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Survivor: Keelhaul Key

This is an entry for 's OTHER contest! In this contest, you have to draw a comic that's a parody of something in a Paper Mario game. I wasn't originally planning on entering this contest, seeing as I normally don't do comics. However, about a week ago, I was thinking about it and this whole idea flashed before me.

You see, I don't really watch it anymore, but I used to be a huge Survivor fan. And that part in PM2 when they were all stranded on the island REALLY reminded me of Survivor. XD So I got to thinking, what would it be like if those characters were really on Survivor? Flavio would probably be that typical annoying person who doesn't know how to work, and everyone would be mad at him and couldn't wait to kick him off. That's where the idea for this comic came from. But poor Flavio... he's only looking for romance, thrills, and excitement!

This is my first Paper Mario 2 fanart, but since the game is so awesome, I'll have to start doing more, huh? ^_^ I had a fun time drawing the characters, especially Flavio and Lord Cr- uh, I mean, "Four Eyes." I love Flavio's expressions. Hehehe.

This comic is really, REALLY colorful, I know. And I love it that way! So... sorry if your eyes catch on fire from the extreme brightness in this comic.

Eh, sorry about the overly long description. I always give those, I know. ^^; But I'm just extremely happy with how this comic came out! I worked really, really hard on it the past week or so... first doing the lineart in Open Canvas, then coloring it all in the GIMP. It's gotta be my favorite work I've done with my tablet so far. I just love it! I hope you guys enjoy it too! And good luck to everyone else in the contest. :)

Paper Mario (c) Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
Survivor (c) CBS
Art (c) ME! Obviously. =P Oh, by the way, I'm pretty sure this marks my first Deviation where I've actually signed my work.
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The-Last-Sea-Serpent's avatar
I'd watch the hell out of this show!
NictheWerecatqueen's avatar
Yeah, i like survior
i like this comic and the game is great
Hawk-of-Rawk's avatar
Survivor: The GOOD version.
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Do they even still make new seasons of Survivor? =P I don't watch TV anymore at all, but I used to watch this show back in its early seasons. And the Amazing Race. That was enough "reality" for me.
Hawk-of-Rawk's avatar
The Amazing Race...I haven't heard THAT name mentioned in a while!
JRTribe's avatar
"Ah, this must be where we pick the winner, yes?"

fluffycatgirl's avatar
Ha, this comic is so old, but I still love it =P
Fishy716's avatar
>,> Flavio was always so annoying xD I love your Yoshi on the island setting dx
melissaduck's avatar
:giggle: That's funny! Great job!
KaptainKrunch's avatar
Sums up my thoughts on Flavio!
Lasilla's avatar
Ha! Poor Flavio didn't have a clue... ^^;
Wondercheese's avatar
This is so sweet! I... the whole concept is too awesome! You've captured another video game moment that i think is awesome! I LOVE your strips, they're always hilarious ^_^
aww, poor flavio...
I always liked him for some reason. Probably because the game tried to make you hate him. He's a cool guy if you ask me. Cortez is my imaginary friend. *Cortez appears beside me with a poof* Hello, amigo.
Me: Not now, cortez, i'm busy.
Cortez: Hey maybe, i wanted to talk, amigo.
*Cortez stabs my eye.*
Me: Ow! That's it! you're not my imaginary friend anymore. my new imaginary friend is...
Me: hello doopliss
Wondercheese: Hey, I'm the incredible wondercheese!
Me: then... who am i?
wondercheese: you don't exist slick! you don't have a name.
me: ...bum.
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Yeah, this is still one of my favorite Deviations of mine XD Even though it's kinda old. I just got past this part of the game, too. I want to draw Flavio again because he's sooo funny...
PuppyLuver's avatar
I drew a humany Flavio once. He never saw the light of my gallery. XD

"No. Not fair. Flavio hates you all."
fluffycatgirl's avatar
I actually tried that recently, but I couldn't get him right. He sort of looked like George Washington. O_o
PuppyLuver's avatar
:giggle: Mine just looked like a fruity guy. XD
RazorVayne's avatar
CubieJ's avatar
The hilarity of this comic has just SKYROCKETED now that I've played PM2. XDDDDD

Oh man, oh man, oh man... I seriously can't stop laughing right now. xD Ah, this is gold. You're so great at digging out the best of games. <3

fluffycatgirl's avatar
XD Thank you very much, Cubie! I'm glad you can enjoy this comic to the fullest now. ^_^ Ah, Flavio. XD

Makes me want to do some more PM comics, because I always got funny ideas while playing the games. I'd probably have to replay TTYD again for inspiration, though.
MBB's avatar
HAHAHHAA THATS TRUE!!...Flavios singing is bad :0

It was very funny to read this XD
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Thank you very much :)
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