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Are you ok? [Part 2] (Golden Crush)
New one some are coming next if i can record

Dizzy and Chaos Paw came home and walked and saw her mother preparing food and Dizzy put the Basket of apples and talked to her mom but both shift eyes at chaos paw and said

Flutter Shy :Chaos Paw are you ok?
Chaos Paw :(Thinking about what Blue spell said)W-what
Dizzy Chaos :Are you thinking of her?
Flutter Shy :Her?!
Dizzy Chaos :Well i'll tell you after dinner mom

Suddenly Discord pop up outta know here and sat down to eat their dinner

Discord :Why are you not eating your dinner Chaos Paw?
Chaos Paw :Im not hungry
Devil Shot :Are you ok little bro its looks like you are in love?

Everyone looks at Chaos Paw blushing

Discord :(angry)Who is it?
Chaos Paw :Why do you need to know?
Discord :Because im your father
Chaos Paw :Well mind your own bussiness?
Discord :Its my bussiness because maybe that curse they gave you it could hurt her and-
Chaos Paw :(Angry and eyes are red)Well you should be more at home than Fucking making chaos with my brother and the princess said you can't do chaos any more!!!
Chaos Paw :And care more about your family than making more chaos(Crying)

Everyone went quiet and Chaos paw ran out of their house into the everfree forest

Discord :Son wait!!
Flutter Shy :Discord he needs to cool down he will come back
Discord :I hope your right

Chaos Paw ran and falled into a hole and injured his hoof and one wing

Choas Paw :ARH!!(Trying to move to stand and fly but it was no use)

Suddenly Chaos Paw heard a noise and saw it was Moon Heart

Moon Heart :OMG Chaos Paw(Ran to Chaos and heal his injuries)
Chaos Paw :Thanks 
Moon Heart :Are you ok?
Chaos Paw :Yeah(Walks and falls down)
Moon Heart :(using her magic and puts Chaos Paw in her back and takes him home)

Short introduction
Moon heart takes him home and discord and flutter shy and all his sibilings took him to the hospital and found out that he hurt his wing and hoof and broke the wing bone and broke his hoof bone and has too stay at the hospital for two months to heal

Who is she? [Part1] (Golden Crush)
So this is a love story

{Dizzy Chaos and Chaos Paw where flying home for their mom's famous apple pie until the saw Blue Spell}
Dizzy Chaos-Hey Blue Spell 
Blue Spell-(Blushing)O-oh hey Dizzy
Chaos Paw-What are you looking a-
{Sees what Blue Spell was his sister and Someone else}
Chaos Paw-(Blushing Very Red)W-W-who is that?
{Dizzy Saw who it was and was Moon Heart}
Dizzy Chaos-Oh its Moon
Both Boys-The Princess of Dreams!!!!
{Moon Heart and Cyan Spell turn around and Moon Heart make the drawing disappear and saw it was Dizzy and two other boys and saw Chaos Paw and blushed}
Moon Heart-Dizzy are these your boyfriends?
Both boys and Dizzy-WHAT!?!!?
Dizzy Chaos-No!!This is my twin brother(Points at Chaos Paw) and this is Blue Spell(Points at Blue Spell)
Moon Heart-(Look's at Chaos Paw and blush)H-H-hey
Chaos Paw-(Blushes very red)H-H-H-hey
Cyan Spell-Big brother let's go home I want to go to sleep
Blue Spell-Go ahead a'll catch up ok
{Moon Heart pulls Cyan Spell and tells her}
Moon Heart-You will get your cutie mark you have my blessing
Cyan Spell-(Crying)Thank you princess
{Moon Heart gives her a tissue and Cyan Spell start's walking home}
Dizzy Chaos-Hey Moon Heart can you come over later for some of our (Points at Chaos Paw)mother famous apple pie later?
Moon Heart-Sure
{Blue Spell walk's to Chaos Paw and whispers to his ears}
Blue Spell-(Whispers)You'll never going to have a chance with her you got that
{Walking away}
Dizzy Chaos-Well see you later 
Moon Heart-See yeah later
{Disappears with a magic spell}
Dizzy Chaos-Come on bro let's go home(Opens her wings and fly's)
Chaos Paw-(Look's at Blue Spell and opens his wings and Fly's)

TO BE Countined

This is my new OC for my mane 7

Princess Luna(Mother)Sphinx(Father)

Personality:Shy,Loves SnowOwl,Loves the night

Crush:Chaos Paw

Princess of dreams
Happy Mothers day
Happy mothers day

Nature Wind:(Playing Hide and Seek With Winter Snow)
Nature Wind:(Flying)Where Are you Windy?
Winter Snow:HEHEH
Nature Wind:(Found Winter Snow At the Library)FOUND YOU!
Winter Snow:HEHEHEH(Yawns)
Nature Wind:(Looks at the time Its was 12:00 am)*Gaps*
(Nature Wind used her magic and put Winter Snow on her back)
Nature Wind:Well she's done (Looks at the moon)*sad*

Winter Snow:Darling,Chaotic Flower
Chaotic Flower:Yes Mom
Winter Snow:Nothing 
(Its was about 5 hours later Winter Snow is doing a lot of princess dutys)
Chaotic Flower:(Opens the door)Mommy
Winter Snow:Yes
Chaotic Flower:Mommy please go to bed
Winter Snow:(Uses her magic and places Chaotic Flower on her back and walks to a near window)You go too sleep
(Singing a Song)


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