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I've gotten so many now that it'll take me a while to get through them all. I'll announce when it opens up again!


I'm taking Bubble Dragon based commissions!

Super condensed info:
- Can only be Bubble Dragon related.
- $50 Inked.
- $65 Colored.
- 1 Character only.
- No limit for now on how many I take (based on demand).

Please use the form to fully read the rules and to submit a commission request.:
For that was when this journal was last updated.
My gallery hasn't seen a new image since 2013 either.
So it's about time to do a little catch-up to everything and get a bit up to speed once again.

Wii U

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 1:08 AM
If you want to add me up on there then please search for Stormdragonblue. It's best to add me through Miiverse directly. For whatever reason adding a user in the friends list doesn't seem to send them a notification.

If you are familiar with my 3DS Nintendo Letter Box arting. Expect something like that on there. :3

Now On Tumblr

Fri Jan 27, 2012, 1:13 PM
Of course right here.~

About Taking Commissions *updated*

Tue Jan 24, 2012, 10:03 AM
The full details as of now. I kept it as short and simple as possible.


Inked: $40 (examples:……… )
Colored: $50 (examples:……… )
Badge: $30 (lamination, clip, shipping all included) (example:…… )

If your commission has more then 2 characters it's $10 extra for each added character.

General working, what I'll draw or won't:

* If you prefer to evaluate your commission in sketch form do request it in advance.. Normally I won't give incremental updates and go straight to the finished product.
* Generally I'll draw anything. If you are however unsure feel free to ask.
* Purely private commissions I'm not allowed to post will increase the commission price by 50%.

How to contact me regarding commissions:

1. Send an e-mail to with your commission idea, links to refs, ect. Sending me a note, PM, replies to this journal, IM or to any other e-mail address with your commission will be ignored.

2. When I'm ready to get to approve or decline your commission I'll e-mail you back and we can discuss what you requested as well as work out the full details together. Do not send me repeated e-mails or bug me otherwise asking me if I'm close to your commission yet. Simply have patience.

3. Once we worked things out and I've received your payment I'll start on it.

4. It is done, we rejoice! You have your image, I'm one step closer to saving for FC2013. :3

I've got a 3DS so if you want to swap codes just reply here or send a note and I'll note you my code back.

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Con report: Confuzzled 2011

Sun May 22, 2011, 3:57 AM
Confuzzled was my wildcard con so to say as I never really planned to go there. But last FC Nalldook spoke well enough of it and trying to make me go that I decided that I actually should do it. Before I even went back home from the US I had booked everything but my flight to it.

My bookings was to arrive a day in advance and leave a day after the con. This turned out to be really the best way to go. Anyway, I was picked up from the airport by :iconsilvericetail: who I roomed with along with :iconkaleotter: and :iconfionacat: who drove. It was a lovely ride with so little room in Fiona's car that my suitcase was literally pushed up to Silver and my face. Luckily the actual ride to the hotel wasn't that far.

The hotel turned out to be err.. not bad but not great either. It had elevators which I described as moving coffins. Most rooms didn't have airco which turned out to be really shitty as the weather was almost the entire con 100% humidity. Combine the two and you get not just a sweaty con experience but soaking wet nights. The room numbering was also one created by a mad scientist who probably was the only one who could make sense of it. It made finding other rooms like your own quest through the hotel maze. Ooh and I swear that the room I slept in was smaller then the attached bathroom.

I know I'm now really dissing here even though I had fun but something else worth saying was the super lousy cellular reception in the hotel. It's amazing how hard it is to get any kind of decent reception in it. WiFi was mostly confined to the bar area. I found out not that far before leaving the con that we actually could get a WiFi signal inside the bathroom. Yes, me and Silver actually spend time in the bathroom near/around the toilet on our notebooks. :P That lasted till just after the end of the con when they switched off that WiFi section and were forced again to just go to the bar for it.

