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Full Bloom by Shnel by flower-club Full Bloom by Shnel :iconflower-club:flower-club 2 0 Flower by Searogim by flower-club Flower by Searogim :iconflower-club:flower-club 6 0 Purple daze by engridearty by flower-club Purple daze by engridearty :iconflower-club:flower-club 1 0 Plumeria Rubra by black-veil by flower-club Plumeria Rubra by black-veil :iconflower-club:flower-club 2 0 Botanic Set by Rmwilliam by flower-club Botanic Set by Rmwilliam :iconflower-club:flower-club 2 0 falls violet by Photograph-er by flower-club falls violet by Photograph-er :iconflower-club:flower-club 0 0 Pastel Peregrination by acute by flower-club Pastel Peregrination by acute :iconflower-club:flower-club 5 0 Allure by adeb1113 by flower-club Allure by adeb1113 :iconflower-club:flower-club 4 0 Trumpet Lily 4 by andras120 by flower-club Trumpet Lily 4 by andras120 :iconflower-club:flower-club 3 0 Zest by HappilyInsane by flower-club Zest by HappilyInsane :iconflower-club:flower-club 1 0 Disturbator by cibinsh-3lc by flower-club Disturbator by cibinsh-3lc :iconflower-club:flower-club 0 0 Summer Colours by game-breaker by flower-club Summer Colours by game-breaker :iconflower-club:flower-club 0 0 AMOR by Shum23 by flower-club AMOR by Shum23 :iconflower-club:flower-club 1 0 somebody's ME by nono-suka by flower-club somebody's ME by nono-suka :iconflower-club:flower-club 0 0 Magnolia Blossom 4 by flower-club Magnolia Blossom 4 :iconflower-club:flower-club 2 0 Brilliance by theElvenSheep by flower-club Brilliance by theElvenSheep :iconflower-club:flower-club 1 0


:new: A club just for photographers!!!
:new: Zoo-photographers   :new:
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you my new club, Zoo-photographers :Iconzoo-photographers:.
:sun:It is our mission to bring together all the beginner, amature, and professional photographers who have a passion for zoo photography. Unfortunately, many of us do not have the money or the time to go on a wild adventure safari; therefore, a zoo is the next best thing.
:bulletgreen:   Joining is simple, just watch the club and we will add you within 24 hours!
:bulletgreen:  You can submit up to 3 photos a week. And we will have special "Submit all you want" weekends, pre-planned by the staff.

We are new. So it is a work in progress :D We will be adding:
-a list of all members
-monthly competitions with fun little prizes
-a list of all the zoos in the world, and the photography advantages of the zoo
-weekly features
-Much more! I would love to hear your ideas.

:dance: Please t
:iconzoo-photographers:Zoo-photographers 16 8
I've Been Ripped!
straightfromcamera posted a journal about the work of some deviants being posted on Flickr.  In his journal, my name appeared.  I was aware of these copyright infringements prior but had never chosen to act on them.  I got curious as to how to get these images removed.  It's not quite as easy as you would think, but here's the info you need along with a template to use to contact Yahoo!, Inc.
Visit this page on Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy to find out how to act on infringments -> !  Please be certain to read this page thoroughly before you make your report.
Here's how you may contact copyright agents:
By mail
Copyright Agent
c/o Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
By phone
(408) 349-5
:iconequivoque:equivoque 242 169
What is Macro Photography ? A Trivia in #macroART

