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COMMISSION: Princess Peach II

Commission 2/2 for :iconlenails:

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So cute and so hot 🥵🥵🥵

soo hot i want boobs

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Me : *Staring at her dress and her breasts...*

"Oh my... °////° Hum... W-Was I a little early that that cake party?"

(RPable if you play as Peach only.)

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Peach: oh um, no you’re fine. *realizes my bust is showing and starts to blush a little* so um, how was your day?

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"It was really bad until I got there, n-no gonna lie."

*I blush more as I enjoyed the view, but started to look slightly away...*

"Pardonnez moi, your Majesty. -////-;;"

gothiclismmm's avatar

Oh, and why might that be? If you don’t mind telling me of course. *my dress starts to slip down more but I try To keep it pulled up* (and sorry if I respond late)

GUILLOU666's avatar

(It' ok, don't feel bad about it ^^.)

"Well, ju-just that little time I could spend with you feels good to me somehow, your Majesty ^///^."

*I blush as my eyes struggles to not look at her cleavage...*

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oh. I shall take that as a compliment then hehe. *I see your eyes slowly start to drift and i start blushing as my dress slips down more, so close to revealing my nipples*

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"No problem then... Hum..."

*I turn my head away to not look at the worst timing coming, I ask you shyly...*

"B-By the way, will the others come soon...?"

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Hmm, I'm not sure honestly. I would hope so. It wouldn't be the same without them.

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if this is what Mario sees, I get his urgency to save her.
vocaloid48's avatar
Thanks again for sharing the very beautiful princess peach 
aw~! so cute and sexy~
kittngore's avatar
yeah this isnt the best ?? your anatomy and proportions are kinda shit , no offence . also , the face looks too masculine , and nobody's chin is that pointy .
WolfNarancia's avatar
bettter than ur art tho
kittngore's avatar
haha fuck you youre trying to make me feel bad but i already know my arts shit !! middle finger emoji  
WolfNarancia's avatar
why fuckn make fun of theirs then bc their a titty artist.

and yeah your art is so fucking shit you should just delete it aallll and no one will ever like it, its garbage uwu
kittngore's avatar
fuck you !! i actually have plenty of fans !! and i dont give a damn if its bad or not because its a side hobby and i plan on being an author when i grow up . also youre one to talk . your art is waaaay off . the arms are too skinny , the neck is too long , the shading is flat, etc. 
WolfNarancia's avatar
yes it was a joke
and it still sucks lol

also the arms and neck are proper 
and its not a detailed picture nr is it colloured so of course its flat uhm 

but my art is still better than urs fuckn furfag
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