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XR Technorganic au by Fluffy-The-Watcher XR Technorganic au by Fluffy-The-Watcher

Welp been thinking, worrying and procrastinating for a long time but here it is.

My Blosc Technorganic au. First up XR.

Species: Techarillo

age 98 (about 20 in human years)

Abilities: Extremely durable, able to survive extremes that would kill most other species. Ambidextrous, Expert double wielder. Vast technical knowledge in both programming and mechanics. Acute hearing.Extendable prehensile tail. Can consume fuels, only need to breath once every 48 hours. Has port in back of neck allowing him to hack and/or download information from computers directly with his brain.

Son of a senator XR was drafted along with Mira, though unlike her he only made it to level 8 on the training deck. Despite his large flaws XR has great potential. While weak at hand to hand. XR is an almost unbeatable marksman. Along with his technical wizardry and his species unique ability to literally take a grenade to the face and live. Xr has the makings of a great space Ranger.

With Xr’s bio out the way some Techarillo facts  quirks:

Techarillo’s can live to be over thousand years old

Techarillos can retract their head and limbs (sans tail) and partially roll into a ball. Nudity is not as taboo with them as with most species.

 Their skin and fur is durable as terillium and their shells are like armourillium plating.

 Being a techno species Techorillo’s can hear and speak the secret signal language that robots and other technorganics use.

 Techarillo Names are extremely long thus they shorten them to the first letter in their first and second names. There is also a tradition that they share the first letter with their father and the second letter with their mother.

Example: Father NB Mother TU child NU.

They also generally have on child per pair. If another is born or they have twins The children will be numbered. Such as NU-1 and NU-2 ect

Despite their ability to consume fuels Techarillos are technically herbivorous. 

Lastly Techarillos are dual sexed.(both male and female organs) The only real difference between male, female and neutral are they’re voice pitch (which they can change whenever they want). When having children, no matter what their gender the one who gave birth is referred to as the mom.

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Glad you like him.
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