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what bears down
so the ursine angels saw me
soft and safe through my undoing:
put their paws in mine and held me
as i reared my roar but lost it,
wept it out our button eyes when
all the stuffing of my story
seeped out slowly from its seams.
and in dreams i wasn't lonely
when they listened to me closely,
when my fingers grazed the ceiling
whipped with love from the low bureau
i had climbed up just to touch them,
just to blow off dust like candles
that had caked along their fur --
and awake the smoke would choke me
where their waiting wingtips were.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 10 1
Heads Up!
So I’m going to be applying for college and one of the universities asked if I had a link where I could show my art. Since aside from amino this is the only social media/place I post my art that I have, I’m going to use this link because I want them to see my artistic abilities, even though I’m not applying to art school. As a result, I will be putting art that I don’t want them to see in storage, so if you have a piece of my art that you like that you can no longer see, this is why.
I will be deleting this post by the end of today
:iconmonkeeavatar:monkeeavatar 2 0
hi!! just a quick update: I GOT ANOTHER DD?!?!??!?! thank you so much, all of you, for supporting me & my work, because it makes me immensely happy.
i've been more or less on a break from dA for a while, mostly because i've been incredibly busy with school & all my obligations, but i have missed this site & the people on it very much! i'll get to be more active over winter break, so i'm excited about that, & i think i've been getting more into the poetic groove again. we'll see how that pans out.
i'm going to start going through people's work that has been sitting around in my notifications soon, but i'm getting a cold & super busy the next couple days, so i may begin somewhat slowly. however, as always, if you have any specific pieces you're proud of/want me to see, feel free to comment them down below or note me!!! i hope you've all been well, & if not, that you're finding your way there.
be safe & much love,
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 1 5
try not to miss-
peak. steady the apogee,
for if we break
or bite
all the universe will
don't claim amiss,
take me head over shadow;
so deeply incited
that waking
feels assuredly
fly on at brisk
pace, quicken each datum
until daylight
and dark night
swirl into void and
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 27 2
i've grown less
skin. left my intent
broken, expended.
since i sent
my sins to loom
the portents have
worship skims the surface
of indented corpses,
all of us incense
immense distortion
of worthy organs;
why is it anomalous
to protest?
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 5 0
forgo the door for the open window
the wind blows more bitter in late december.
all the trees have frozen to the roots, yet still
i talk to the withered bluebells & pray
for a gentle spring.
the cherry blossoms may sting, but some day
i will see their beauty
& not feel their pain.
fog drips out of my mouth & into the air
above the ground. i close my eyes
& imagine a lighthouse. sometimes
the street lights glimmer in the dark,
& i wonder who they will take next.
i remember the monsters from my closet
& under my bed.
deep violet skies smother me until
i can barely breathe, but i'm
not giving up yet.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 7 1
we bleed lake water
ur my red cream soda boy.
u've talked me off of the ledge more times
than i could count, &
i know we're growing up, but this city's
still our ghost town. we'll be haunting
this place long after everyone else has left.
i'm ok with that. i think that
u've got a heart the size of the sun.
whenever i can make u laugh,
i feel like i've won
a war.
ur one of the best causes
to fight for.
ur smile can open any door,
settle any score.
just b patient.
i promise life can b kinder.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 7 2
made to break
i wonder what
it felt like,
palmfuls of transgressions,
all of them
hallowed be
no corner of the
fallen earth.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 6 5
