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Okay, finally another comic. This one is dedicated to anyone who's ever admired someone deeply, then come to find out they're not all you thought they were. I know this has happened to me.

Obviously, this comic is about Rawk Hawk from Paper Mario 2 and Junior Troopa from the original Paper Mario. I really like Junior because he's so cute, and though he's a bit of a bratty punk, he's really dedicated and he works hard throughout the game to make himself better. (But I don't know when that kid is EVER going to hatch.) For some reason, I thought it would be really cute and funny if he had himself a role model. But when he realized the truth, he was crushed... aww. :( Of course then he goes psycho. :D

And I still love Rawk Hawk, but... he got what was coming to him, you gotta admit.

I may possibly turn this into a little mini-series. ;) Heh, I've thought about this way too much and come up with too many good ideas!

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well he did get one shotted by bowser, i think bowser is stronger than junior troopa but junior is still really strong.
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Rawk Hawk was possibly my favorite character of that entire game!
"Listen Gonzales! Anyone who defeats the hawk is not allowed to lose!"
AuraSoma's avatar
poor Rawk Hawk, Jr Troopa kill him... or at least Rawk are totally in pain, that 2 rocks!!!
Cheersoup's avatar
If I was thinking, I'm pretending that Rawk Hawk talks to a cheerleader...
NinjatheSpy's avatar
Awwww little, annoying junior. It is kinda funny to see how he tries getting stronger. The best scene was as he beat the Koopa Bros.
"You defeated the guy who's defeated the Koopa Bros. Does this mean you best the Koopa Bros. as well?"
Or something like that... ;p
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Yeah, he's so cute XD And he really does progress so much! Seriously, a spike and wings AND magic?! Talk about an overachiever, and he's still in his egg!
NinjatheSpy's avatar
So true :XD: I hope he'll appear in the next Paper Mario game. It'd be great to see all the 'old' charas again. (not just as merchandising)
T-A-G-M's avatar
MORAL: never make yourself proud and well-known at the same time, or your going to be PWNed!
MEKofTheMEKkingdom's avatar
Haha! :XD: Rawk got RAAWWKKK'D!!!
Hehe! Awesome! Really love the expressions on the first panel =D
Velsport's avatar
Rawk hawk is all talk!
i mean magnus von graple ver.1 was harder then him!
....well in my opinion
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Yeah, of course he's all talk... he wouldn't be anywhere without his cheating methods and poisoned cakes XD He's funny though.
Velsport's avatar
ya, he is.... but funny in the way that makes me wanna defeat him even faster.
Nice drawing of jr. troopa. awwwwwwww he so cute isn't he.
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Yes, he is ^_^ Thank you!
Ocarinak's avatar
You really are good at expressions. I think it's one of your most admirable skills. I recommend starting a long-term webcomic; I'm planning one myself. Besides being fun, I've heard and seen for myself that it's like steroids for artsits; only without the creepy side effects. xD
tmfkasueshm's avatar
I've never played much of the mario series at all... but.... this is so cute!! -^___^-

I love all the emotions you give through their expressions, they're all so... I dunno x3 *luffs it*

And that's saying something considering I dun even know these characters in their true game form x3 Comics are fun ^_^
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Thanks! :3 Hey, did you ever see my late birthday present for you?
tmfkasueshm's avatar
:O! Birthday present?

*goes to brows through your work*

8DD Aww, Arashi is so cute <3 I really like the shading and blur affects you did on it ^_^ Is she in the jinjo village sand dunes by the ice key cave by chance? I haven't played in awhile ^^; If so, that's awesome that you remember where she usually hangs out x3

*huggles* Thanks PJ <3 When was your birthday by chance? I'm thinking I probably forgot it or forgot that I remembered it or something x.x And I need to make you a belated gift in that case ^_~
fluffycatgirl's avatar
It was in March. You don't have to make me anything... but I know you, and you will anyway, so thanks for caring :hug:

Yeah, the little sandy area is what I was going for. I'm really glad you like the picture!
malons-xeo's avatar
Heh... I'm glad Junior showed that RawkHawk...

I never really liked Rawk Hawk...

Good work!
Husky-Washu's avatar
YES! JT! My favorite NPC from PM! lmfao, awesome! XD
fluffycatgirl's avatar
MechaDarkice's avatar
Jr Troopa was so cool in paper Mario. I rember when he grew wings and stuff.
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Yeah, and he could magically make them appear or disappear, same with the spike on his head XD He's going to be in his full powerful form in a later comic.
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