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DANG! You must be the most famous person on DeviantArt!

can you create a rosalina gif with her pulling down her skirt top to show her boobs

When will comms be available

Hello to everybody who visits this page! I'm here to make something of a public apology. About a week or so ago, I raised a bit of a stink on some of Flowerxl's art posts, claiming that his posts were AI generated, as for some reason they all falsely pinged positive for AI artifacting in the 'Hive AI Image Detection Model'

In fact, it wasn't so much that he was (seemingly) using AI that bothered me (though I personally find AI image generation distasteful), but the fact that I perceived him as lying because in some comments he claimed to NOT be using AI to generate his images. Likewise, I felt that, if he was using AI and not being transparent about it, then any patrons he might have on patreon or followers he accrued here were being effectively scammed, similar to how one might be charged full price for a bootleg piece of merchandise.

Screenshot 2023-07-14 192517

However, a few days later, I was contacted by Flowerxl himself through private notes and he said that not only was his work not AI generated, but he had the sketches to prove that he was making his own line work. And, indeed, when plugged into the detection model, the sketches did not ping for AI content. I've been given the go ahead by Flowerxl to post some of the sketches (with NSFW bits blurred out) as proof. The number values on the right suggest that there are near 100% chances that the following sketch work is not AI generated.

I did an oopsie - sketch analysis

I'd like to apologize to Flowerxl for jumping the gun and making a fool of myself all over his gallery, as well as apologize to those who were misled by my aforementioned reactionary gun-jumping.

In the end, while I'd like to put the blame on parasitic AI programs, the people who made them, and the people who use (read:misuse) them, and how we live in such confusing times where we cannot reliably tell what is real and what isn't, I am ultimately responsible for having been so reactionary.

Ultimately, I screwed up by not seeking to speak to Flowerxl directly FIRST before going and making claims that ultimately misled people and caused at least a couple to unfollow/unsubscribe from him. Hopefully I haven't caused too much damage, and hopefully if people come around looking for information about whether or not Flowerxl is using AI programs, they will see this comment and realize that he is not.

Sadly, as people say, a rumor makes it halfway around the racetrack before the truth can even come out the gate, so despite my efforts to reach out to people and clarify the situation, I'm sure I've caused some people to silently unfollow/unsub and have no way of knowing how to contact them. For any damage I ultimately did to Flowerxl's reputation, I deeply apologize.

Thanks to Flowerxl for being such a polite and chill dude about it when I was being foolish.

You don't need to apologize, because you're the one being fooled here!

Showing lineart or sketches is very easy! you can do this after the image is done! That's what these dishonest artists do!

I've already identified others like this! You know what they never show? the RENDERING PROCESS! They never record, because there is no rendering process! They just put the sketch with basic colors into any AI app like Stable Diffusion or Niji and that's it!

Recording the process is preatty easy! And there are some drawing apps that already have this function, like Clip Studio Paint or Procreate! So why can't they do this and show the world that they are innocent after changing their style so suddenly?!

Random thought, but any chance using something like Glaze or Mist might cause an AI positive?

Happy belated Birthday.