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An Offer You Can't Refuse

Look, a comic! As promised. :) This time it's more Paper Mario 2 stuff, but I have ideas for several different games on the way.

Ah, Hooktail. When I was fighting her, I refused her unconvincing bribes, like a true hero should. ;) Then when she got to the last one, about the feet thing, I was thinking "Oh, how nasty!" I was going to chose the "no" option of course, but I moved my fingers too fast or something, and on accident... I ended up accepting the bribe. XD Oops. It was kinda funny though, to see Mario run over there and get attacked. And that's where the idea for this comic comes from. =P

Well, a little about the art itself. As you can see, I like drawing Hooktail in my own style, just because. And... I have a really hard time with Mario. ^^; Hopefully if I do enough Mario-related comics, that'll get better some day. Also, I attempted some cel-shading here. Note the word "attempted." But hey, I've gotta start trying sometime.

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That is what I would do too if I was Mario XD I never realized how kinky I would be for Hooktail and Gloomtail's feet X3

Ps, that Hooktail style of yours is so CUTE!
SuperNintenbro's avatar
What happens if you say yes?

I can't find it anywhere.
BrandonMGreen76's avatar
You get damaged from what I've heard.
jcieph3's avatar
At least, it'd spare us from fighting Gloomtail.
NictheWerecatqueen's avatar
Feeling fine badges :P
jcieph3's avatar
They would still be of use against toxic enemies. BTW, how much experience do amayzee dayzee provide?
NictheWerecatqueen's avatar
erm first time I killed one, I got around 40 star points
jcieph3's avatar
Yeah. I've seen some videos on the 100 trial pit, the amayzee dayzee granted about 72 points. They grant a tremendous amount of experience. Are they tricky to beat? And yes, I know they can put people to sleep.
NictheWerecatqueen's avatar
they have an attack power of 20
NictheWerecatqueen's avatar
She has a vore fetish, and a foot fetish
TheGreatKingBowser's avatar
you draw hooktail in a such a way that makes me not want to attack her at all. she's so cute!
Mudkip91's avatar
I overall love Hooktail and Gloomtail in any style, even in the game style. Im so excited to replay this game since my childhood that I will be getting a new copy next month and replaying it, but at the same time, im so sad for when i will have to kill Hooktail and Gloomtail again. Mainly Gloomtail because he is my new fave Mario character rn but I love Hooktail as much too.
originalvanpier's avatar
Uuum... foot fetishists your time has come?
(Half chuggaaconroy refrence)
Dysartist's avatar
I accepted the "Smelling Her Feet" and she just crushed me :P
bubbles46853's avatar
Awww, how cute! I wanna hug her next!
williamovernight's avatar
only if i had the game XD
supermarioman555's avatar
:iconkoopsplz:Koops is now emo and :iconmarioplz: Mario is love with hooktail's big red foot. A HAPPY ENDING! I think....... :meow:
Thefallenangel407's avatar
Ha! That's just too funny! XD
Darkwolf-Jesterwolfy's avatar
O.O...when i played the game i didn,t fall fo, ANY OF THAT STUFF!...but i guess mario is a bit more stupid...
Mudkip91's avatar
Its something called a "Fetish/Kink"
Darkwolf-Jesterwolfy's avatar
plus that's an 8 year old comment
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