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You're The Best..

All of my tears.

Flash CS5
7 hours

MLP:FiM © Hasbro
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loyal as she be, is not a surprice!
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if yall knew what end of the internet i came from you would wonder how i got here WELL let me tell you.... I dont know.....

This is still cute from where i just came from.

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were did u come from?
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1 word....Fluffies..... a thing of horror! also I came from {not safe for kids} so there is that :T
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OH i understand 
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I love the ending on this piece, very touching.
This was a little confusing, given that there's a pony actually named Pipsqueak.
Best big sister ever.
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You be like: it was made with m blood, sweat, tears, and other fluids.Mabel pines 
Me: EEEEEEEWW!Pearl Emote 38 
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Did anyone see that he used a grumpy cat shadow and a circle?
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...i will devour the souls of the people who would hurt this cinnamon roll
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come then let us devours souls
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*picks up a random person* SOULS 
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*one soul feast later*
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ugggh....i think we went to far....BUT IT FELT SOOO GOOD!
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Naaaaaaaaaw that last panel though. <3
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Whoever was bullying her seemed to have a nice hat on judging by their shadow.
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