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By Xeshaire
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All are able to join this group even without a Floxair.

By joining Floxies, you automatically agree to these Terms. They are here to keep everything organized and avoid consequences!
Violating the terms will result to banning you from the group, you get 3 warnings total before a ban, please respect the Admins and discus things in a civil manner should there be a conflict.
For any questions, comments or concerns please contact the group by note and we will reply to your message as soon as we can!

General Rules
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1. Artworks that include Floxies should be credited to Xeshaire, or tag the group Floxies. (Use @/Username without the /)
2. Be courteous to others. Any form of harassment will not be condoned.
3. Only Floxair-related submissions will be accepted to the group.
4. Do not harass admins in any shape or form, this includes trying to get them to respond to you faster.

Leaf Button by FloxairLairFloxair Rules Leaf Button by FloxairLair

1. Floxies are a Semi-Closed Species
- You may create a Floxair ONLY with common traits.
- Other traits can be purchaced in the caravan for Blessing Currency by FloxairLair Blessings.
2. Once you obtained a Floxair, you may use as you like. (artwork, literature, crafts, even NSFW content is fine too.)
3. Can not be used for commercial use unless YOU designed it.
4. Please notify HERE if you create or obtain one, this helps us  keep track of everything!

Leaf Button by FloxairLairTrading and Re-selling Leaf Button by FloxairLair

1. Do not obtain a Floxair if it's not on the Masterlist. It must be registered under its owner for it to exchange ownership.
2. Do not resell for higher than you bought it for unless additional artwork was added since bought.
4. To transfer ownership; Have the current-owner comment HERE with the new owner. The new owner must confirm with a reply.

Leaf Button by FloxairLairPrompts Leaf Button by FloxairLair

1. Only registered Floxies to the masterlist are able to participate.
2. Keep prompt entries relevant to prompt
- Make sure your prompt entry is in the correct folder
- Minimum requirement must be reached to receive rewards.
3. Monthly prompts can only be entered once.
- Seasonal events can be entered once per prompt, mini prompts can be entered for each Floxair.

Leaf Button by FloxairLairMYO Leaf Button by FloxairLair

1. Make-Your-Own Floxies are free to make
- Must have ONLY common traits.
- Uncommon, Rare, and Mythical traits can be bought at the caravan for Blessing Currency by FloxairLair Blessings.
2. Post your MYO HERE for approval
- If you are commissioning another artist to help you with the design, please credit and post to link above.

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Any inquiries about the Floxies species can be asked HERE.
This will be updated as the group progresses.

How do I obtain a Floxair?
You can create your own with common traits, or check out the adoptable folder for available Floxies!

How do I determine the traits and rarity of a Floxair?
You can check out all the traits and their rarity [here]. The more rare/mystic traits are added the rarer they are. If it is unclear what column it falls under, feel free to ask.

Can I draw a Floxair feral or anthro?
Yes and no. Your Floxair will need to obtain a transformation potion to go from one to the other. These are obtainable at the Caravan.

I adopted my Floxair from the previous owner, do I have to re-register them?
To the masterlist, no, they will need to comment  HEREyou're the new owner. For events you will need to create a new journal entry for registry.

How many times can I enter the monthly prompts? What if I do a written and drawn entry?
Each prompt is different, what ever the prompt asks for is what you need to enter. Make sure your entry is in the correct folder for each prompt.
Example: Prompt requires a written entry only; you will enter just a written entry only.

Can I change the species?
Yes. If you don’t like the species anymore you can change them to what ever species but let us know so we can remove it from the masterlist.
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