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By FlowisKing
Forgot to sub this a while back, supposed to be a work for a local cafe back here, but somehow they dont liek it.
its divided into 5 parts coz of the previous brief from the client, to do a 5 large print for their wall decoration. its was for sorta romantic themed cafe.
never did find a good title for this, until couple of mins ago while listenin to temper trap's song.

Thanks shar for the DD :iconchewedkandi:


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harmony-world's avatar
reminds me of that yellow tail commercial.
Kinda jet sety but funky and relaxed.....I dunno how to explain it, but I like it!
MeChan25's avatar
lol 1st time i looked at it i thought it was a puppy face XD
ZephyrTheKid's avatar
Really interesting! I'm lovin' its charm.
SAHA90skid's avatar
I was too awestruck at first to even notice that it was two faces!
rice-chex's avatar
Seriously how could they not like this, it's so cool! the flow is amazing and I love how it turns into little landscapes of sorts. I guess it doesn't make me think or feel romantic though :| but I still love it
noperson's avatar
it should be an honour for any cafe to have this hanging on their walls!
this is areally unique drawing. I love the style of it.
gunboundmasta's avatar
Very well done. Hard to believe this wasn't used at the cafe.
Syarette's avatar
Why they didn't like it? It's wonderful~
alexandrasalas's avatar
This is a pretty awesome concept. And it looks great hanging on a wall. Congrats on the DD, definitely deserved.
Pluffers's avatar
I love the contemporary nature of it! Very nice, very modern
batmantoo's avatar
Wonderful shared dreams. :)
Tjoepoe's avatar
Always The Best!!! :headbang:

Manstap sekaliiii!!! :D
TraceLandVectorie03's avatar
similikiti bala balaaaaaaaaaa!
sk8terpunk101's avatar
breathtaking, om samuel... :wow:
Methodologi's avatar
Love it, great work!
bayu85's avatar
yes a #GG song!
Msch's avatar
DOPE! And sweet disposition is such an inspiring song:)
dhimas's avatar
3ahia's avatar
this is WOW!
crezo's avatar
that's brilliant! They're idiots ;)

Love the colours and flow. Sick stuff sir!
encoretheangel's avatar
If I were the client, maybe I would vote the same, No... coz I think this is lil bit "abstract" I don't get the point of romace and this doesn't illustrates the cafe imo.
ah, it happends to me too... you're not alone :)
Raven30412's avatar
awesome man, i wonder why don't they like it, it would fit cafe perfectly.
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