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At this time this group is under WIP. All Admins are working
hard to get everything looking good. Thank you for your patience. New Events and traits will be on there way to you.

Floxies are an egg-laying mammal living in various regions. Some have stayed feral while others developed intelligence to walk bipedal and live in tribes. Ferals live in packs but can live on their own if they’re an outcast. A pack of Floxies is also known as a flux!

They are omnivores and their diet ranges from fruits, veggies, fish, insects, and even meat. They prey mostly on smaller mammals unless the flux has a strong member to take down larger animals and feed everyone in the group.

Floxies are very social with each other and tribes have been seen braiding eachother’s fur and style their mane differently similar to a hairstyle. They help each other out when in need and can live in crafted huts or treehouses.

Floxies are a semi-open species created by Xeshaire
Only common traits are available, the rest is through adoption or doing prompts!

"Coming soon"

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Mid-Summer Prompts
This Event is Active : Starts June 7th, 2020
End date: June 27th, 2020 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time
As the wind shifts from the west the smell of ashy oak wafts the air. You get closer and see a small burst of smoke at the base of this tower of large trees leaning against one another. You see many vendors around the pile with different sweets, meats, and activities that everyone can join. An ash covered anthro that is kneeling by the base of the trees gives out a sneeze and looks over to you. With excitement he quickly gets up to greet you.
“Hello there! Welcome to the festivities! Wait, you do not know what Mid-summer is? Come join us and you will see!”

Submit Midsummer Prompts here:

*Must have a Floxiar to do these prompts. If you do not have one you can create one by following the information HERE*
Event image : Floral Crown
How would you decorate your crown for the festival? Flowers? Fruits? Ribbons? Feathers even? Find what catches your eye and make the best festival crown you can!
Event Image: Celebration
How would you enjoy the festivities? Maybe you go out and try ever game available or maybe just sit under a tree and watch the festivities from afar. Show us how you celebrate the Mid-Summer Festival!
Event Image: Sweet Cake
What kind of food or sweets would you help yourself to? Perhaps you dine on some berries and a pie? Or some fine meat and sweet ale, what will you dine on under the mid-summer’s heat?
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Draw to Enter Event

DTE Adopt
This lovely Adopt is up for DTE (Draw to Enter). Down below will be prompts that you can draw for the character to get a chance to win them, each person is allowed 1 entry per prompt. You MUST submit your entries for each prompt’s specific time frame.

Rules of the DTE:

-Entry must be in the DTE Folder to be counted
-You do not need to own a Floxair (new people welcome)
-The art must be a Full Body
-Can be Digital or Traditional
-The submission needs to have a Background to be counted as an entry (For-ground, Mid-ground, Background)
Week 1 Prompt: 6/7 - 6/13
" This Food is delicious! Did you make it? "
Week 2 Prompt: 6/14 - 6/20
" Care to dance with me? "
Week 3 Prompt: 6/21 – 6/27
" The stars are beautiful tonight "
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Mid-Summer Prompt Blessings Calculated:

Headshot: 5 Blessings
Bust: 10 Blessings
Full Body: 15 Blessings
Additional Character(s): 5 Blessings each
Special Adopt Appearance: 10 Blessings(does not apply for DTE Prompts)
Depth: 5 Blessings (For-ground, Mid-Ground, Background)
Shading: 5 Blessings
* You will also receive blessings for the DTE prompts same to the totals above *
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