But for all the issues there were good times and I definitely had this. Most of my time was spend going along with Silver of course, kachimaru and Gullible and chunks of that along with :icondeezlberries: too. Any point during the con that I was in stages of drunk blame it all on Kachi. :V There were also others I met. A bit too many to really separate here. I don't think I need to mention that to most it was a simple hi and a short words exchange. I do think I should mention :icondarkoverord: who I saw quite often again and again and seemed like a nice dragon. :3 Ooh! And Freaky Raichu too who threatened to eat the Furries there if he didn't get fed. :O

There were definitely many I wanted to spend more time with. Next con perhaps. :3

The entire con for me boiled down to sections of art and just hanging out. I didn't attend a single panel. Compared to AC and FC it was the most laid back and relaxed one I've had. Maybe a bit overly lazy. :B

The con book I started at CFz will be the one I'll take to FC as well to continue drawing in in the front and let others draw in starting at the back. Most of my art at this con was again not drawn at the con itself but during my returning home part. So if you see me at FC and want to see what is in that book just ask. :P I'll see if I can get some of it scanned in as well.

And that was my con! I feel again that I'm leaving things out and forgetting people but I don't want to write a gigantic report to detail my every doings there. What is true is that I'll be back next year for sure. Hopefully at a better hotel too. :3

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Sun Jan 2, 2011, 6:11 AM

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We have a winner!

Fri Oct 15, 2010, 4:07 AM
Several of you got screenshots send to me but only :icontaicon: got the shot of exactly 250K!…

You have won yourself the kiribian that follows the rules in this journal. :3

Dudes, You all seem to have been like "GOT TO LOOK AT HIS DA PAGE FOR COUNTER!", realized it was still like 2000 hits away and then just went 'meh...". Put some muscle into it people, I expected to hit 250K like 2 days ago. Weaksaus! Right of this update post it's at 249,568 so put some muscle behind it. It be sad if this kiribian thing can't be decided before the weekend. :3

As of this posting I'm just past 248K. I been thinking about it and it seemed worth giving a free image away for it for whoever gets the 250K (or closest to it in case the person who gets it doesn't like my rules for this). As I just mentioned however I do have a few rules for that image as I been burned before by people asking not fun stuff, making me not want to draw it. That is no good in any way so read this below carefully to make sure you would want this kiribian.

* You got to have some proof of your winning hit so print screen and post it on DA or upload it somewhere else. Even e-mailing me with it is okay. As long as I get proof.

* The image will be a max of 2 characters of your choosing.

* It will be either lines only or simple colored. Don't expect a super detailed coloring.

* The subject of the image should be paws/feet related. I been in that groove for a while now and it seems fitting. So tickling, stocks, bondage, socks, stockings. Whatever you like but all must be hindpaws/feet related.

That should cover it all. Good luck. :3

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IM programs announcement

Mon Sep 27, 2010, 11:52 AM
A short while back I posted about this on FA but I wanted to update about that here as well. I cleared out my Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! and AIM messenger lists because they were filled over with people I didn't talk to anymore for one or more reasons. It all had reached the point where the amount had grown so big I wanted to act.

After clearing it out I had made people message me who wanted to stay on and I added back manually the people I talked to the most. It made for a significant shorter, easier to follow list. I wanted to make at least 2 more things clear about me doing this.

* This wasn't just for my existing friends. If you want to add me up you are entirely free to do so. You don't need to ask my permission and all that. Also unlike what seems to be thought I am often not swamped in messages and always busy. My IM chat info has always been right on my front page both on FA and here on DA under Devious info. It's right under my journal. It's always odd that people seem to miss this obvious info. So to stay it short; If you want to message me you can.

* MSN/Windows Live Messenger has given me issues ever since I clear out my list. I seem to not get adding requests properly and to some my online status seems offline while i am actually online. Because of this you will probably have more luck adding me to your Yahoo! or AIM IM programs or as a alternative send me your MSN/Windows Live Messenger e-mail address as a journal post or note so I can add you up myself. That seems to work fine thus far. Sorry for the hassle.