What is Macro Photography ? A Triivia in #macroART on February 9th, 2008

(Brought to you by shuttermonkey & hellfirediva)
Lots of educating in Macro photography has been done over the past months,covering many topics about what Macro photography is and what is needed to venture in the world of Macro. If you haven’t followed those journals and news you can find all articles here : Macro Photography Links & FAQs
So with that said we want to test your knowledge on the subject of Macro Photography. On February 9th between 3 and 6pm EST we will be having a contest/ trivia in #macroART. The trivia will be starting at 3pm promptly and will consist of 20 questions. The questions will be issued every 5 minutes until all 20 questions have been presented. The first three deviants to sen
:iconhellfirediva:hellfirediva 84 27
Water Drops
Lately i've been noticing a lot of photos featuring water drops has been really popular, as i'm sure everyone wants to have ago, as it's easy and can bring out some very awesome results :D
I've browsed around to find a huge selection of awesome water drops!
Enjoy :D
Nothing is Forever by I-Heart-Photo :thumb59253840: Drop of love by MiniboyJim :thumb58285144: :thumb55244009: :thumb52574342: Floating Mirror II by thrumyeye ::the reflection:: by onixa Valentine heart by Finvara - - - - by alexciel Cloud 9 by phykia ::night lights:: by onixa Feather Tear by green-fram-day Arctic Blue by Preludium ::Solar System:: by onixa :thumb74650896: Plumes - II by Fr0zenIllusi0n :thumb74650295: :thumb74457972: :: Heart' :: by Liek :: Drop of love :: by Liek .Reflection. by Doodoox
Round and Round by Finvara :thumb68424582: :thumb69049304: Fe + H2O by pioni-sensei Last of the Morning Dew by Blackmoon2001 ::FRAGILE:: by onixa :thumb74364655: Genesis CH. 1 V. 32 by werol .Drop. by Doodoox Happy New Year by ninazdesign :: Purple' :: by Liek The Cradle by ninazdesign :: Soaked wishes'' :: by Liek Cradled Droplet by Sonny2005
:icontwitis:twitis 101 80
Polaroid Shutting Down 2 Massachusetts Facilities
"Polaroid Corp., the Massachusetts company that gave the world instant film photography, is shutting down its film manufacturing lines in the state and abandoning the technology that made the company famous."
:iconequivoque:equivoque 71 85
The end of Polaroid film. The end of an art?
60 years have passed since a strange guy called Edwin Herbert Land started something that has changed the photography world, it was the first Polaroid istant camera. Since that day, thousands of kids, adults, photographers, artists and wannabe's had snapshotted the world, and now all that could be come to an end!
After 60 years the Polaroid Corp. is exiting the film business and closing plants in Massachusetts... no more istant cameras, no more istant films...
Does it also means no more istant photographers?
We don't believe that!
Thanks to these great guys the polaroid world will never die and will never be forgotten.
Please read the article here:
or here (Italian version):
:iconcoloriatempera:coloriatempera 80 86
Macro Photography Trivia Winners !!!
Macro Photography Trivia Winners !!!
I must say this was a success !!! Today we had our first Trivia in #macroART, thanks to shuttermonkey who came up with this brilliant idea, and it was nice to see that many people joined and lots of fun and action was going on. Most answered their questions right after the 20 questions were over and we had winners in no time. I would like to say congrats to the winners and thank you to everyone who joined. This being such a success, I am thinking of doing it again in the future.
:trophy: First Place Winner GKmon-DORU-fanatic :trophy:
he was the first person to send in a note with all 20 answers and all correct !

Wins a 1 year subscription to deviantART
:trophy: Second Place Winner feetpeet :trophy:
:iconhellfirediva:hellfirediva 35 19
Club Feature!
Hi, dear deviants!
Today I want to begin something new: a Club-feature!
I will promote some of great Clubs of DeviantArt, because there are a lot of beautiful works and join in a Club means promote itselves and take a look to other people.
But remember: don't add to your :+fav: here! Follow the link that you find in the comments and add :+fav: there, in the Artist's page!


Happy Fish by ArtistsforAnimals
BeautifulFotography :thumb56594844:
:thumb69437917: :thumb63656480: :thumb64801939: :thumb60429907: :thumb58148866:
:thumb60219375: :thumb68196196: :thumb70238261: :thumb62899862: :thumb70718052:
:thumb56282307: :thumb58348154: :thumb64755243: :thumb66832764: :thumb64754569:
:thumb64754813: :thumb73232281: :thu
:iconamersill:Amersill 73 122
Amazing nature elements - Droplets (Part II)
Some of most beautiful photos of one of the most amazing nature elements, water droplets (some are water splashes) that I added to my :+fav: recently. Take a look, and be prepared to be inspired! Give them some of our :heart: :love:

Morning Dews by hamkahatta :: Little piece of paradise :: by Liek
:thumb69737944: :thumb69820257: pop by palominodweezil
:thumb55645974: :thumb69842572: :thumb68409044:
Blue Beauty by ninazdesign moss drops by palominodweezil drop flower filing by dini25
sun flower2 by dini25 :thumb69210199: Aurora Borealis by Preludium
:thumb68747283: :thumb67757244: Sepia leaf II by ktso
The Tree of the Drops by FarStar90 exquisite by palominodweezil Did I do That by EfishNsea
Incredible Love 2 by onixa :thumb69215897: :thumb69222564:
splash0033 by paritosh Wonderful Water 1 by AlwaysThinkingPhoto .:Perles:. by purhipnoze
Alone, I'm lonely by TW1STEDP1X The Purple Water Ball by Lord-Dip .:Energy:. by purhipnoze
The Droplet Line by Lord-Dip Clear Cut Light by Callu Velvet Blue by Callu by onixa Pure gold by AbidingDaRules .: 2 plus 1 :. by Katosu
.: Orange tear :. by Katosu .: Summer droplets :. by Katosu 3 drops by Sortvind
:iconmoroka:moroka 43 82
Amazing Flower And Plant Macros!
I've gathered some inspiring macros of flowers and plants, oh and maybe some dew drops and insects added in there too! I hope you are inspired by these works and show these well deserving artists some love.
Now relax and be inspired!

