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Boob Gals

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it they

Sukimi, Cassie & Mattie belong to :iconhataraki-ari:, :icontheycallhimcake:, and :iconmatsu-sensei: respectively.
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They call them, The BIG 3
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Wish Matt would dedicate more time to developing his world instead of just his characters bodies. Over the years that I've been watching him it seems that he let his world die and as a writer, that hurts me the most.

:iconimsrspervplz: Cassies proportions increase annually, so I await the fated crossover between her and High on fairydusts Samantha!

Hatarakis gal the best of the three because she physically buff. The other two are super strong too but they don't look like it so it breaks my immersion. :p
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AAAAAA guilty honestly, I used to write more story stuff for my characters and I just sorta retired from that since a buncha peeps weren't so interested.

Also also agreed Sukimi is best moo
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lovely expressions :D
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Similar to the one sworn in a peach garden between Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Sukimi, Cassie and Mattie swore an oath in a 'melon' patch.
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Three legends of huge boobs, together at last! Wonderful stuff!
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The Mother, The Daughter and The Holy Tits.

Together, they are the Holy Trinititty.
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I was thinking that's Gopnik Slayer (Goblin Slayer) when I looked at it as 1st and then I looked at description.XD
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god i wish i was in the middle of that 
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you can't handle them
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i know what i'm about son
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boob team
nice work
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The 3 musketeers :D
IdioticMuffin's avatar
More like Musketits.
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Omg I love this guy right here
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