made to break
wrath claimed
but never expressed;
here we undress death
with calloused hands and
urgent lips. our hearts
skip over the palpitations,
no heed.
(there are five stanzas of this poem; assemble them as you see fit!)
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 3 9
confessions of an overly sensitive person lol
Wow when was the last time I wrote a journal like this on here
Anyway, there's a bunch of christmas displays up in the city so my family and i were going around the city checking them all out, 
this one display this lady is trying to take a photo of on her phone and so for the fun of it I pose in front of it and pull a face, because I can be like that, a stranger in the city has done that to me once trying to take a photo before, but this lady glares at me, REALLY glares, and says "thanks for ruining my photo" 
Wasn't expecting it, thought she would just laugh it off like i did the time when someone did it to me once, and my first thoughts afterwards were basically ones out of pure upset, SORRY for having a sense of humour, people have done that to me before and I didn't get so mad at them but okay, sorry? for trying to be funny? It's terribly difficult to take a picture on a phone?
my mum assumes the lady is just unmarried and unhappy and I don't think you can judge peo
:iconiiiisobel:iiiisobel 3 6
i'm sorry.
   i'm sorry.
        i'm sorry.
so i hear;
so i've heard <before>
when i'm gone & out
i'm not here
i hide like wet dreams
into corners;
don't want to be a paper doll
washing away in the water,
a girl made of polythene
who only fucks on false bravado
& not on love
<real love>
nothing so teenage
& desperate
i'm not here
i'm a ghost
lost underneath
your bed
covered in dust-bunnies
<goddess bunny dancing>;
the little you know of me,
the more i know of you
& please take that as you will
take me with you
i'm not here
we'll meet sooner
rather than later
& if not,
then the moment has already past
as there are no more words left to say
you frighten me, like he did;
like crowds & tornadoes do
'cause your skin folds sweet
<unlike mine>
must've been bathed in honey
before dying
<after crying>
i know you tend to walk throu
:iconlithium-cocoon:lithium-cocoon 6 1
and now i will sell it, watch me.
i’ll write an autobiography titled
           IN LOVE
SKINNY                  AMERICAN
                   AND OTHER THINGS I’M NOT
and maybe it’d sell
a few copies
                                   or many copies
     you’d get one
straight from the press
          hot and smelling like
  newly printed paper.            you’d read it
and it’d make
:iconpansydiv:pansydiv 14 11
Mature content
Someone Please Help :iconl-b-demaree:L-B-Demaree 1 0
Missing You
Missing You
I think of you all the time,
Yet my heart won’t stop hurting
For you to come back to life,
Even after you passed away
I cherish the moments we
Had every year you came
Down for Thanksgiving
And Christmas, as well
I will never forget how you
Picked on me all the time, but
Always made everyone laugh
So much, because you are
Such a loving person
And now, I am Missing You
:iconl-b-demaree:L-B-Demaree 2 0
TLP Next Gen : Dad can style hair too by mjackson5 TLP Next Gen : Dad can style hair too :iconmjackson5:mjackson5 3 0
December 8, 2018 (Journal Number 3)
I have been rather creative yesterday.  I delved into three mediums of the arts.  The first arts was painting.  I do abstract and I managed to finish three paintings  (the one below is one of them.)
As I painted that I watched the movie My Kid Could Paint That.  This is a DVD about a four-year-old that apparently created this magnificent works of abstract art that the price started small then going to the tens of thousands.  But then controversy ensued that she might have not been painting the paintings but he father (he is also a painter) did the artworks.  It is an interesting documentary but my disc (because it been used so much) is skipping majorly.  Looks like I am going to have to get a new copy.
With the painting done, I move into the next medium: photography.  I did both some outdoor and indoor.  he indoor photos feature me in my ace banda
:icontrees-i-am-among:Trees-I-Am-Among 1 0

