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F2U Rabbit by Maarui
CuteLine3 by XUranusX IceHeart by XUranusX CuteLine3 by XUranusX

If you have any other questions, please ask!

If I don't draw anything fluffy, can I still be a member?

Sure you can!

How can I submit art to the group gallery?

Tiny Strawberry Pixel by Zilverlovely Go to Gallery and click on the + button next to the name of the folder you want to submit to.
Tiny Strawberry Pixel by Zilverlovely You can also submit from your deviation's page by clicking the Add to Group button on the right bottom!

How do I get featured?

We generally choose outstanding pieces of art from the gallery and feature them ourselves.

How can I become a staff member?

When joining, select "contributor" from the drop-down list. Give reasons why you want to be a contributor and how you'll help the group, and the staff will vote.

Can I suggest favourites?

Sure you can, but remember that this is NOT how you submit your own art!

Can I affiliate with this group?

Any group can affiliate ^^

CuteLine3 by XUranusX IceHeart by XUranusX CuteLine3 by XUranusX
[F2U] Fennekin Icon by Ayinai
I have seen many new members has joined to this group and
I am so happy and i want to welcome everyone with all my heart :heart:
I have set new setting in gallery folders and now everyone can add 3 arts in day + can add to feature without annoying vote :la: this is possible to all members only! :heart:
--- >> Oh amd YEEES i have desided to accept POKEMON and DIGIMON arts !!
There is new folder to those arts "OCs - Fan Art" Folder. You can submit them there!:heart:
This group has been a little quiet but thats alright! Im still super happy to see how many members this group already have!! :love:
I wish all best to everyone and hope you all have awesome day/evening/night!
All best wishes ~ @XUranusX ♡~piiku
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Underwater YCH by Zoba22
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Best Cute Dragon Friendos by PanDeSalvado
:CM:_ Purple derg that is not spyro by PanDeSalvado
:G:_ Dragon that is kinda purple so it's no spyro by PanDeSalvado
Sparkling Alicorns!!! by illiam-2020
Illiam And Her White Dove Friend!! by illiam-2020
Full Moon by XUranusX
Stardust and Lilian by XUranusX
Cartoons Cosmic
Puppycorn by Bluerm
Zolves Chapter 4 Page 91 by Redwingsparrow
Zolves Chapter 4 Page 90 by Redwingsparrow
Zolves Chapter 4 Page 89 by Redwingsparrow
Close Up by ZjeroXytz
Comm: Pouflon Pixel by Southrobin
whale of a time (2020 redraw) (nf2u) by IrisBlue16
Nightmare Moon pixel art (2018) (nf2u) by IrisBlue16
OCs - Fan arts
Lady Lopunny by LiquidFrogStudios
Eevee by LiquidFrogStudios
Fanart: Eevee Chibi by Southrobin
Cute Mew (FanArt) by XUranusX
Dark Magic by ZjeroXytz
Floofy Llama Adopt (OPEN) by LiquidFrogStudios

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We accept digital and traditional fluffy art ^^
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F2u Smol Bun by VioletCascade
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tick by DiegoVainilla Everyone can join! :squee:
tick by DiegoVainilla We accept Digital and Traditional art
tick by DiegoVainilla 3 artworks per day are allowed!
tick by DiegoVainilla Ask if there is any questions :)
tick by DiegoVainilla If a folder is full, please let us know.

free shaymin icon by RRRAI Pink Check Bullet by PuffCats Free Panda Bear Avatar by zara-leventhal

amazonite tick by DiegoVainilla Animal, Fursonas and Anthro arts.
amazonite tick by DiegoVainilla Animal Photos
amazonite tick by DiegoVainilla Animals Cartoons/Cosmic
amazonite tick by DiegoVainilla Pokemons / Digimons
(as long they looks like animals and cute) :heart:
amazonite tick by DiegoVainilla Dragons or any mystic animals

Free Polar Bear Avatar by zara-leventhal

pink x by DiegoVainilla Pictures of people
pink x by DiegoVainilla K-18 Pics (Violent, core/bloods etc themed)
pink x by DiegoVainilla Anime/manga/chibi Arts (human)

free polar bear icon by RRRAI Blue X Bullet by PuffCats free guinea pig icon by RRRAI

x by DiegoVainilla Do NOT steal others' art!
x by DiegoVainilla Submit artworks to the right folders, thank you :)
x by DiegoVainilla No bad language; be polite and friendly to others
x by DiegoVainilla No spamming or advertising
x by DiegoVainilla If there'll be any problem, feel free to tell us. It will be fixed!

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faryba Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
Thank you very much for the request!
Thank-you dear friend! by vafiehya  
XUranusX Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018
BuffydaSLAYAH17 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just a quick question, what are K-18 pics? I tried looking it up on google but all that came up was some pills/drugs or something.
XUranusX Featured By Owner Edited Apr 8, 2018
k-18- pics are like nacked arts or like arts where is blood or coree themed. arts what should not  show to kids. :)
Snowfox-Angel Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm... Im not sure. I will have to try and find out from the group founder - thanks for asking
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I've been wondering the same thing... what does it mean? :<
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XUranusX - are you able to help?
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Martith Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I'm sorry, but as I've become highly busy with my life, I can't be a co-founder of the group anymore. I'm still gonna stay the member, but as I'm owner of many groups, I need to say "bye" to some of them. But it doesn't mean "farewell", so if anything, I'm still open for helping :huggle:
Snowfox-Angel Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No worries - thank you so much for your support :D
XUranusX Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017
aww thats fine. you can still be co- founder ^^ if you have seen. im busy too. so you dont have to "quit" that co-founder. ^^ i understund. 
but if you really feel this i will understund. :) 
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