That's it. :o

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Sat May 29, 2010, 12:49 PM
About 1.5 weeks left before I head over to the CA, US and visit Kahncub for 3 weeks with AnthroCon 2010 added in to attend. Time is flying very fast. I haven't updated this journal in ages so something was in order.

I been right now mostly busy wrapping up things for my trip. From still some badges left to music to take with me. Drawing has taken a light step back for most of my activities though I do doodle on a bit. I been trying to boost up my human output again after visiting AnimeCon 2010 a short time ago. It just made me revisit what I failed at a few times in the past. I do fine with Furries but humans are still a bit iffy to me so that is getting attention from me now. Get ready for in the future quite a bit more human stuff from me.

Aside from this I been playing some Beat Hard. Great game I picked up on Steam. Music based games are always double thumbs up from me. Also picked up ModNation Racers yesterday and liking it so far even with it's Mario Kart Wii like rubber band bastard cheating AI and region lock making me unable to race with any of my US friends.

As last bit I point you over to… to download Psychnerd's Desert Dream (Psychnerd Dream Remix). Even if you are totally unfamiliar with the original Desert Dream but like your Techno stuff then this is a great grab. :3

As a silly side note. I decided to take a bit more note of the Llama badges here on DA. Give a poke here and I'll give you a badge back if you give me one. Got to keep upgrading DA's money machine badge don't I. All in good fun.

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Hi guyz!

Everyone who I talked to and I announced to how AC was a total go for this year remembers my big :C on how I couldn't go. Money and eventually even my own life got in the way. It sucked as my plans again failed. But it hasn't stopped me from still trying to make it happen. The original idea for 2010 was that I would go to AC and staying in a room with Kahncub and then visit her a few months later as a stand alone trip.

However this setup is pretty pricey for the both of us. Probably even more to me as flying to the US from Europe isn't the cheapest deal even on a out of season time and doing it twice... money ouch. We are now looking to combine the trips so that I visit Kanhy first, then fly with her to the con and after AC fly from Pittsburgh back home. We are soon to start really setting up times and dates for everything to make this work. Also unlike before I've already got the required cash to fully support this entire deal so unless life throws me a big fuck you there is no reason I'll back down from a AC 2010.


I'll be doing a stream today!

No commissions, no nothing. This will just be a fun get together again. All the commission stream lists are pretty much gone in a poof as well so simply don't ask. Eventually I'll start up with the commishes again but don't really count on it this year.

Most things stayed the same. The vid can be watched by going to and the on site IRC chat gets you to the right channel. In case you want to use your own client just read the small tutorial on site. For those in the known already and in no need of a tut: on Furnet go to #the-rainbow-resort

If you prefer opening the stream on Justin.TV itself just head over to but obviously don't use the chat there.

The password still be Bubblun

I'll be trying to start the stream around 8pm my time. As before here is a link to my time zone with current time here:…

This stream will also have a first for being in wide screen. :o If I configured it right anyway...


Random notices!

*More big bellied males and females underway! I'm taking a big turn back to one of my biggest likings. I stayed for far to long from the stuff I always enjoyed to draw no matter what. I feel still rusty. :<

*Updated to look more appealing as I know traffic to it is still semi-high. All my normal contact info is there as well.

*Commissions as said won't be open till somewhere in the start of the new year. Don't bother asking till then.

*If you got issues adding me on Steam using Stormdragonblue then try adding Killythefox.

*My Twitter account is I'm just saying in case you were trying to get to my no longer there account.

That's it!

re-colored by: demonofsarila</span>

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Anyone who came to my IRC channel to chat or for live streams knows that I've been using #the-slave-pit on Furnet for quite some time. We pretty much hijacked the place. However, I did wanted my old channel name back that i had on the Ustream IRC network thus I applied for #the-rainbow-resort on Furnet which is now live!

Anyone who visited #the-slave-pit in any way related to me should from now on only go to #the-rainbow-resort

If you used the IRC app on you need to remove #the-slave-pit from the channel default setting and enter in  #the-rainbow-resort. This will have to be done till Alex updates the app to match the channel switch.

