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Lost At Sea
Floating at sea; Staring at clouds.
On ruminative raft and pensive water.
Listless oars snooze beside me.
Ships sail swift on the horizon.
Drawn by ocean's nature, or force;
Who's to know?
Wherever I am, am I lost?
Or am I where I desired to be?
:iconfloydiac:floydiac 0 0
It is lonely on your own
Warmth a distant dream
Cold a faraway scream.
Familiar sand under your feet
The imprint that you know
Indifferent to your toes.
This desert is closer than home
This place where nothing will grow
Not hysteria nor woe.
:iconfloydiac:floydiac 0 3
Dim light is lost to the darkness
Black is the dawn sun
Ears are bleeding with silence
The echo of a distant gun
Lone shot scorches the sand
And glass lies in its wake
I have no choice but to continue
In the path I was ordered to take.
:iconfloydiac:floydiac 0 5
Spend Time Watching Shoelaces
Like to spend time watching shoelaces
Passes the time
Watch until the knot ties itself
Just something to do.
Funny how time flies by
When I'm watching shoelaces
Hours of idle entertainment
Doesn't change; Never gets old.
Intruging how much faster I get older
People move on past
When I am watching shoelaces
Prefer my own laces to theirs.
43" crossed, naturally
Slightly frayed at the tip
Startling how life passes you by
When you are watching your shoelaces.
:iconfloydiac:floydiac 0 3
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,
And yet presence does not hurt.
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,
And yet you feel at your worst.
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,
I say absence makes the heart grow weary.
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Tranquility by floydiac Tranquility :iconfloydiac:floydiac 0 17 TMG Street Theatre by floydiac TMG Street Theatre :iconfloydiac:floydiac 0 7
Rearranging Deck Chairs
The sun shines bright through the trees, and filters into a small study.  Andi Gorman rises from his seat, approaches the window, and snaps the blinds shut before returning to his desk.  The desk itself was littered with papers, screwed up photos, shorthand notes and charts.  The historian sighs exasperatedly, and scribbles a note on a piece of paper titled “WWI - A Personal Look,” the title of his forthcoming book, before turning to read a torn piece of a letter sent by a soldier in the trenches.
“…And now I come to the great news.  I reported at battalion headquarters, and the colonel looked in a little book and said, “You report to C Company - Captain Stanhope.”  Can’t you imagine what I felt?  I was taken along some trenches and shown to a dugout.  There was an awfully nice officer there, quite old, with grey hair and then later Dennis came in.  He looked tired, but
:iconfloydiac:floydiac 1 6
Come!  Come!  Come!  Bear witness to my battle.  Come!
Lest your blood be purged by my hand.
As wracked undertakings slander your souls
Through pregnant snide and subtle breath.
Through my ecstasy, thou shalt be judged!
Bow before me, good sir, fall to your base
My fell sword shall bestow a diadem rouge
Fleeting treasure for your last breath
Cast down your eyes...
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'I Love You THIS Much'
Kissing my face with a fist -- Red
Raging wars on dubious excuses
Error in judgement
Comets raining
Planets moving
Fuck off, I hate you!
Never to leave again
Next week.
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Of Life, Love and Organs
Shackles wrap around my arms,
Scorching my wrists with blood.
There’s much to stop me from coming to harm,
But these are the shackles of love.
My chest hurts for the care,
My heart beats to the rhythm of yours.
I need it back, I don’t think I can bear,
To see my heart scattered across the floor.
But chained I am, held to the wall,
Helpless to see it stray.
You stole it with no effort at all,
No plans to return it someday.
You are the master, I am a toy,
Retaking control is not on the cards.
For I fell for you when I was merely a boy,
But a man would not find this so hard.
:iconfloydiac:floydiac 0 4
Introspection by floydiac Introspection :iconfloydiac:floydiac 11 30
The Thief
You stole my treasure;
My gold;
Took it from behind my breast pocket.
Now you have lost it;
Careless in your possession;
Maybe I will find it again...
:iconfloydiac:floydiac 0 3
God Is Alive
God is alive, and he is out to lunch,
He has been for a span
He takes the occasional urgent call
But your prayers don't get to the man
The two that came first, they took from God's stash
This left him rather mad
He booted them right out of his flat
He had the munchies real bad
God had gone down to Celestial Fried Chicken
Variety bucket,  Divine.
He will try to be back soon, after his snack
But the guy will take his time
So, as I have said he's out to lunch
We expect he shall return
In 35 - 40 years
He wont let your question burn
You are 3rd in the queue, you lucky chap
I'll give you something to do
Listen to Stevie Wonder for now
And god'll get back to you.
:iconfloydiac:floydiac 1 7
This Bittersweet Love
This bittersweet love
Gripping the chest like a frozen wind.
Catches you off guard as such
A vast abyss appears inside
A body so heavy
Even an empty stomach
Seems made from lead
Lead like the heart
A heart used to punishment
But not this severe
Not such punishing joy
Pleasure so painful
It hurts but
I would not change it
For the land and the sea
This bittersweet love.
:iconfloydiac:floydiac 3 8
What if Heaven was a Nightclub
Queue around the corner.
Velvet rope.
Throbbing music in the distance;
Working your way nearer,
You can almost taste it!
St Peter.
Nice suit, bow tie.
Smiles slyly
“Nice uniform, sir!”
Stands aside to let dear Adolf past.
Stands tall.
FBI wannabe, earpiece included.
Frowns in slight bewilderment
“Fuck off Jesus!  No sandals!”
“Ghandi, Get lost!  Black tie tonight!  No robes!”
Ever hopeful,
You reach the front.
St Peter surveys you carefully
“No pink shirts!  Piss off!”
You are ejected from the queue.
(“Stalin!  Nice medals!  Come in!”)
Somewhat dejected.
You search for another refuge.
You have heard of a place,
But it has a poor reputation.
I think it was called Hell.
A longer queue,
But faster moving.
No dress code for this place;
And no maximum capacity.
You are allowed in.
At last!
Vodka and Coke
You join Jesus and Ghandi.
No!  The sound system plays Rihanna!
:iconfloydiac:floydiac 4 19