Strati. by AnoyaCrow Garlic by zieora
nectar of a lily by greycameraHey buddy by faizkecik:thumb70266925:
PB203518 by sketchart1002:thumb70344515:Flower Macro 9 by KalkmanPhotography
Petals of Velvet by sea-stormPinky by jewlogicBird of Paradise Flower by ThE-uNiQuE
Red by kartxilaSophisticated Daisy II by ruabuddhaSubtle Fireworks by xx-mle
Circuit by ericthom57:thumb69965250:Just Watered Rose by shutterbugmom
:thumb69922027::thumb69917126:The Bee by glovertr
Portrait of a Dahlia 2 by TruemarkPhotography:thumb69819157::thumb69769320:
:thumb69693322::thumb69685610:reaching far by dakiana
Blue Tubed III by elektrobixFlower-Power by s-o-f-i-e:thumb28444751:
Iris macro II by fee-clochetteLittle flower by annikenhannevik:thumb18484341:
:thumb58758232::thumb65280739:little white flower by bubulincho
Thank you to all of these arti
:iconponyanarchy:PonyAnarchy 43 43
Featuring the Ladies
Order: Coleoptera
Family: Coccinellidae
A little taxonomy for the day! The ladybugs that most of us are use to are the red, black spotted insects that you can easily see around your garden in the summer months. Here are some shots of these more common insects:
:thumb68813172: Ladybird by aimforthefloor
Some ladybugs are carnivores and can eat aphids and other ladybugs, some just eat fungi and plants.
Ladybird by tamanssi Eat your path by MessiahKhan :thumb59965026: :thumb59922144: the upward struggle by ladyface :thumb59582404: on the run by ZiggetyZag :thumb70521223: Mummy? by janisDA Ladybug by R-HetiK Ladybug by DianePhotos 2-Spot Ladybird with Prey by stevesm  ladybird by kodo34 In Poppyland by damcigpa
The same species of ladybug can have different appearances, they are polymorphic. Also, some species are yellow with black stripes, black with red, orange and some do not have spots at all, it all depends on the
:iconfeetpeet:feetpeet 45 47
Macro Photography - Detail not Visible to the Eye
Macro Photography - Show the Detail not Visible to the Eye
Approaching macro photography for the first time can be full of ugliness especially if your first attempts fail badly. Many beginners discover the Depth of Field (DoF) is very small, images are out of focus because the focus is critical in macro photography with the small DoF, Camera shake and subject movement (due to using longer shutter speeds to allow for small apertures and/or not using a sturdy tripod), increased noise (if you use a higher ISO to compensate for the small apertures needed), or badly composed photos. And this can get frustrating.
(the following was already covered in my first article Welcome to the
World of Macro
but here is a reminder)

Macro Photography requires special equipment which can get expensive, but so what we photographers like to spend money on equipment. Without some form of macro equipment you will not be able to
:iconhellfirediva:hellfirediva 1,679 742
Flowered Squares
i like the /clean/sharp/macro feel that
these photographs have; i thought that
i would share them with you. :heart:

