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The Lost Book of Prophecies

Today, I’ll tell you the story of the lost book of prophecies.

This prophetic book was a mysterious tome full of stories of future events. Of course, many people craved this book, wishing to glimpse their futures. But no person, after obtaining this amazing book, ever found happiness. The reason? The book held frightful secrets not meant for people's eyes. That book came to be called the Dark Prognosticus and was sealed away. This is the tale of that forgotten book's last owner.

It is a tale of love.


This is my tribute to a game which had quite an effect on me. That game is Super Paper Mario. With a unique graphical style, inventive gameplay, brilliant humor, a beautiful story, unforgettable characters, and tons of heart, SPM is one of the best new games I have played in a long time, and has become one of my all-time favorites. Though it only came out a few months ago, it is already a classic in my eyes; a game which is very dear to me, and which I know that I will enjoy for years to come.

I could talk on and on about how much I love this game, and why- but I already did that a few days after I beat the game in my journal, and I think only about two people read it. XD (Well, it WAS nine pages long in Word.) But I believe that art speaks for itself, so I decided it was high time to do a full tribute to SPM. This picture is dedicated to all the creative and brilliant minds who worked on this game, and all the fans who have come to love and appreciate the game and the characters.

This took me around a week. It’s the longest I’ve spent on a vector, which is understandable, as this is the most complex, and biggest one I have done. I also put more love into it than any other. :heart: So in that regard, it is my favorite vector piece so far, and I feel that it is my best.

As you can see, these are my versions of all the characters. They're more human. Even though I've drawn some of these characters in all their geometric square-headed glory before, in the end, I prefer drawing them in this style.

Yes, I did recycle a few things from previous pictures of mine. ^^; But I tried to do it very sparingly. I mean, I wasn't going to make an entirely new Fracktail when I already had a perfectly good one at my disposal... that guy is complicated ;_; And I liked the Dimentio head so much from the DimentiOs box that I used it again. Ah, the glories of vector art.

Critique is welcome, as always! Point out anything weird you happen to see; I’ve been staring at this picture so long that it’s likely I missed something. I could nitpick and keep messing around with little details for a couple more days (accursed perfectionism!); but I think this picture is finished, and it’s time to send it off.

Enjoy, guys. This picture really means a lot to me, and I hope you like it too.

Super Paper Mario (c) Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
The font is Juergen from [link]
Art (c) Fluffycatgirl… obviously?
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Red - Fracktail
Orange - Merlee
Yellow - Francis
Green - Squirps
Blue - Flint Cragley
Indigo - King Sammer
Violet - Luvbi
White - Count Bleck

12 years later...... Shit, people have forgotten about it by now......
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
I really love your art style. ^^
Kishex-Nevarx's avatar
oh wait.. nevermind. i saw the one from the other account and i thought it was a duplicate. fail..
Kishex-Nevarx's avatar
You didn't draw this... : P
THE-kiridot's avatar

sorry my brain can't hold all of this FEELS
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to be honest i hate merlon because he says he's going to read the light book thingy & when go into his house he isn't even holding it...!
WootieNoodles's avatar
I dunno what other people are talking about :noes: Mimi, King Sammer, Squirps, I recognised everyone instantly!

But I love this picture >u<
I would write more but my cat isn't letting me x.x
PaytoniThePerv's avatar
THAT is funny! First off: Flint is going "Here I come! I will stop you!!!" and Croacus is like: "WTF are you doing?!", Fracktail is going: "I'M STILL SCREWED UP!!!... HELP!!!" Francis is going: "Helloooo"
Madd-D's avatar
This is so AMAZING. :o
That's a lot of stuff for one picture! :D

I was delighted when I saw Flint and Francis. :heart:
DJ-KOKO's avatar
Geez is this ever gorgeous. I agree about the game too. It affected me very much and is easily my favorite game ever. And that's saying something!

My one complaint is that I don't think Mimi should be quite so mature-looking, but then again it's your own style so hey. Other than that, this is 100% amazing and adorable.
Jimbob317's avatar
This is great!
YoshTheYoshi's avatar
Once again AWESOME! Your description is deep :D
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Thanks! Well, I do really really love this game :D :heart:
InvaderHera's avatar
Full of awesome! I like your style. I especially like how Francis looks.
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Thank you! :)

Yeah, I love drawing Francis... that crazy, crazy nerd...
Milesmagnificent's avatar
Woah, this is pretty awesome.
And I love the way you drew King Sammer.
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Thanks! :D I'm glad you think so. It still bugs me that he came out looking more French than Japanese, at least in my eyes XD
Milesmagnificent's avatar
He still looks awesome, so you succeeded.
poshiyoshi's avatar
Oh, my, goodness... you have serious skills... *is in awe*

my brother finished spm for the 3d time, today- and this... geez... :omg:
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Well, I'm glad my skills served me well to portray my love for this game :D Thanks!
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This just pwned my face.
Way. Too. Epic. I love it! =D
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Oops, sorry about your face XD But thank you!
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