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Henna Tree Shoulder


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Henna Tree Shoulder


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Henna Tree Shoulder


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NY Comic Con With Captain America and Nick Fury


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Hybrid Car Web Interface


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Whirlpool Hoops


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Jennifer colored

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Fiona for aneiryu


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2D design 2

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Masako - Avatar OC

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Sparrow Sketch

Teen Titans G2

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Longing for home

The World in the Walls

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This is my cute face

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Of Light and Shadow

Of Light and Shadow Long ago humans did not know of the struggle the immortals kept.  The Light and the Dark fought for the hearts and minds of all. On earth they brought down minions to sway, the Dark sent ten demons to earth, the Light just one being. The Dark being deceitful enabled each of his demons to create others as they kill. Not to be duped the Light gave the ability to their being to be reincarnated as they die, in a new form each time. The stage is set and now we forward to the modern era: -------------- Vampires are all in the media, not as killers but as fantasy characters in movies, books and in the minds of every

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Winter Spirit

War of Seasons

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Clearece - new

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Tent at the NYS Balloon Fest


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