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And here we go again :D
Pixelfuckers Screenshot Contest '12, vote here: [link]

Html Lockscreen and Background
Wallpaper I from Atelier Olschinsky
Wallpaper II by MangoSango (‘Mint’)

Statusbar icons and battery by me
Homescreen icons by Raindropmemory (‘Artificial Girl’)

Some color changes and font mods.

Enjoy :)
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Hi, congrats for the great design! This is, by far, the best design, that really catches my eye.
I want to ask you, if possible, could you tell me what font have you used for the text?
And, also what filters/effects have you applied to make the lockscreen wallpaper image look like this?
I found the original image, but i can't get the same effect, this purple-blue, worn-out look.
Thanks, in advance, and again, full respect for the work of art!
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can you share the Homescreen Wallpaper..?
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love it !
it's my PC desktop right now lollllll
JnChandra's avatar
i love it !!
It's my PC desktop right now ❤
ibrali's avatar
very simple and beautiful...

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Nice setup!
I Want that batter Icon ;_;
RidKurn's avatar
and the signal :3
RidKurn's avatar
oops *battery
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I wished my Android mobile would look like this :(
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hi, i really love this theme. Can you please share battery percentage theme or the font used? thanks alot :)
mind sharing the icons?? ;) thanks!
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Really kewl. got two questions:

1) what do you mean by html background
2) whats the text clock on the homescreen - I only found one german
text clock but the font isn't changeable :(

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omg I love Atelier Olschinsky! I can't wrap my head around how he makes any of the awesome art he does. :dummy:

I like how you've kept everything so clean yet very vivid, great work!
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Yeah he's a great artist :)
Thank you very much.
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I am familiar with those icons and if you aren't the original artist, you should give credit to him or her!
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Which one do you mean?
"Homescreen icons by Raindropmemory (‘Artificial Girl’)"
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glorious, just glorious :lol:
itachi1uchiha's avatar

where you get inspiration for this AWESOMENESS! :D?

love it! gl :)
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very pretty :eyepopping:, like this icon !
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