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Edinburgh Fringe Smoke Clears
The worlds largest arts festival has come to an end.
The Edinburgh Fringe festival 2006 closed on Monday 28th August, having sold 1.5 million tckets, it is their biggest yet!  It is claimed by that if you laid all of the sold tickets end to end, they would stretch for 140 miles!
Better yet, they have announced the dates for the next festival, which is due for 5-27 August 2007.
I urge everyone to make plans to pay it a visit next year, especially if they could not this time around.
Lets send more of the worlds largest art site to the worlds largest festival!!
If anybody is looking to perform at next years festival, a good place to start would be here:
Everyone on this site who can, should help contribute to making this festival even bigger, be that by performing, or just going along.  More from out of the UK, the better!
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Joe Coleman Gets a Retrospective at Tilton Gallery
Mr. Coleman says his obsession with religion and death goes back to his childhood. Growing up in Norwalk, Conn., he recalled, he played in the cemetery across the street, lived in fear of his alcoholic father and went to church with his mother, an excommunicated Roman Catholic. Placed in a school for disturbed children, he doodled bloody martyrs and once “confessed” to a priest that he had committed several murders.
After moving to New York in the mid-1970’s, he studied briefly and unhappily at the School of Visual Arts, before being expelled, he said, for making art that his teachers called “fascist” and “schizophrenic.” Meanwhile he drew underground comics, began to exhibit in small East Village galleries and appeared in independent films like David Wojnarowicz’s “Where Evil Dwells,” in which he was typecast as Satan.
Through the 1980’s Mr. Coleman acted out his shocking and violent cosmology in infamous performances at performin
:iconroninbearz:roninbearz 3 0
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It has been a while.  I still check dA and everything but I have not been an active member.

Currently I am confused.  The unrequested love of my life has been turned down from his uni of choice and as such will stay in the area at winch uni.  I feel bad for him.  And yet insanely happy he is still around.  And that is muddling me the fuck up.

I don't know what to think...

Art perhaps to follow.


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