I'm making a step forwards again to being available and found by pushing back all my contact info and places I reside. Mostly because I've been slowly coming back into contact with people and reached the point where "hiding" lost it's meaning. As be obvious most of it is new info so if you hadn't removed any old account associated yet to me it be now a good time to update that info.

All the info can be found right on my main page so yes I am asking you to bother and read an artist page. :o

Only thing I'd like to ask for now is to please not bother me in regards to art for the time being. I'll get back to that eventually. For now however I'm still busy finding my way. I'm also right now gaming more and I'm coming down with a cold/flu so really not much artings is happening anyway.

I had to make this journal as of late I've noticed that whenever I talk to people on IRC they assumed I had left all together from the Fandom. This assumption seems to have been linked to the front page of which was typed by Alex. However, at the time I didn't read what he had typed carefully enough and thus this stayed wrongfully up.

I know that my journal was hard to follow as I couldn't express myself properly. But know at least that I have no intention to disappear forever. For now just call it an extended leave.

I'm having Alex alter the page so it doesn't seem like I left forever.

Also for those who have been worried or trying to contact me; I've been enjoying the quiet time but I understand that this might have caused more of a stir then it should have had. Seeing however that I have no intention to just return anytime soon I'll give you these two options.

1. I'll try to be more available in the IRC channel (#the-slave-pit on Furnet) under my normal Stormdragonblue name.

2. You can e-mail me on a alternative e-mail address: You might not get a reply right away as I don't check it often. But it's considerably better then noting me here as I don't check this account often.

Now I hope I don't need to come back a 2nd time to rectify something. Till later folks.
Ominous title indeed. But it's not as bad as it sounds though mostly true.

Where to begin with this one. Last Saturday morning I got home with a generally decent mood but one that quickly degraded the longer I stayed up (Disgaea 3 is so addicting). I stayed up past the 24 hours point and was rather very on edge. Nothing new with me but this time all the stress I had from work plus my feelings towards art and personal being boiled over and I just snapped. Very casually even really. I had grown fed up with everything and everyone and I started to delete things from myself;

Live journal account
Twitter account
Both my main Gmail addresses and every other service linked to it from Google
Last.FM account
both Ustream and Justin.TV accounts
my entire friend list on my PS3
MSN, Yahoo!, AIM (as much as was possible) accounts.

I'm probably forgetting stuff but these were the big highlights. Now you might go "WTF?!". The Drama Llama came to town on me. However even after I actually did get the sleep I needed I didn't feel sorry or a bit of "what have I done!". Instead I started to think more as to how this even could come this far.

It's been coming really for a long time. I'm not the person to just take drastic action like I did that Saturday. Heck, I tend to condemn everyone who ever done that including my close friends. It however boils down to that I'm not happy where I'm at. As much attention as my art gets I feel I'm stuck where I am with it. Not to mention that the fandom as a whole isn't really to my liking as it is anymore. I used to have a great feeling for being a furry but it's gone.

So instead of making a journal saying "I was stupid, here you have some new info bits to reach me again." this will be my semi leaving of the furry fandom. semi because just picking up my bags and just departing forever isn't what I had intended ether.

I want to re-find myself in art and as a person on the level of what being a fur actually is to me and if I even want it in the future as well as going back to studying to draw as a priority again. I feel however I can't do this from the place i am in now so I will for the time being move on without giving info of where I'm at or under what name. Once I feel ready to make a kind of a return I'll post it here again.

So what does this mean starting now:

Anovakovic, who runs my can do with it what he wants. Mold it into a site of his own, leave it as is or just pull it. He was really awesome to host something awesome like that for me and it did a great deal to help me. He should get all the credit for it.

As is obvious no more Streams starting now.

If you had any kind of commission open from me please note me here. I do have some left over info from who I owe what but I'm dropping everything. note me with the sum as we agreed on and a working PayPal address. I'll pay you back over the course of the coming month(s).