+give me novacaine+ by Jack666rulez +lost children+ by Jack666rulez
+warning+ by Jack666rulez +BOOM+ by Jack666rulez
+lost dreams+ by Jack666rulez +jesus of suburbia 2005_2010+ by Jack666rulez

+St.JimmyXJoS+ by Jack666rulez
not mine, obviously



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So, sorry for the prolonged absences. I'm not around much. 

Ive gotta work on moving forward; getting better is hard. Pls don't worry about me though. 

Also i only go by Pink + they/them now. 

bye love you guys  
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Sorry guys im 90s trash 

Love ya 
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They/Them please

- Pink - 18 - nonbinary - soft masculine - INFP - Taurus sun - Aires moon - artist - writer - guitarist/bassist/beginner pianist - i can't sing - c-PTSD [self dx] - anxiety/social anxiety [self dx] - restricted/ disordered eating - recovering from self harm tendencies - permanently tired - i've been through hell and i'm still going - doing my best even if it's not good enough for you -

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Of A Gay Teenager's LoverConfessions of a Gay Teenager’s Lover
August 30, 2008
To his mother: Your son loves you so much. He loves to see you smile and it breaks his heart to know he made you cry. He wants you to accept him and love him like you used to. He wants you to hug and compliment me like you did his first and last girlfriend. He wishes you could see how much his heart breaks every time you turn your head away.
To his father: He loves you too. He wishes you would see him as something other than a wimp and a sissy. He wants to play basketball again with you. He wants to live underneath the same roof as you again. It hurts him worse when you call him a “fag” and slam the door in his face than when you punched him so hard in the eye, it was black for two weeks.
To his sister: He wonders how you can be so accepting and yet so close-minded at the same time. He thinks that you are slightly a coward for saying you are as liberal as you want to be and then turning away from it when your views hi
hello, heaveni.
Inhale the cold bitter brittle air;
Sharp city lights are a painful kind
of beauty.
The sun's skinny dipping in
skyscraper silhouettes but
Darling, the moon is drowning.
Buildings tear open
starry-eyed indigo, I'm
stretching out ivory fingers on
an ivory piano;
There are eighth notes buried under my
fingernails and
My voice is caught in my throat.
Faded graffiti and flickering streetlights
decay under violent violet sky;
the kids all cry
and scream to the stars that
we're not blind,
they are.
We can see the celestial from here and
maybe if we stand on tip-toes we can
touch heaven,
We all know we're one lifetime away from it
but we don't know how far that is.
Balancing on flatlines and
sleeping in hospital beds with the
Maybe this is why nobody else can see.
Hello needle,
last time you sketched ink into my skin and
this time you're pouring it into my veins.
I can't remember the last time I performed
but I know that I was terrified,
Heavy red vel
This is what we live by
The jist of life itself.
Have fun, party, you only have so many years so do stupid things, take stupid drugs, have crazy sex and never let your soul go because your body is only a physical means of carrying your mind and soul through life
As loing as nothing damages your soul do all the crazy shit to your shell as you want.
God or whoever the fuck didn't put us here to sit on our asses and
and watch the tube or read about bad news
you got a problem then fucking do something about it
you depressed then drink a fucking bottle of syrup, wipe your face, and make it better
go love someone or give someone your umbrella or whatever the hell good sumeritans do I can't fucking spell sumaritans
but go have some fun while you last. do it. go. right now. yes you. all of you. get outta here.
this is what the deciples of whoever created rock live for. the buzz the excitement the accidentally getting too drunk before a gig. but no one cares because they're all in it with you.

:heart: end song ends on lostwhere do the tears go when i weep
where do they go i cannot keep
why am i crying?
these are not chords that i can sing
every time it only stings
there's nothing in me but left to cling
to songs that, forgotten, clip my wings
and no one's been harmful
no, not to me
but why am i pouring
all i can be
it's sad that i'm rhyming
when i'm
but here i am pining
just to be
a something for those who wish not
to be
a moment in writing
but here i am not
able to think or have steady
hands and that's not the reason
i'm so weak
my heart is on fire
i just can't
the calling to darkness is
on my trail and
sniffing for flesh
that's sad and frail
and here i am shaking
with tucked-in tail
the world is hurting
and in my heart
the world is crushing
where do i start
how do all these people
fight every day
and struggle for reasons
to trudge through the fray
god willing, i sinner,
to have some say
in mercy on mercy
oh please, please
weakness is mine and i am soft
please let me save them
this grief is
coffee the beginning, beginning of time, beginning of space, beginning of life, you and him are the same.  you are the dust from the same star, the start of each other but also the end.  when you crash together, you become one another.  when that very same star dies, you are both, in turn, separated into elements that would, in time, grow and change.  that stardust becomes a soul, a long, long time from now, but until then, you are content to be, and not be, each other.  made from the same thing, but different.  your own, unique.
this is how you live your first life.  your first life is also the rest of them.
in your second life, you never meet him.
everything is fresh and green.  the animals are larger than you, and they have the same language.  communication is nothing but touch, nowadays, though your tongue is starting to wrap around things that could be words.  you know things, only a few though; we must hunt to survive; things are bett
His HandsOh, he could melt your heart just saying, "Hello". His hands were continents and you could tell he played the piano if you let him rest his hand on your closed eyes. They were restless, trembling things, but there was a hum of energy and compassion always present that coursed from his fingertips.
I was there at his performance for his father's memorial service. The song he played was from a video game, a song of departure that even had a moment reflecting the exact point at which a soul passed from this world to the next. And here those who attended sat weeping in the sudden break in music after such a tremendous crescendo.
Years after the performance, he often and fondly told me that his father would always provide suggestions on how to improve the song, and the performance at the memorial was the best he had ever played.
I was there when the doctors told him the exact moment he'd die. Funny how far along technology has come, isn't it? All he did was breathe in slowly, and out, and in

Awesome Overload by Mr-Stamp Awesome Overload 2 by Mr-Stamp LSD 3 by Mr-Stamp LSD by Mr-Stamp Le awesome by Mr-Stamp HeatWave Stamp by TrippFoxx psychedelic stamp by Seraphoid Below the Influence by lollirotfest Psychedelic Rain Stamp by No-Reason-At-All Party Stamp by No-Reason-At-All Enjoy Your Seizure :3 by ImFeelingStampity Fading Pinwheel 1 anim stamp by 1389AD Holy Shit, I'm Trippin Balls by ImFeelingStampity LSD 4 by Mr-Stamp Psychologically Screwed Over by Mr-Stamp


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