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Give E'm the CLAMPS!

It's nearly impossible to watch a Season of Futurama and not be inspired to add some CGI to our favourite characters.
So, here's the first of the Mafia Robots, Clamps.

Futurama and Clamps all belong to whoever has the rights these days, this is just fan art.
Made in Blender, rendered with Cycles. Textures made in GIMP.
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CLAMPS SS MAH F AVE OR ITE CRUSH OMFG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH AAAAAAAAA AA  A A  AJaskf;lskl;f'l[sd'alf'd;sfd,wa;fke;lakfeda
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Hahaha, thank you so much. I've been meaning to redo this one but never got around it. :)
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also sorreh about me fangirling i just love him so muCHJKN LDFKSAML:D<ASL:
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Haha, hey! If there's a specific pose or poster you'd like to see clamps in, send it to me and I'll see if I can render it. 
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Hahaha! Futurama's Robots are awesome. I should do a few more in 3D
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We'd love to see them! :ahoy:
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Nice Work! :iconofficialfella1plz:
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this is so awesome! haha!
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This is amazing, please make more! :)
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Thanks, I need to do another render of Clamps first. This render lacks story and character.. so I need to create a better scene. :)

The simple test is to take a step back and ask yourself one hard question... "Would I print this and hang it on my wall?"
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Or clamp-like device...
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lol. I just can't get enough of the Robo-Mafia
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You are welcome
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Hey Boss, Do You Want Me to Give Him the Clamps?
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