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Princess Faust in Ponyville

A mini commission for :iconjoe-shmo-101:
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This is the best thing ever in a cartoon. The producer becomes a character which the main characters meet. 
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Wow. Beautiful. :D Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap Clap It was all thanks to her. :)
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This is awesome.... what if she appeared.... AS A GUEST CHARACTER.... what if she was introduced as a NEW ALICORN in the show, with her voice acting O.o
xXtechieruffinxX's avatar
(*cries eternally*)
oatoly's avatar
what if... she was Celestia and Luna's MOTHER!! *mindblown* (even though she sort of already is, since she created them)
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(*cries eternally x9001*)
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Series creator Fireflye (aka Lauren Faust) visits the set to discuss Season 3 with the Principal Cast.
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You mean, QUEEN Faust, right? Considering that she's pretty much Celestia's mother...
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But queens are EVUL 
Poppypetal's avatar
Nah, that's just the stereotype. 
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I second this motion.
I would be there!
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O, sure, they bow to Celestia...
Rainbow's going to poke her eye out
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Faust is best pony
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The best possible thing! /)
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I believe that she is Queen, above Princess level, Being over Celestia and Luna,
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Me too, me too!!! I want to hug Lauren!
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Really cute and awesome x3
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