but only one of the final, ghost/steel type stage)

Stage One:
Name: Dahg (dag)
Type: Ghost
Ht: 1'3"
Wt 0.01lbs
Classification: 'Bag' Pokemon
HP: 45
Atk: 23
Def: 20
Spc Atk: 60
Spc Def: 50
Speed: 65

Ability: 'Swallow' = This pokemon has a 30% chance of 'eating' it's held item. If this pokemon makes physical contact with a foe, there is a 50% chance this pokemon will take the foes held item(only if this pokemon holds no item)
If this pokemon swallows an item, it's state are altered: Def+20%, Spd-20%

Any item 'Swallowed' by this pokemon is returned to the holder at the end of the battle.

-Evolves at level 28-

Stage Two:
Name: Reliqhoul (re-lic-wal)
Type: Ghost
Ht: 4'8"
Wt: 0.8lbs
Classification: 'Possession' Pokemon
Hp: 55
Atk: 35
Def: 40
Spc Atk: 105
Spc Def: 85
Speed: 100

Ability: Levitate

Signature Attack: 'Possess' = Changes the users sub-type to that of the main-type of the targeted pokemon, In addition, this move is replaced by one move of that type the target knows. (Selected by the user of this attack) - This attack cannot be used if the user already has a subtype.

-Evolves when PC interacts with Ancient Steel Pokemon Remains-

Stage Three:
Name: Heiliung (ha-loo-ing)
Type: Ghost/Steel
Ht: 6'7"
Wt: 472lbs
Classification: 'Possession' Pokemon
Hp: 75
Atk: 105
Def: 88
Spc Atk: 115
Spc Def: 90
Speed: 82

Ability: Depossess: If the user is below 1/4th HP it changes forms for the remainder of the battle.

*Sprite is replaced with that of it's previous evolution*
New Form Data:
Type: Ghost
Ht: 5'6"
Wt: 1.3lbs
Classification: 'Possession' Pokemon
Hp: 75
Atk: 40
Def: 50
Spc Atk: 135
Spc Def: 120
Speed: 105
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October 14, 2010
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