Coquelicots .... by pourquoipas Myosotis .. by pourquoipas
rising night by prismes under the tears by prismes purple flight by prismes
Danse Macabre by Aiae Solaris by Aiae Space Between Us by Aiae
fluttering by a-sullen-girl dark lust by a-sullen-girl alluring by a-sullen-girl
The Glow Inside by meemo FS.IV by meemo Sparkle by meemo
Unreal flower... by ThierryV Naissance by ThierryV In my dreams...2 by ThierryV
:thumb65374483: :thumb65700806: :thumb66341567:
Woven Ice by McKenzie-James Softly Fall III by McKenzie-James Kindergarten Sky by McKenzie-James
Atomik by Loucos Un soupcon by Loucos Smok by Loucos
Blessed Nature IV by JoannaRzeznikowska :: Unreal IV :: by JoannaRzeznikowska :: Unreal :: by JoannaRzeznikowska
:thumb56698493: :thumb60023589: :thumb56633721:
The pieces of my heart... by onealz ...Ordinary by onealz When you're gone... by onealz
:thumb67343534: :thumb65431720: :thumb61083809:
Let it shine... by incredi When the sun meets the flower by incredi The one. by incredi
:thumb54093772: :thumb55020338: :thumb53949332:
:iconpaint87:paint87 32 62
Poppies! (thumbsarmy)
poppy 1 by shiek0r :thumb56985376: poppy-field I by Marutca shy poppy by fuchsphoto Poppy Wallpaper by MegaTherionus poppy by def-ROCK-prinCESS
POPPY SEED 02 by wwwchrisde  Poppy by MiaMafia Poppy sunset by djurda :thumb56049719: remember by Hartmut-Lerch Red Poppy by Thorvold Poppy in Weed by fahsi Poppy by pagiegirl :thumb57933003: :thumb36496252: .poppy 2 by shiek0r :thumb57352283: red poppy by dnalreven Poppy by technosplat :thumb61013478: poppy II by nalptekin Afternoon in May by demony bun with poppy by dozhdlivaya Corn Poppy 1 by Unterwegs poppy by heretyczka :thumb58544184: Nonconformist by yonashek Coquelicot 1 by skgz Wild Poppy by Wysseri .everloving by shiek0r Mary 'Poppy' by Sokyu poppy by bonnieb Five red butterflies by jchanders wild poppy by n-chloe :thumb60493963: wheat and poppy by Shosti-5 .vanitas by shiek0r .poppy - september by shiek0r Poppy Towers by mizarek Mohnblumen-Feld ++ Poppy-Field by Mexx2004 __ Be different. by Just-4-Your-Eyes :thumb61257726: :thumb61257599: Hello Poppy. by Spazzcat _Ocean of poppies. by josefinejonssonphoto ... breathe ... by ellutzab :thumb61322271: One In A Million by AstralWind poppy field by pyw In Flanders Fields. by HappyYeyeGirl :thumb65029174:
:iconmoltenchocolate:moltenchocolate 37 57
.: Nature, at its best :.
:bulletgreen:Nature, probably the Earth's greatest beauty.
The universe, with all its phenomena.
The original, natural, uncivilized condition of humankind.
:bulletgreen:Nature, isn’t it great?
So let’s all take a moment to indulge in its beauty.
Here’s some beautiful photographs of nature at its best.

:thumb51174252: MOTHER nature by fangedfem
All The Flowers by dashboard-day :thumb38071128: :thumb59155974:
Stamen by nice2mice Lonely by Luke-ro _pure. by adeadrockstar
:thumb61508970: Evening Lecture by MaciejKarcz Still Water by GuitARRET
:bulletgreen:Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
:iconguitarret:GuitARRET 33 47
AR-News : Welcome to the World of Macro
Macro Photography Gallery - The Changes
The Macro Gallery has now its own Gallery Director, me, who will take care of this tiny and delicate gallery.  Why did this gallery get it’s own GD ? Because it needs some love and some more attention and also a major clean-up.
What is new in the Macro Gallery ?
The Macro gallery will only be for real macro from now on. It did get a new description and hopefully anyone who submits there and who isn’t sure what macro is or if his/ her image belongs there, will read it .
The definition of macro is capturing an image of a subject the same size or larger than life size on the recording media, whether that be film or digital sensor size. For example if you photograph an insect that is 2 cm (3/4 inch) long, it's image will be 2 cm (3/4 inch)long on the film or digital sensor. The smaller the recording media the smaller the subject must be. Cropping an image does not make a close-up image a macr
:iconhellfirediva:hellfirediva 391 122



a community for flower lovers
Current Residence: gardens worldwide


Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2008, 4:33 PM
current news & events | current poll | club forum
offer feedback | members | fc submission guidelines | club comps
the best of 2005 & 2006 | the best of 2007

our congratulations go to..

ProjectEarth held a competition a little while ago titled "new beginning to earth", and the flower-club was a supporting affiliate! it is our great pleasure to congratulate the following images for their creativity and presentation.  well done guys!

:winner: 1st place


Motherhood by Amersill

2nd place



3rd place


S.O.S Campaign Issue 01 by dreaminbox

again, our congratulations to everyone, and also the others who took part in the competition.  be sure to go and check out this great club!

:heart: :iconprojectearth: :iconprojectearth: :iconprojectearth: :heart:


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anjicle Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Professional General Artist
Please send me a message on how to re-join! :) I didn't see it listed above. (Who knows, I might still be a member!).

I *am* an avid watcher, still. <3

crumblecoochiie Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010  Professional Artist
if anyone is looking for an active flower group, then come and join us at :iconda-flowers: :heart:
euphoricmadness Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Is this group still working?
Apples-Photos Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2010
I wish this group would get active again. Anyone know what happened?
Wizard-Kgalm Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:shrug: I don't know, I offered some form of merger with our group that has activity but no real management system. :I
Apples-Photos Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
That's too bad. :(
Gex78 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this club still active?
CarlaSophia Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010   Photographer
club is dead for a very long time, she's to selfish and dumb to pass over and now its too late and dont know if she is still active on DA, oh well
Gex78 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, that's a shame, it looks like a nice group, will keep an eye on it, and see if someone takes over, sometime ;)
Salena99 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010
I'm actually contemplating on creating a new flower group. If I do that I will need a lot of help.
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