Group rules:
1. Be kind and friendly! Please leave negativity elsewhere but not here!

2. The group is open for anyone to join. You do not need a Floxair to join the group.

3. Everything that goes into this group must be Floxair related. So please refrain from non-Floxair artwork in the gallery folders.

4. Do not trace artwork, this is a general rule to all groups. Don't claim artwork that's not yours!

5. Should you break any major rules, the character will still be yours but will be blacklisted from the masterlist, it will be considered an "outcast" that is not welcomed to the group anymore.

Species rules:
1. Floxies are a closed species, you are not allowed to make your own. They're only available through adoptions or customs.

2. Once you obtained a Floxair, you may use as you like. (Artwork, literature, crafts, even NSFW content is fine too.) But may not be used for commercial use.

3. You may change the design, but please credit the original designed for the work! The traits cannot be changed.

4. Please credit the species in deviations so other people can find the group! Generally crediting with @/Floxies (without slash) is enough! This helps the community to grow!

5. You may trade, gift and resell your Floxair. But do not sell it for more than you bought for unless it comes with extra artwork.
If your Floxair has a new owner please notify me to update the masterlist!

6. Co-owning is okay! However I'm only listing the original owner to the masterlist, I will not deal with "drama" involving co-owning so please do this at your own risk.

7. Please keep the species as is. If you wish to transfer the design to a different species then I will alter the original design and sell it.
This means please do not add breasts, extra limbs or other things that do not belong to the species.

Please follow my general design/adoption rules here:…
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