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30 Best Metal Photoshop Styles

By fluctuemos

To add the style pack, double click in the .asl file and go to the “styles palette” in Photoshop. To apply the styles, just select the layer or text to use and click one of the styles on the “styles palette”.

1) These styles don’t need multiple layers to work, they work individually.
2) All these styles are 100% scalable. Go to (menu) Layer > Layer Style > Scale Effects.
Or you can access this command from the Layers palette by right-clicking on the small layer effects symbol (looks like an f) on your layer, then choosing the Scale Effects command.

Fonts names and links to download inside the pack!

The BUNDLE is comprehended by:

10 Metal Photoshop Styles
10 Metal Photoshop Styles 2of2
COLLECTION 10 Metal Photoshop Styles
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Do you ever warn people that your "DOWNLOAD HERE" link goes to a site where you have to PAY to get your stuff?.......
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Was looking at styles, amazing.. But how you talk with others...You really don't deserve to have any sales no matter how good you are.
fluctuemos's avatar
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Wow, I was headed to graphic river to buy this set until I saw the last interaction with the guy who said he didn't have the money. He may have had unrealistic expectations but if this is your job you could have handled that in a professional way instead of with a flamethrower. There was an opportunity there to be civil or even go as far as maybe offering to do a good deal for him on the side and made a customer for life who would have spoken very highly about you and your designs to other people which is the most valuable thing in business. You may really want to consider that for the future considering how many other options there are to buy from on graphic river. Having an approach like that in an open community could very well lead to a business where YOU have no money.
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Good point... thanks. But Im not a polite person... I say what I feel.

Thanks anyway
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This sucks i mean do we really need to buy it many of us don't have any money you know -_____________-
fluctuemos's avatar
Then, try to go to a mac store or a random marketplace and say the same bullshit.
If you don't have money, is not my problem. Why I have to read you?
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you're so Hungry for Money -_____- what a Loser !! start looking for a Job if you need money Fuck You Fuck You that's all you don't need to post stuff like this if you know many people here don't have many Fuck you bye 
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fluctuemos's avatar
This is my job! asshole
And people have money, you are not "the people" you are just you... a kid with a machine.
i want this style free ^^
Pompelina's avatar
Que copado, lastima que haya que comprarlo.. seria mejor poderlo descargar gratuitamente, como casi todo en deviant...
fluctuemos's avatar

En deviant solo los muestro... pero estan alojados en otro sitio. Es mi trabajo.
y si quiero descargar?? como ago?? no quiero imagen quiero el estylo para utilizar en photoshop.. ps man -.-
fluctuemos's avatar
Es un pack comercial. Tenes que comprarlo.
KuyaNix's avatar
grapic driver.. :sarcasticclap:
SilentF0RC3's avatar
but are Not Free :P
CodebreakerGFX's avatar
Wow, these are awesome!

Thank you very much! :)
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..but are not free :P
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Those aren't free, are they?
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