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Daleks Updated: Emperor Xeno
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Published: January 29, 2019
The one to start it all. Xeno. The first Dalek to choose his own name. The first to rebel. The first New Kaled.

Originally a loyal leader of a dalek conquest army, sent far from Skaro. Xeno experienced many things. Triumphs, tragedies and once in a lifetime experiences. 
Having experienced so much the seed of doubt was planted. Was the Dalek way really how all should be. Thus Xeno began to question his loyalty.
Secretly Xeno began researching multiple history files, for what He didn't know. The more he read the more cracks became apparent in the so called "perfection" of the Daleks.
The straw that broke the camel's back however. Was when his chief scientist gave him the top secret designs for new travel machines. To his horror Xeno discovered that these new machines would essentially be prisons to their users, their bodies manipulated to never leave, their minds made ever loyal. This was the last straw Xeno knew, he needed to leave the daleks, how didn't matter. His army was more than just his loyal underlings, they were his friends, his family and he was a blighted thall to let this horror happen to any of them.

It was surprisingly easy to sway his army and two others to abandon the dalek way. Despite his relative youth of only 1586 Xeno was a brilliant and charismatic leader. Thus with his armies in tow. Xeno did the most possibly suicidal thing a kaled mutant could do. He rebelled against the daleks and created the New Kaleds.
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