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5% Battery

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only 5% battery its gonna run out soon

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the real horror is the friends we make along the way

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Everybody crowding around her to watch the latest video, so she had to turn up the brightness so they could see. Unfortunately that tends to kill the battery.
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I guess every one wants in on the action. That is what what happens when you become popular.
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Awesome art, I really like the concept. Keep up the good work dude!

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Really good! This reminds me of the movie Pom poko!
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Thank you I liked that movie too XD

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Congrats on a well deserved, DD!!! :clap: ( and it's already in my favs! :) )

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Thank you so much that means a lot to me :hug:

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Well... the battery might go out, but with friends like those, I don't think she'll be bored! ;) lol little lantern dude is adorbs I love this! Now I want japanese monster friends!!!!

fluffycatfish's avatar

I would want friends like them too :D

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Oh dear, what an inopportune time for it 😅

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time is running out lol

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Does the giant skeleton have a name?

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I'm (almost) certain that particular yokai is known as "Gashadokuro" but I'm not 100% on that....

Tinselfire's avatar

Yeah, that sounds familiar.

Was one of my first encounters with the concept of youkai. Remember seeing the famous print where he is summoned in a children's textbook on bones when I was three apples tall.

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Uh guys? I don't think we can watch anymore Ticktock!


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Uff creepy and scary, love the colors and the atmosphere here

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Oooo scary! Nice job!
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Thats very cute- oh no wait-
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This looks awesome!
Also*hands girl a charger*
You might want this
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