Non of my artwork will be deleted. It'll just stay as is. Depending on how long I'll really be gone I can't promise that will still be around to host the full sized versions of artwork.

As said I'll inform you guys once I'm ready. I'm not just turning my back on everyone. Only real place I might pop up now and then will be on Furnet #the-slave-pit. Of course I'll be taking other actions for good friends of mine but I'll leave that out of this journal.

Regardless of all this I still have a wish to go to AC 2010 if only really for all my friends. If I can actually make it this time around I'll journal it up as well.

I probably didn't do the best job describing my feelings. My English doesn't stretch far enough for that on some levels but I hope that even though this was all sudden and you don't agree on me leaving to at least try to understand that it was done for me to become a better person and artist.

It wouldn't be a proper post from me without at least some music added in if only to close this on something I love to listen to. Music always was the thing that inspired me the most.…

---Till then.
Stormdragon Blue

Stormy's Vacation End Art Event

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 15, 2009, 3:24 PM

3 Weeks have passed and they went by really fast for me. Tomorrow, Sunday, be the last day I'll be able to celebrate any kind of vacation feeling so I decided to just end it on a artistic streamed event that will last pretty much all day long!

What to expect:

During the day I'll be just streaming music and me drawing. Of course it won't just be drawing as I can't possibly draw really all day so expect plenty of chatting as well. All in all it's just meant to have a great time. There is no theme and whatever happens just happens. Commissions, request, silliness really.

What you need to do:

Bring a good mood! Don't bitch when I'm not drawing, complain you can't commission or I'm not doing your request or heck if i do commission and I set a theme don't complain about it. If you're only there in the hopes to get some (free) art then you are in the wrong place! The main point is -fun-. if you are incapable of having that then you probably shouldn't join or speak up in the chat.

How to get in on the action:

As I speak I'm still only streaming music as it's Saturday evening so you can join up, listen to the music stream if you so desire and just chat away in the IRC chat.

The password is: Bubblun (CASE SENSITIVE)

For you Furnet users who love to chit-chat on Furnet you can easily join the default channel I call my home by joining up to #the-slave-pit. Do not mind the name. The minute I asked my friend Alex to use it as the base of my streaming operations the dungeon of slave has become... well.. not very much of a pit where slaves are. :o

If you prefer to use mIRC or any other preferred chat client then use this link: for a video feed only.

For those who want a all in one solution there is this page that has the video feed and a JAVA chat applet in one.

WARNING: The video feed might load very slowly. It can take sometimes 2 to 3 minutes to even start. This is a issue regarding Justin.TV. So just be patient, grab a coffee and return to greet the stream. :3

There is no wrong time you can join up as I'll start whenever I get the tomorrow. You can even join up now and idle if you're worried you would forget I was doing it. Whatever really. :o (for the people who want a more clear time on my side look at the feed or do some math using this: My timezone is GTM/UTC +2).

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**Contest Final Results**

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 12, 2009, 3:56 AM

~~Contest Results~~

Excuse me for being a day late. I was yesterday so busy regarding my t-shirts selling idea I lost track of any time. ^^;

Judging this was hard as fuck. x.x I pretty much loved almost every entry. Bringing it down to 7 was a pain. Then to 5 was brain cracking. Actually selecting the 3 winners took me ages going back and forth between images of which I clicked 2 away with lot of annoyance. If anything I'd loved to make more prizes but eeh, my bank account won't allow that. :< I'll say now in advance that you all did one heck of a awesome job at it. Really made me wonder why some of you haven't given this kind of art a try before. :3

But enough about that. A contest needs winners in the end regardless of how I feel. So let's go on to that!

3rd place goes to:

Kaittycat (on FA) -… (Warning NSFW!… )

It's a Meowth. :o I selected this image as 3rd because I liked the overall look and feel of it. Simple pose but with little details that jumped out for me. Even though Kaitty writes that it's based on how I draw I'd say he has a style of his own going here. All put together your image jumped out enough that you became 3rd!

