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Henna Hand - Masala Hands

Got a new design book from :iconjennysmehndi: so decided to try out a pattern from it.


If you like this now just wait for the stain, which I'll post in a day or two!

Thank you for all the favs and positive feedback!!

Image where design appears black is where the henna paste is still on

- Black henna is dangerous and can cause serious scaring, never get henna that is marketed as Black Henna!

-All my Henna is natural and never black!

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Now that is one very cool design!
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This is stunning!! It looks so exotic and carefully crafted out. Beautiful work! :squee:
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Oh thank you so very much! :glomp:
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Wow, that must take ages. D:
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Not as long as you'd think!
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This is so beautiful. I wish I knew someone who could do this to my hands. I can't myself, my hands shake too much and I can't grip things well enough.

You did a -marvelous- job, and I can't wait to see the stain!
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Why thank you! If I lived close to you i would do it!
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You're most welcome! That's sweet of you to say, too, the sentiment is appreciated. :3
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Awesome. I had a friend do that, and I personally think it's so beautiful! <3
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Thank you much appreciated!
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Your welcome!(:
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beautiful...i love henna...:D
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That is really cool :D
JennysMehndi's avatar
Looks good ;)
I am working on a second book at the moment ;)
flowerwills's avatar
Oh your designs are so beautiful, would definatly get the second book.

Thanks for the comment I appreciate it!
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