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story of the year > 2008

last one from me for this fun year, its a lil piece o story from my side throughout 2008. :)

well, hope y'all have a great 2008 too, and i wish y'all the best for 2009.



p.s Super Limited Edition Print will be available at january '09 , :heart:
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You should sell prints! these are sick
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freaky but love it!
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mmm I want to ask your permission to print your image on a shirt, please, I really like your picture.
this shirt is for personal use and I have no desire to make money with your art.
in that shirt would just link to your page "DA" to give you credit for being the creator

and so ... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

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wow, I love abstract...the colors, the images, the message it brings...
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wonderful cool composition! i also like the combination of green and black! :love:
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why thanks so much, have a nice day :)
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DEWAAAAAA sekaleee!
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this is amazing dude!
did you do this with photoshop?
what up wid it... how do i get at you for some business questions
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super sadistic! :thumbsup:
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This is beautiful! There's so much detail in here, I can't stop looking.
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this is frickin sweet work, nice one
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Kreasimu ciamik banget...:)
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tapi masi lebih keren motorcross nya si mas :)
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h3x nyambung bgt :)
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amazing, I love the crazy style :D
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Great Work,
Keep it Up.,

Please contact me, I would like to buy the vector artwork for this piece.
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