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Somebody want this
I drew it and now I don't really want it just be sure to credit this green gremlin in the corner (aka me)

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Cartoon Network 25th Anniversary
Cartoon Network UK is celebrating its 25th anniversary by making youtube channels for classic shows. But they could do more.
:iconxxdeviantcringexx:xxDeviantCringexx 4 7




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I'm out of ideas, so here you go:

1) Pixie= Furry, hyper. Not dumb, but she acts before she thinks. (Straight, F)
2) Hazel= Furry, possible edgelord. Total weeb, doesn't like to admit it though. (Straight, M)
3) Angel= Furry, kind of a loner. People- or furries-are not her thing. She loves her sister (Pixie), though. (???, F)
4) Jasper= Demon, kinda fucked up. Dealt with years of abuse (sexual, verbal, physical), developed a very....unhealthy obsession with his current boyfriend/husband. (Gay, M)
5) Rose= Demon, also fucked up. She, for no reason, abuses her brother (Jasper) and hates his guts. If he tries to stand up, she makes sure that he gets knocked down. (Bi?, F)
6) Owen= Human, basically a puppy. He's very childlike, enjoys video games and hot chocolate. He also doesn't like to let go. (Gay, M)
7) Teagan= Demon....?, possible schizophrenic or druggie. He's kind of emotionless at times, except around his boyfriend, and an come off as insensitive. Deep down, he knows he cares. (Demisexual?, M)
8) Demi/Demitri= Human, birb lover. He's like Owen, but artistic and likes snakes and birds. Budgies and Cockatiels, specifically. (Pan, M)
9) Micah= Human, overworks himself. He believes that he has a debt to pay to the Lord, thus overworking. He doesn't cut his hair, either. (Questioning, M)
10) David Ramses= Cupid, gay queen. He's fabulous. He devotes his life to making everyone fall in love, but didn't even notice that he got shot as well. Has a nice floof and wears bandaids for no reason. (Gay, M)
11) Jack= Human, asshole and alcoholic. He REALLY dislikes people. He's kind of a bitch to everyone around him, but when you get to know him, he's sweet. Also, he's got a child who looks like him that he denies any relation to. (Bi, M)
12) Damon= Human, lowlife. He loves to sit on his ass and do NOTHING. Of course, any mention of food or his boyfriend and he'll be up faster than Jasper's anxiety. No, that's NOT his boyfriend. (Whatever he can fuck, M)
13) Helix= Mutant? Alien?, innocent as hell. He was forced to hide his looks and magenta hue from the world. He's a gorgeous being, don't get me wrong, but apparently, his parents are overprotective. He also still believes babies come from storks. (Pan (probably), M)
14) Moses= fish-boi, also innocent as hell. From a freshwater colony, it's the Little Mermaid all over again, except he wishes to live in the ocean. (Gay, M.)
15) David Church= human, dork. Slight schizophrenia and turning 14 don't go well together when you're in love. David's into a jaded 13 year old who he feels does not return his feelings. He's in for a big surprise though. (Gay, M)
16) Lucas Finch= human, jaded. Also dislikes people.Up until he meets his 14-year-old admirer, his life hasn't been as exciting as most would hope. We all die as unintelligent pladtic dolls, no question. But he changes and realizes that maybe there is hope for the human race. (Gay, M.)
17) Averie= .... (???, M.)
18) Ezra= human, basically a hoe. He doesn't mean to be a hoe, he just is. He's in a relationship, they fuck each other and he loses his feelings. Don't know why. (Gay, M)
19) Adan(Yes, it's an actual name. Spanish.): human, a walking meme. Way too into pop culture for it to be normal. Says "yes daddy" waaaay too much. Likes wearing the same jacket everyday. He was inspired by a really weird picture I drew of myself (soon to be my pfp). (Doesn't really care, M)


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Just an artist trying to spread my art!


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