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TwoKinds - Mike

By fluffnight
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This is Mike from :icontwokinds:'s (Tom's) online comic TwoKinds. Go check it out!

I had wanted to draw fanart for TwoKinds for a while, and I finally got to. Originally, I was going to draw Natani, but I suck at drawing snouts..and then Mike was turned into a girl..and well, I just HAD to draw him. Aww, poor Mike.

Anyway, I drew 3 pictures of Mike in three days (one on each day) during the last week of school. I'll get the other two done soon. (In terms of coloring.)

Well, Tom, I hope you enjoy this fanart, and the ones to come...soon..hopefully. XD;;

Also, I haven't put this under 'mature content'...since nothing's "showing". But just a quick note, the other two pictures of Mike will be mature. XD;

Mike (c) *Twokinds (Tom)
Art (c) ~fluffnight (Me!)
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its cul wish i could draw like that its very nice
fluffnight's avatar
I wish I could draw like that too. Lol, derp!
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aw, it's purdy, tammy :D i like the pose, it's very unique, and it's got good expression :3 and i like the colouring, too... the way the colour fades into black is neat. ^^
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Great work ^^ I like it. Thank you very much for the fanart. If I can manage to find time to update my fanart page, I'll be sure to have this one uploaded.
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I'm glad you like it! X)

And the fact that I got comment from you feels like I'm having a celeb talk to me! (Sorry, I'm a loser. Ha ha.)
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Auww the expression.. ;O; makes you wanna feed her fish! The art is done great, very nice job on the pose and the begging expression and the coloring, love how it fades into the other color. Looks great! Nice job!
fluffnight's avatar
Ha ha! I love how it fades into the other color too. I was like, "WHOA!" when I did that.
I'm glad you like the pose, took me a whlie to get it looking okay.
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