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TwoKinds - Mike2

By fluffnight
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This is Mike from :icontwokinds:'s (Tom's) online comic TwoKinds. Go check it out!

Well, here's the second of 3 fanarts for TwoKinds. Originally that black bar across Mike's boobs weren't supposed to be there, but they kept bugging me.. So I put them there. (Something was off.)

Out of the three pictures, this is my least favourite, but oh well. I still got it done. The hair behind the right shoulder (his right shoulder, not the viewer's) is kind of strange, and the ears look like part of the hair as well.

Not to mention the arms and hands..ARG! I just can't draw. Oh well, I still hope you enjoy. The last one will be done..soon....

Also, I haven't put this under 'mature content', but if you suggest I should, then I shall.

Mike (c) *Twokinds (Tom)
Art (c) ~fluffnight (Me!)
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© 2007 - 2021 fluffnight
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This should have been his real design! It's way better!
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Ha ha, well, if he was originally female, there would be no amusing side story.
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That dark Basitin magic.... poor Mike... lol, good one :thumbsup: the censor is funny I admit it lol :rofl:
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Thanks! XD;; Yeah, poor "Basitin magic". Ha ha!

Originally there wasn't a censor there, but the boobs looked gawd awful, I just HAD to add it!

I just LOVE drawing Mike, he's so fun to draw!
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teehee, censorship is funny XD i lurve the way the colours fade into black and how bright they are... very pretty... and... the black line is so funny, haha... XD
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Ha ha. I was originally going to just leave her boobs flopping out, and have it as a "mature content", but I was being bothered so much by how stupid her boobs look that I took Gemma's adivce of hiding it. (So to speak..I mean, I didn't give her a "No Face mask", but potato

I'm getting better at the color fading thing! I'm sure by the next picture, I'll have it made!
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Haha, yes, that's a great way to make things dissapear that don't work with you XD the picture is really cute, though the poor thing doesn't seem so happy.. (well, yes, I guess she has ever reason to as she lost her clothes! O O ) Love once more the soft colors and how you done the black parts. Good art! :heart:
fluffnight's avatar
Yes, she is quite sad. I have one more picture of her sadness. (Because in the comic, she was originally a he, but got magically turned into a girl!) But I shall soon draw a picture with her smiling...and with clothes on. Ha ha.. (without clothes are so much easier, because I'm lazy...)

Ha ha, yeah, I think I'm starting to get the hang of doing the black parts. XD;; I'm using the similar idea when I color Avarin's hair, now.
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Auww the poor thing, so much sadness ;O; And right he is to be sad to be turned into a girl.. o_o Kailan (from TBD online comic) is very sad about it too XD hahah. you did great at drawing her! *O*
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Ha ha, thank you, thank you! :heart:
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