You win 10 Euro ($14)!

2nd place goes to:

AmethystBouncyBunny (on FA) -…

This suit design made me laugh at first but at the same time made perfect sense. The Sentret is made up so simple but in my view just *works*. To me it showed how a simple idea can became quite awesome. And a smile on her face you can't refuse. :P This all together made this image 2nd place!

You win 25 Euro ($35)!

1st place goes to:

Envy (on FA) -…

Envy was the first person to submit to my contest so not only was Envy first he was damn quick as well. :o This image was the only one in the end I knew was going into the top 3 simply because I found the idea rather very creative. It was a suit based on a creature (Timber Hyren) I had never heard of before from a game I didn't knew so I had to Google it up. A pretty complex creature design brought down to look like a cute suit, still staying very true to the original. Add in the overal pose and it just made me nod and in the end select this piece as the contest winner.

You win 50 Euro ($70)!

And this concludes this contest.~

If any of you still wish to see all the previous entries then just follow this link:… . For now however this is the end. Till the next contest!

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Contest **CLOSED**

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 8, 2009, 12:33 AM

This contest is now *closed*!

Wow, such a big amount of entries. o.o You all really exceeded my expectations. I had originally a idea in mind that with certain amounts of entries I'd add in additional money prizes and 2 of those conditions were met (15 and 20 entries). So here is how the final prizes will now look like:

First Place: 50 Euro ($70)
Second Place: 25 Euro ($35)
Third Place: 10 Euro ($14)

So this is how it'll go from here. I'll still be the only judge for this entire contest. I am however a indecisive bastard so to give myself a lil bit of time to really pick my top 3 I'll announce the winners coming Saturday (11th) and if I'm able tell why I selected those 3 on top.

Regardless of who wins however I hope that everyone who entered in this had fun drawing his or her entry up. My main goal was to have fun and maybe see more latexy/suit based works from any of you (assuming you didn't draw any before) without any money incentive. :P Only time will tell I guess. :3

Here are all the entries in links:

Envy (on FA) -…
:icononigrift: -…
Occoris (on FA) -…
:iconrosvo: -…
:iconrosvo: -…
:icondragon-storm: -…
:iconrosvo: -…
:iconanuojat: -…
Sarvak (on FA) -…
:iconn00bdragon: -…
:iconauvitria: -…
zennithm (on FA) -…
el_foka (on FA) -…
Zho (on FA) -…
:iconlivingcostumes: -…
:iconminimink: -…
AmethystBouncyBunny (on FA) -…
gs-fox (on FA) -…
cyrad (on FA) -…
Kaittycat (on FA) -…
Buwaya (on FA) -…

Here is a link to a folder containing all entries together as just files:…

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Contest FINAL REMINDER + news

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2009, 6:53 AM

This is the final reminder for the game character latex costume contest which you can find details of here… . The contest itself will end on July 7th (but for fair sake of time zones I'll wait till the 8th so that the people in the US get the full 7th as final day as well). Right now there are 8 entry's available in the contest journal and ofcourse there are my own artwork regarding suiting in case your unsure what this is about and need some help with idea's.

In other news Alex, who is on holiday right now and does the hosting for me of has seen a bad stroke of luck with lightning taking out the server I'm on. Tho friends of his gave him help looking up the trouble nothing can be done about it till he's back himself. So that means that the site will be offline for a few more weeks.

This means that I'll have to manually answer questions again as they are asked instead of linking to a page on it. Slightly tedious but I'm on to little on time as it is to write it all out again. Also, in regards to the ImageHouse. It's not gone and still linked on on as always so whoever was afraid that was gone it isn't (the greatness of having always a backup).

I also want to say sorry for only very brief windows of me being online. With my 2nd week in night shift I'm only actually available for short windows between sleeping and work and gaming a bit so bare with me. Once I'm back on more time I'll be around more and able to draw again. Though the later saw a drop more because of the very hot  weather (Stormdragons do not enjoy lots of heat).

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