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Mai Shiranui


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I love that her top can barely hold on to her boobs :heart:

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Very nice. How the hell does Andy resist Mai? Christ,most guys on here want to do her six ways from Sunday.
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Nice soft shading *.*

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Thicc thighs save lives
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And smartphones ;)

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I would like to commission you for a full body portrait if you have availability

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Let's see if this time she'll win over the stubborn ninja master Andy Bogard.

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Mai Shiranui must be using a special type of ninpo to keep those large tits inside of her provocative crimson attire. Can she even wear bras that can confortably fit those large boobs? Is she wearing panties underneath? I am just asking the important questions. Mai is always incredibly alluring no matter what she does and wears. What a truly stunning curvy and healthy figure she has. Mai loves to entice and arouse men and women alike by exposing as much skin as possible. You have perfectly mastered drawing Mai Shiranui in such a flattering and goregous manner. Keep up the always stellar work you provide everyone here on this site,Flowerxl.

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let's just hope her outfit is able to keep those jugs from spilling =P

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Everybody's first lady of Boob Physics.

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So hot! Wish the flap covering her pussy was thinner so we could see some pubes or see the outline of her pussy but still sexy af 🥵
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My favorite fighting game female!

Super work!!!!
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She looks absolutely gorgeous! This is truly beautiful work! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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Wow, she's beautiful!!
this one looks really good i love the depth you added to the background

Se o SNK fosse realista os peitões da Mai Shiranui estariam sempre caindo para fora da roupa, mas só resta esperar que um dia os desenvolvedores do jogo admitam o óbvio e corrijam com mais nudez da personagem.

Mai's so hot she needs that fan to cool everything down.

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