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technorganic XL by Fluffy-The-Watcher technorganic XL by Fluffy-The-Watcher

For now Last but Certainly not least. XL

Species Techarillo

Age 110(around 23)

Abilities: Extreme durability. Acute hearing, ability to consume fuels. Advanced mechanical  and weapons knowledge, Almost no survival instinct.

The illegitimate child of XR’s father, XL was born with many benign yet disfiguring mutations and slight mental defects. He was placed in a home for disabled children. Yet despite the excellent care and numerous visits from his father. XL felt nothing but jealousy for his younger half brother XR. Who unlike him grew up with his family. With this seed of darkness within him XL turned to crime. 

While not the smartest cookie XL is utterly uncontested with knowledge of mechanics and weapons and can jury rig weapons and amour out of practically anything. 

Starting small with petty crimes, XL soon grew into the galaxy’s most notorious technology thief. All the while keeping his identity a secret. Only revealing himself when he learned of his brother joining star command. With his target in sight. XL set out to get his revenge on XR and all who his brother holds dear.

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November 26, 2016
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