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Role Models 2

The sequel to [link]

See, I said I would continue it. And since when have I not made good on my claims? (...Wait, don't answer that.)

So yes... not much to say. I'm tired. I'll make the third one sometime soon.

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The Great Gonzales Strikes again, fool! But this time, he has been turned into a unhatched koopa! but he still pwned you ass!
MEKofTheMEKkingdom's avatar
Pure Rawk XD Oh well! =3
Awesome drawing you do ^^
You convey expressions like no one's business!
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Thanks! Expressions are my favorite part of drawing, so I'm glad you think so! :D
SusieBeeca's avatar
He looks so adorable in that last panel.
Katie-Yoshi's avatar
HAHAHAH! These are great. I liked the expressions in the second and third panels the best.

I haven't been here for a week...just so you know why I hadn't commented.
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Haha XD Poor Rawk Hawk
SpiritLeTitan's avatar
ha. haha. well, at least you go thru with yer claims....>.>; *is a horrible procrastinator* ^^;
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Ha, I usually don't go through with them at all, actually XD This is a rare occasion- when I say I'm going to draw something, I often end up getting sidetracked and not following through. Unless I'm drawing something FOR someone, then I get all crazy about it and have to finish it before anything else O_o
SpiritLeTitan's avatar
hahaha same here. cept that last part. if the drawings for someone, i will wanna do it at first, but then i'll procrastinate like theres no tomorrow...
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You know, seeing this makes me realize that you'd be a really good long-form comicer. A serious story, over an extended period of time. You've got the storytelling skills, and the creativity to muster it. Golly. I'm surprised I didn't notice before.
fluffycatgirl's avatar
Thanks! :) You know, I've seriously considered doing a long term comic before, with an actual story and all that. I think that would be very fun, and also good practice. But I don't know what I'd make it about. Hmm. I'll keep thinking, and perhaps something will inspire me over the summer...
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I would laugh too.
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